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Thread: Halo Infinite

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    Halo Infinite

    Today Xbox is hosting its E3 2018 press briefing from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and we finally saw the reveal of the new chapter of the Halo franchise.

    The game is titled Halo Infinite and the announcement trailer was brief but sweet, showing that the game is being developed by 343 Industries with the “Slipspace Engine.”

    “The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite – the next chapter of the legendary franchise. Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine, Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.”

    Of course, the game is likely to be coming for Xbox One and Windows 10, even if the announcement trailer did not explicitly mention that.

    One thing is for sure, this was a hell of a way to kick off the press conference, which appears to be very much about Microsoft’s first-party effort.
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    no ground pound , no spartan charge , keep sprint . dorintele mele pentru multiplayer .

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    Seeing as there is a significant amount of time between now and when the games will be released, take all of this with a pinch of salt as plans and timelines can change but this is what I am hearing about the release of the next Halo games.

    Notice how I am saying games? Right now, the next iteration of Halo may only be a single player game and if all goes according to plan, could arrive, at the earliest, towards the end of 2019. The multiplayer aspect of this game is not expected to arrive until after the single player ships which pegs a 2020 release timeframe.

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    Naughty Dog senior artist Rogelio Olguin joins 343 Industries for Halo Infinite

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    Deci se pare ca nu e launch title pentru Anaconda (or whatever).

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    Halo Infinite is reportedly the most expensive video game project ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xbox
    Become humanity's greatest savior. The legendary Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief campaign yet.

    Learn more:

    Play Halo Infinite day 1 with Xbox Game Pass.

    Coming Holiday 2020 to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store and Steam.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xbox
    When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. The legendary Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief story yet. Enjoy a first look at Halo Infinite campaign gameplay, captured real-time and representative of the experience on Xbox Series X running at 60FPS and up to 4K resolution.

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    Nu stiu daca m-am uitat la Halo next-gen sau Resistance 2. Jocul arata de zici ca-i facut acum 2 generatii smh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle-eye View Post
    Nu stiu daca m-am uitat la Halo next-gen sau Resistance 2. Jocul arata de zici ca-i facut acum 2 generatii smh.
    Exact. Absolut penibil grafic, pentru ceva ce se vrea a fi system seller

    Personajele alea arata foarte nasol, Uncharted 4 ii da clasa, si trecand peste grafica overall, care in mod clar nu pare next gen, gameplay este identic cu Halo 3, sau 2, sau 1, sau oricare de pana acum (chiar daca nu-mi plac jocurile si nu ma joc, tot urmaresc si stiu foarte bine cum aratau) iar gameplay wise, nu pare sa aduca nimic nou.

    Stiu, conteaza MP, dar MP poti juca si pe One X fara nicio problema, la cum arata.

    Si atunci, de ce ai cumpara Seres X pentru extra-super-mega jocu asta de Xbox One?

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Zici ca e facut in Forge nivelul.
    O fi de vina engine-ul, chiar si asa, refacut? Nu ca celelalte jocuri din serie ar arata extraordinar.
    Partea buna e ca e 60FPS.
    Oricum, multiplayer-ul o sa-i decida soarta.

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    Nu sunt vreun Halo connoisseur, dar ei zic ca vor o intoarcere la origini. Cred ca intoarcerea asta e cu tot cu partea grafica, altfel nu-mi explic ce am vazut aici. Inteleg ca vor marea cu sarea, adica si SP si MP, dar daca fac o campanie asa (de mantuiala) care nici macar nu te incanta vizual, mai bine te concentrezi doar pe MP, ca acolo este interesul oamenilor in mare parte.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    [...] Halo Infinite takes place well after the ending of Halo 5, with a rampant Cortana nowhere in sight and the Master Chief adrift in space. The Pilot (as seen in the E3 2019 presentation trailer, which 343 reconfirmed to IGN is the very beginning of the game) then discovers him. The Pilot's name will be revealed during the course of the campaign. “He ended up being named by the actor who plays him", said Crocker, the game’s associate creative director. “The name is actually his two best friends from childhood.”

    “Chief and the Pilot are in exactly the same position as the player when the game starts,” Crocker said. “They don’t know what’s happened. They’re learning what’s happening, together.” Lee told us that the new Xbox Games Showcase demo takes place roughly four hours into the campaign, which he said is “several times larger than our last two campaigns put together,” referring to Halo 4 and Halo 5.

    Players fight The Banished in Infinite – a rogue faction of Brutes (along with plenty of familiar Covenant Elites and Grunts too) who were prominently featured in Halo Wars 2. The team at 343 is quick to note that you won’t need to have played that 2017 real-time strategy game to feel comfortable in Infinite (“It’s not required reading,” Crocker noted), nor will you have to consume the comic books and novels of the larger Halo universe in order to understand what’s going on in the new game – a criticism of Halo 4 and 5 that 343 acknowledged. “We don’t want a game where players have to do homework to enjoy this game,” Crocker said. But why The Banished? “Because they’re super cool and everyone likes them,” he said with a laugh, before more seriously adding that the team wanted “to have something that’s an evolution of the Covenant so you get some of the familiar, but something that’s different [too], and it comes together to feel fresh.”

