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Thread: Totul despre accesoriile consolelor Xbox Series X|S

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    Controller unboxing:

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    Xbox Controllers Apparently Still Use AA Batteries Due To An Ongoing Deal With Duracell

    While every other console controller on the market uses internal rechargeable batteries, Xbox’s still let you use AA batteries to power them, and new remarks by a Duracell spokesperson possibly shed some light on why this is.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Eu nu cred in asta, dar mi se pare mult mai ok ca si solutie decat ce face PS.

    Daca bateria din PS ducea tot ~30h era perfect, dar la cat tine ala, prefer oricand sa schimb 2xAA in 5s decat sa ma joc cu cablu sau sa-l pun la incarcat si sa ma opresc din joaca.

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    We’re excited to introduce the latest design in the new generation of controllers, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red. With a vivid, fiery-red topcase and crisp, white backcase, the new Pulse Red controller brings the same energy and equally striking color as the Shock Blue. Matte black triggers, bumpers, and hybrid D-pad reduce slip against sweaty fingers and thumbs for greater control, while a textured dot pattern on the triggers and bumpers to keep your grip locked in. Dynamic Latency Input delivers controller inputs more frequently to your Xbox Series X|S for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action.
    $64.99 USD starting February 9
    Attached Images Attached Images xboxwire_asset1_hero.jpg xboxwire_asset2_lifestylecollage.jpg

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    Attached Images Attached Images xboxwire_wirelessheadset_rendersasset.jpg xboxwire_wirelessheadset_lifestyleasset.jpg clipboard01.jpg

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    Join in us in the official Xbox Wireless Headset unboxing featuring the hardware creators and designers.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Imi place foarte mult cat de bine au gandit usurinta de folosire a castilor.

    Efectiv detest butoanele de la castile de PS5. Nici acum, dupa atatea luni, nu nimeresc din prima butoanele de volum joc si/sau joc vs party
    Absolut execrabil acolo.

    In schimb aici, cu aceste dials foarte mare, mi se pare genial. Asa trebuie sa fie ceva atat de util

    Also, din cutie pare ca vine fara dongle si se conecteaza direct la consola, asa cum ar trebui sa fie orice casti facute de producatorul consolei. Daca chiar asa este (si asa cum am si eu acum la castile 3rd party de la Turtle Beah) este super bine.
    Asta e o alta chestie care nu-mi place la castile de PS5. Acel mirific dongle super incomod...

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    Recenzii video:

    Xbox Wireless Headset vs Sony Pulse 3D:

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    Au bagat noul headset la incarcat si au primit mesajul acesta:
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN Italia
    Nel futuro di Xbox potrebbe esserci spazio anche per un visore VR: ad alimentare le indiscrezioni ci pensa la stessa Microsoft, che con un messaggio nascosto nell'ultimo update del sistema operativo di Xbox Series X/S fa riferimento a un headset per la realtà virtuale compatibile con le sue console.
    Microsoft al lavoro su un headset VR per Xbox? Gli indizi arrivano dalle nuove cuffie wireless
    Attached Images Attached Images xbox-headsetvr_gb3y.jpg

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    Junior Member CristiGG's Avatar
    Am cumparat un Xbox Series X 1 Tb si fiul meu doreste sa joace pe acesta jocuri ce implica si senzorul Kinect.
    Senzori Kinect pt Xbox 360 sau Kinect Xbox One, sunt compatibili cu Xbox Series X 1Tb?

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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CristiGG View Post
    Am cumparat un Xbox Series X 1 Tb si fiul meu doreste sa joace pe acesta jocuri ce implica si senzorul Kinect.
    Senzori Kinect pt Xbox 360 sau Kinect Xbox One, sunt compatibili cu Xbox Series X 1Tb?
    Nu si nu. Cel de 360 nu e recunoscut nici de Xbox One. Iar cel de One nu este recunoscut de Series S si X (ceea ce e oarecum ciudat deoarece One si Series folosesc acelasi OS).

    ---------- Post added 23-03-2021 at 14:35 ----------

    Din acest motiv am fost obligat sa pastrez Xbox-ul One X pt ca fiica-mea inca se joaca pe Kinect.

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    Bine ca ne-am lamurit intr-un final.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bang & Olufsen
    Beoplay Portal
    Wireless Gaming Headphones

    Level up your gaming experience with precision sound, adaptive ANC, innovative microphone with beamforming technology and long-lasting comfort.

