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Thread: MAG - Massive Action Game

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    ZecaR_13 BliZZarD's Avatar
    A sosit si ziua magiica de 22 cand apare DLC-ul cu interdiction Ne strangem si noi in seara asta sal testam?

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    Senior Member Muthu Raoul's Avatar
    E gratuit?

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    Member ramusg's Avatar
    pai, cat costa? eu nu am incarcat inca contul de Asia si nu cred ca il iau asa repede

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    Senior Member cosminbad's Avatar
    nici eu. azi apare si

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    Member muski's Avatar
    Nici eu nu il iau acum , luna viitoare poate!

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    Senior Member ReNeGaDe124's Avatar

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    Member justamodel's Avatar
    Eu il iau, iar daca e double xp am sa joc sa fac lvl 60 sa ma pot muta cu voi.

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    Member ramusg's Avatar
    Te asteptam.

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    Member justamodel's Avatar
    Pretul UK €7.99\�6.29 sau 9.99$ pe US.

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    Member faxiu's Avatar
    eu aseara nu l-am gasit un US store.

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    Member justamodel's Avatar
    Sper ca DLC asta merge pe cont de US daca am jocu de UK si dlc de UK.. nu ca dlcurile dinainte..

    ---------- Post added 23-06-2010 at 07:51 PM ----------

    Puteti sa luati addonul de pe UK store daca aveti jocul zona 2 BCES-00558 sau BCES-00818.

    ---------- Post added 23-06-2010 at 09:06 PM ----------

    Nu il vede.. L`am instalat inainte sa fac updateul, mai incerc odata..

    ---------- Post added 23-06-2010 at 09:55 PM ----------

    OK Some have had problems, the reason is because when you select it for download you will notice you have 2 Interdiction files BUT they both end with a different code formed by letters and numbers. Imagine them as a Interdiction Part 1 & Part 2.
    Step 1 - Select PLAYSTATION STORE
    Step 2 - Select 'Game Add-ons'
    Step 3 - Select 'M-P'
    Step 4 - Select 'MAG'
    Step 5 - Select 'Interdiction Power Pack (Game Pack)'
    Step 6 - Select 'Buy Now'
    Step 7 - Select 'View Downloads' Now here you should find 2 Interdiction Files to Download, Similar names but they are 2 Different Files. This is where the problem is most people think it's just the one file.
    Step 8 - Once BOTH files are downloaded, install them, start up your game and enjoy. If U noticed that when U install 1 and start the game, Interdiction will show up BUT remain LOCKED, which means U forgot to install the other file then unlockz U play Simple.
    How to install it on other accounts?
    You don't , or shall I say You already have, once you see that it works on that account, U do not have to install it on another because it will automatically work on other accounts on the same PS3. Just like the Killzone 2 maps
    Tnx Zipper Keep Up the GooD **bleep**]-)

    ---------- Post added 23-06-2010 at 10:39 PM ----------

    Si primele impresii: eu zic ca e cel mai distractiv mod din MAG, merita fiecare banutz!

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    Senior Member cosminbad's Avatar
    maine il iau si eu. azi ma uit la un film. spor la jucat

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    Senior Member ffocus's Avatar
    Trooper Gear Pack it will be released on March 25th for free

    First up is the introduction of the Flashbang grenade, used to create chaos and confusion. They will also be including new special edition Light Machine Guns for each PMC. Raven�s APEX 100SE, SVER�s RTK-74 Vla, and Valor�s Mk 46 Mod 1 weapons will provide both a new look for your favourite LMGs and a number of performance adjustments as well. The last element of the pack will be two additional uniforms � �Trooper Dark� and �Trooper Light�. Available to all three PMCs, these uniforms are specifically designed for urban and interior combat situations and give you two more aesthetic options to diversify your character with.

    Double XP weekend live since 12am PDT/7am GMT this morning

    The double XP weekend serves both as a thank you to fans for supporting the game so far, and also to celebrate the release of the first batch of DLC. The double XP promotion will be running until 11:59pm PDT Sunday/7:59am BST Monday, so that gives a whole four days to take advantage of this generous offer. The double XP is even stackable with existing XP bonuses players receive when playing on Veteran mode, so there�s no excuse not to get involved.
    Attached Images Attached Images mag-black-clothing1.jpg

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    Senior Member ffocus's Avatar
    Great weekend! Cu bune si cu rele, am ajuns in sfarsit la lvl 50 Raven. Chiar mi-a placut senzatia de fresh start la cu Valor, dar mi-a trecut repede in primele meciuri. Skills reset kinda sucks,'s the road not the destination. Good job Zipper!

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    Senior Member Nash's Avatar

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    Member richardm27's Avatar

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    Junior Member Magic's Avatar

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    Junior Member razvankey1's Avatar
    Dupa ce mm facut update la v1.07, la pornire imi afiseaza "Cannot comunicate with server. Please update to the latest version.".
    A mai patit cineva asa?

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    Junior Member Magic's Avatar
    Da toti am patit la fel.In seara asta cred ca o sa mearga daca nu cel tarziu maine dimineata.

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    Junior Member Magic's Avatar

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