    To that end, it is both the conclusion to what has to date been known as the Forerunner Saga, and it also sets a course for new stories. “It is the conclusion of events that have been set up in the past, but it is very forward-looking as well,” Crocker said. “We want places to go and we want new mysteries.” Lee added, “It’s setting the foundation for future storytelling as well as tying some of those threads from the past. You don’t need to go through the whole franchise to learn and understand the fiction coming in, but if you do have that knowledge we want to reward that. You’ll see these [extended universe] elements and nostalgic moments. There have been a lot of goosebumps in the studio as we have [finished] different scenes and things that are in the game.”
    Meet the Villain, War Chief Escharum
    As to whether or not we should expect a chattier Master Chief, a la Halo 4, or a more “strong and silent type” performance from veteran Spartan-117 voice actor Steve Downes, a la Bungie’s original trilogy, Crocker said, “I think it’s probably somewhere in-between. We are definitely leaning more towards the strong silent type but there is quite a strong emotional core that involves him being a lot more vocal.”

    The end of the demo showed a flashback sequence, during which the UNSC Infinity supercarrier – a centerpiece of the previous two Halo games – blips off of radar. So was it destroyed? “The simple answer to that question is that that is one of the things Chief is going to discover during the game,” Crocker explained. “What you saw in the montage at the end was us setting the stage for the journey the Chief and Pilot have been going through.”

    That ending sequence also introduces us to the villain of the story: a Banished leader named War Chief Escharum, who is the leader of The Banished on this Halo ring and “is connected to The Banished in a fundamental way,” according to Crocker, and proclaims this Halo ring as his last stand, knowing that Master Chief is coming for him: “This is my last fight, a true test of legends,” Escharum says in the gameplay demo. “A story that will outlive us both. Set a fire in your heart. Bare your fangs. Fight hard. Die well.”

    That same speech also mentions “The Harbinger.” Neither Lee nor Crocker would say what that is referring to – besides confirming that it wasn’t Escharum referring to himself in the third-person – but the ending of Halo 5 had me guessing that it might be Cortana. I presented my theory to the developers, but they wouldn’t comment one way or another. [...]
    Halo Infinite Villain and Story Details Revealed - IGN

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    O fi aratat asa pentru ca era "flashback scene"? But even so, nu te lauzi cu asa ceva la showcase, da-o-n ma-sa.

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    Parerile mele despre Infinite

    Absolut toate consolele xbox care le-am cumparate de-a lumgul timpului au fost cumparate ptr Halo . Cred ca am luni intregi in multiplayer .

    Ca gameplay ce am vazut mi-a placut , abia astept sa vad cum vor transpune ideile de echipament in multiplayer . Sper ca grappling hook sa fie pick up pe harta .

    Au ascultant fanii si au renuntat la spartan charge si ground pound , imi pare rau ca au renuntat la thrusters.

    Din punct de vedere grafic , mai au de munca . Cred ca problema majora este iluminarea , nu am prea vazut umbre , ceva pop ins , tipul de la sfarsit arata destul de prost .

    P.S. Sper ca multiplayer pe Series X sa fie 120 fps

    Mi-a lasat impresia de joc care ar fi putut linistit sa apara pe One dar cineva a spus : nu ar fi frumos sa fi launch game pe Series X ?

    Sper sa mai rezolve din probleme pana la lansare , din ce am citit ar fi un earlier build , dar si asa mai e mult de munca la anumite lucruri .

    Voi cumpara Series X day one cand se va lansa la noi .

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle-eye View Post
    O fi aratat asa pentru ca era "flashback scene"? But even so, nu te lauzi cu asa ceva la showcase, da-o-n ma-sa.
    Nu, "That ending sequence" e "flashback sequence", cand incepe sa vorbeasca War Chief Escharum.
    Motivul cred ca e faptul ca e un fel de game-as-a-service, grafica o sa vina prin updates:
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    [...] But with 343 Industries and Microsoft now in control of Halo’s future, it seems that Bungie will never get the chance to see “Halo 7” on a store shelf. That’s because 343 is treating this holiday’s Xbox Series X flagship launch title Halo Infinite as “the start of our platform for the future.”
    IGN spoke with Halo Infinite Studio Head Chris Lee ahead of today’s long-awaited gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite at the Xbox Games Showcase. During that conversation, Lee revealed that Infinite is the last standalone release for the franchise for the foreseeable future.

    “Halo Infinite is the start of our platform for the future,” he said. “We want Infinite to grow over time, versus going to those numbered titles and having all that segmentation that we had before. It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community.”

    This does not mean that Halo Infinite is a live service game, a la Destiny. But it does mean that new story experiences will be told underneath Infinite’s umbrella, and it also means Infinite will be evolved technologically for quite a while. 343 confirmed that Infinite will get a free raytracing update sometime after launch. Gameplay-wise, hopefully the move to Infinite as a platform won’t mean that players are trapped on this Halo ring forever, but we’ll have to wait and see what 343 has in store for us in the Xbox Series X generation to find out. [...]
    Halo Infinite 2 Won't Be Happening, Says 343 Industries - IGN

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    Nu stiam unde sa postez video-ul asta. Insa parerea acestui baiat este exact ce gandeam eu cand ma uitam la prezentarea de ieri.

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