    Beoplay Portal headphones
    USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.8 m
    3.5 mm audio cable, 1.25 m
    Quick Start Guide
    Frequency Range
    20-22,000 Hz

    Advanced Sound Features
    Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
    Transparency mode
    Dolby Atmos for headphones

    Driver Type
    Electro-dynamic driver w/ Neodymium magnets, 40 mm diameter

    Driver Sensitivity
    95dB @ 1kHz / 1 mW in passive mode

    24 Ohm +/- 15%

    Customizable Sound EQ
    Presets available and fully customisable through Bang & Olufsen App

    Jakob Wagner
    Bang & Olufsen Design Team



    Dimensions (mm)
    167.3 W x 178.7 H x 92.6 D mm

    282 g

    Battery Life
    Up to 12 hours with Xbox wireless, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling
    Up to 24 hours with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling

    Charging Time
    Approximately 2 hours

    Battery Size
    Lithium-Ion Battery
    Capacity 1200 mAh

    Wireless Connectivity
    Bluetooth 5.1
    Xbox Wireless

    Sound Codecs
    SBC, AAC, aptX™ Adaptive

    Google Fast Pair
    Made for iPhone (MFi)
    Microsoft Swift Pair

    4 x MEMS for voice Mic (2 mics sharing with ANC)
    4 x Dedicated MEMS mic for ANC function (2 mics in each earcup)
    Virtual boom arm for crystal clear conversations

    Inputs and Outputs
    1.25 m audio cable with 3.5mm mini-jack for corded Connectivity
    1.8 m USB-A to USB-C cable for Charging

    On-Device Controls
    Right button: On/Off/BT pairing
    Left button: Xbox connect/disconnect
    Right slider: Volume up/Volume down
    Left slider: ANC/Transparency or Own-voice
    Touch interface: Play/Pause or

    2 active devices concurrently
    Beoplay Portal - Wireless Gaming headphones for Xbox | B&O
    Beoplay Portal - Wireless Gaming Headphones.:

    Engineered for gaming. Designed for life.:

    Beoplay Portal - Setup:
    Attached Images Attached Images portal_black_1.png portal_black_2.png portal_black_3.png portal_black_4.png portal_black_5.png portal_black_6.png portal_black_7.png family_jpg.jpg beogram-portal_some_instagram_1080x1080_08.jpg bo_portal_johall_018_jpg.jpg bo_portal_johall_002_jpg.jpg portal_boc_black.jpg

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    Guys, imi recomandati si mie o telecomanda draguta pentru Xbox? Ma intereseaza una care sa aibe si butoanele clasice (A, B, X, Y) dar care sa nu fie ditamai lopata (cum este cea de la PDP, care este atat de mare si pentru ca are numpad inclus). A existat una de la PDP mai micuta, dar nu o mai gasesc pe nicaieri (atasez poza)...

    De cea oficiala nu stiu nimic... stiu ca era una la Xbox One, dar oricum aceea nu avea butoanele clasice...
    Attached Images Attached Images xbox_oficial_remote.jpg xbox_pdp_small.jpg xbox_pdp_large.jpg

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Una facuta de Microsoft pentru Xbox Series X|S nu exista. Din programul Designed for Xbox sunt doar doua, cele atasate de tine:
    - PDP Gaming Media Remote For Xbox Series X|S
    - PDP Gaming Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

    Quote Originally Posted by Xbox Wire
    The new Xbox Wireless Controller – Electric Volt will be available for $64.99 USD beginning April 27 in most Xbox markets worldwide and can be purchased at select retailers, including Microsoft Store.

    The Xbox Wireless Controller – Daystrike Camo Special Edition will be available for $69.99 USD starting May 4 in most Xbox markets worldwide. Check your local retailer for availability.
    Make a Statement with the New Xbox Wireless Controllers: Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Special Edition - Xbox Wire
    Attached Images Attached Images xboxacc_wire_2.jpg xboxacc_wire.jpg xboxacc_wire_hero.jpg xboxacc_wire_lifestyle.jpg xboxacc_wire_gear.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by VGC
    A new Kickstarter set to launch soon will provide a portable screen that plugs directly into the Xbox Series S.

    The xScreen is designed to plug into the Series S’s HDMI and USB ports and folds up to offer an 11.6″ IPS screen.

    The result is similar to portable screens that were designed for the PSOne and GameCube which essentially turned those consoles into ‘portable’ devices (as long as a power supply was nearby).

    The screen has a resolution of 1080p and a 60 Hz refresh rate, meaning any Series S games that support 4K or 120fps won’t be able to use these features on the xScreen.

    It includes integrated power, meaning it can be powered through the Series S without a need for a second power adapter.

    It also features an integrated 5-watt speaker, as well as a latch that holds the screen in place without detaching from the console.

    According to its creator UPspec Gaming, the screen will only weigh 695g and can be placed in a 15″ laptop bag along with the Series S for transportation.

    The xScreen’s Kickstarter is set to launch soon, but anyone interested can reserve the peripheral for $1 on the xScreen website, which will lock in its ‘early bird’ pricing of $159 (compared to the full price of $249).
    A new display turns Xbox Series S into a portable console
    Attached Images Attached Images xscreen-1280x723.jpg

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    Gaming peripheral company Turtle Beach announced at E3 2021 that it’s getting into a new product category: flight sim hardware.

    The company is launching the VelocityOne Flight system for $350, and it’s compatible with PC and Xbox consoles via USB.

    And, for a first effort in this competitive space, it seems like a very comprehensive offering and a decent value if you’re into playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
    Turtle Beach is making Flight Sim hardware for the PC and Xbox consoles - The Verge
    Attached Images Attached Images tb_recon_controller.jpg pov_hat_switches.jpg velocityflightone_screen.jpg tb_velocityone_flight.0.jpg

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