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Thread: Nintendo Leaks

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    Nintendo Leaks

    Consider ca merita un thread tot ce a aparut din 2018 incoace.

    Pokémon Gold & Silver Demo Leaks: Every New Discovery Explained
    Pokémon Gold & Silver Demo Leak Reveals Atomic Bomb Origins Of The 'Unown'
    Pokémon Red & Green Demo Leak Reveals Unused Evolutions And More
    New Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Leak Reveals Unused Gender Variations
    New Leak Suggests 'Pokémon Pink' Was Planned For Gen 1
    A New Leak Of Pokémon Gold & Silver From '97 With Unused Pokémon Has Appeared Online
    Home - Lava Cut Content

    Mai 2020:
    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games Chronicle
    According to various sources archived on Resetera and Reddit, over 2 terabytes of data was allegedly leaked onto the anonymous forum 4chan over the weekend, including the original source code for Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii.

    The leaks also reportedly contain internal documentation related to GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64 (and its 64DD add-on), Wii and the China-only iQue, showing how the systems work and the development processes behind them.

    Test software for the Nintendo 64, including the ‘Mirror House Cornflakes’ demo featured in the video on this page, were also allegedly included in the leaked data.

    Of more interest to gaming archivists will be the suggestion that the full leak could also contain early Spaceworld demos of many N64 titles, however, this data is seemingly yet to surface. [...]

    This week a fully functioning PC port of Super Mario 64 began circulating online, following a breakthrough last year when fans were able to decompile the game’s code. It’s not clear if the latest data leak had any influence on the port.

    - N64, GameCube and Wii source code
    - Diagrams and datasheets for every system component
    - Documents describing feature planning and implementation
    - Full Wii operating system SDK
    - Planning docs for implementation of the Wii from 2004-2006
    - Spaceworld ’99 demos [...]

    Since 2018 various Pokémon data has been leaked online, including debug roms for Pokémon Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver, alongside source code, Spaceworld ’99 demos and an internal GameBoy PC emulator. [...]
    Nintendo has reportedly suffered a significant legacy console leak | VGC

    Massive Pokemon GSC leak has source code and beta creature designs for second-gen games | - The Independent Video Game Community

    Iulie 2020 (GigaLeak):
    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games Chronicle
    The early demos are said to be part of an alleged leak of Nintendo source code, which could be linked to a larger breach of legacy Nintendo data which was first reported in May.

    So far videos claiming to show early prototypes of Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World 2 (Yoshi’s Island) have appeared online, supposedly repurposed from the leaked source code. Early sprite artwork for Super Mario World and others also appears to have leaked online.

    The videos claiming to show prototype versions of Yoshi’s Island are the most significant, showcasing entirely new UI and levels. One prototype for Mario World 2 – called “Super Donkey” – shows an entirely new character in a forest environment.

    According to an anonymous post on the 4chan forum, the leak also includes the source code for F-Zero, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario All-Stars, Link’s Awakening DX, Star Fox 2, Wild Trax and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

    The leak is also said to include data for the Wii Shop Channel, a Wii Game Boy emulator, China’s iQUE service and more. [...]
    An alleged Nintendo leak has unearthed early game prototypes | VGC
    Quote Originally Posted by GBATemp
    [...] Contents of the leak:
    Full development repository for Ensata official DS emulator

    Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

    Full development repository for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, ending in March of 2006

    Full personal development repository by a Diamond and Pearl dev

    Full development repository for NetCard (cancelled GBA peripheral)

    iQue GBA stuff

    Full development repository for Game Boy Advance BIOS

    Full development repository for Game Boy Color Boot ROM

    Full master ROM database (America and Japan, NOT Europe) for Famicom and NES including the ROMs (and I mean everything - there’s even Nintendo World Championships 1990 and **** like that)

    Master ROM of Super Mario RPG

    Source code to Star Fox
    Source code to Star Fox 2
    Source code to Link’s Awakening DX
    Link’s Awakening DX bug reports
    Source code to Wild Trax / Stunt Race FX
    Source code to Yoshi’s Island
    Source code to Mario Kart
    Source code to F-Zero
    Source code to TLOZ A Link to the Past
    TLOZ A Link to the Past dev stuff & bug reports
    Source code to Super Mario All-Stars (including Mario World?)
    Source code to the Wii VC Game Boy Emulator
    Some weird prototype game (“super_donkey”, from early 1993 - Yoshi’s Island style)
    Super Mario Kart prototype(s)
    Full development repository for a tool to upload titles to the Wii Shop Channel
    “WallPaperPasswordMaker” source code
    Random test program source code
    Seven early 1990s tape backups
    Several Super Mario World 2 prototypes - “Super Mario Bros 5: Yoshi’s Island”
    eTicket signing keys for an unknown system
    Private and public keys for “various arcade manufacturers”
    Game Boy Advance and Iris (early 2003-era DS prototype with 1 screen) board documentation
    Tons and tons of CAD documents in general relating to Nintendo products
    Wii private keys?
    ES/FS source code (IOS) (also a p2p/voice chat lib?)
    P2p lib:
    IOS Arm Toolchain patches:
    Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite! debug build
    other\CGB\B86__ハム太郎 2\Master\USA\ham2usa_020807
    SuperFX Test Program (1991) [...]
    Another Nintendo leak uploaded online, features betas and source code for many SNES games | - The Independent Video Game Community

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Concept.pdf | DocDroid
    Announcing WiiWare.pdf | DocDroid
    Wii Channels & WiiConnect24 New Features.pdf | DocDroid
    Wii Remote Strategies and Algorithms.pdf | DocDroid

    Mai multe demo videos gasiti pe acest YouTube Channel: Sebastian - YouTube.

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    A mai aparut o serie de Nintendo 64 games leaks:

    Attached Images Attached Images ysqwwqd.png gfwqok3.png qxav9co.png xhjs3qx.png 4a22sdm.png z8hx57t.png dssjeyn.png fpeom39.png nx51yin.png urv7ttv.png 3nsawl4.jpg duti5lx.png ymhh0jt.png psun6rh.png u5xkndd.png i3hbtkn.png u24oo9a.png lhxur9x.png az1jddo.png unknown.png

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    Excelent topic, recomand si clipurile astea (super tipu)

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    Attached Images Attached Images 8rbrx42.jpg gg4zkmj.png ymti4po.png maxresdefault.jpg tad6f1o.png 6bczxjn.png 0gjesk6.jpg apndink.png rxbzj4w.png xitpzoc.gif uzmreaf.png wwttdlz.png 9vojkog.png 9yrdskn.png

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    Attached Images Attached Images 7lqkjxk.png iuikkzb.png eg6l-huwkaiapac.png eg7iktkwaamqpoh.png

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    GameBoy leaks:
    Attached Images Attached Images eherqrcx0aaq7uf.png ehertpjxsaer20g.png
    Attached Images  

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    Timeline cu ce s-a publicat: Zammis Clark Breach - RGDWiki.
    Attached Images Attached Images legend_of_zelda_spritesheet.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_1.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_2.jpg wii_sports_resort_documentation_3.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_4.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_5.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_6.png wii_sports_resort_documentation_7.png

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    - Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Sensor Bar prototypes
    Attached Images Attached Images e6wpktrxoaajiip.jpg e6w7jdsx0aq7cln.png e6w8srowqaklj4d.png e6xaigbxsaejwm5.jpg e6w-_xlxeay_63f.jpg

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