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Thread: Legit sau nu?

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    Legit sau nu?

    Sony PlayStation 4 (Latest Model)- 500 GB Jet Black Console - Launch M Bucuresti • Mercador.ro

    Mail 1, eu: Hello,

    It is me you've been talking to just now on mercador.ro . I am interested to buy one playstation 4 console . Is your company located in Romania or do you have products here? Because i imagine it wouldn't be so easy to ship from abroad .

    Thank you.

    Mail 2, ei : Thanks for your Reply Mr.Hotea,

    Yes the Console playstation 4 500gb is brand new with 1 year complete warranty and 6 month return back policy.

    Yes we have been shipping into Bucharest in Romania without problem because we ship in form of a birthday gift and we also wrap and package the goods in form of a birthday gift.

    Delivery Team: DHL & FEDEX

    Where do you want to ship it too?

    ELECTEC DESIGN LTD - appee free online shop


    Sales Manager

    Mr.Stuart Alex

    Mail 3, eu : Hello again,

    I am interested to buy one . I could not answer earlier because i was not at home.

    I would like one piece shipped to the following address :

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    I expect to pay the price listed on mercador and the shipment to arive with " Livrare cu verificare" .

    Thank you.

    Mail 4, ei : Okay no problem about the price...

    Kindly provide me with your complete shipping address..

    name in full...


    Phone number.....


    Postal code....


    Mode of payment for 1 unit..: western union.

    Delivery teams...DHL or FedEx courier company.

    Which do you prefer for the shipping.

    Note: it will be ship to you in for of a gift.

    I await your shipping data's.


    Ce spuneti? Tentativa de teapa sau nu? Pretul mi se pare foarte mic fata de cel de 500$ de pe site-ul lor plus nu au cum sa trimita livrare cu verificare cu DHL sau Fedex (cel putin asa cred) chiar daca au bifat acest lucru pe mercador. Care e parerea voastra?

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    Stai linistit si asteapta sa cumperi de la noi.
    Ca sa iti dai seama, ce cauta un strain pe site din Romania?

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    Eu in locul tau nu as risca. Suna cam bizar toata tarasenia.

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    Acuma ei spun ca sunt firma dar sincer nu vad ce interese sa aiba la noi avand in vedere ca vand mai ieftin decat pe site la ei.

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    Senior Member SirAndrew's Avatar
    user Elena Alex?

    citeste aici:

    Major electronics scam DO NOT send any money


    se pare e tepar licentiat

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    Multumesc pentru clarificare . Oricum nu as fi trimis bani in avans de aceea am si specificat ca vreau livrarea cu verificare in acel email. Halal oameni, sa traiesti de pe necazul altora..... Oricum ma bucur ca sa clarificat si sper ca si altii sa vada threadul asta inainte sa incerce sa cumpere de la dansii.

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    pai e facut de amatori site-ul ala

    preturi in USD... sediul magazinului in UK.
    toate preturile sunt sume rotunde!
    numai rahaturi bagate la descriere
    poze false de pe net.
    metoda de plata prin transfer bancar... haha, good joke!


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    Asta in cazul in care te uiti pe site-ul lor, pe mercador pare mult mai credibil mai ales ca in prima instanta nici nu stii ca nu sunt romani. In prima faza m-au abordat in limba romana

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    Senior Member SirAndrew's Avatar
    normal ca e un tepar roman.
    de aia nici nu vrea prin paypal sau alt serviciu ce permite blocarea transferului.

    vrea prin western union sau money gram...

    si cica are sediul: 208 gore road new Milton

    pai hai sa vedem ce e la adresa respectiva:


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    Eu cred ca nu e nici roman si nici englez. Spun asta deoarece ambele limbi utilizate de dansul au fost pocite In orice caz, tentativa de teapa e sigur. Se pare ca sediul e in boscheti

    ---------- Post added 28-03-2014 at 12:32 ----------

    Deci fi atent aici . Le-am mai dat un reply si i-am aratat cu degetul dupa care au revenit cu asta :

    Thanks for your reply.
    yes you may refer us to be a asshole but what you saw was a frame work by one of our valued worker in our company that wanted to use our company to defraud people but our management has sack him off so he decided to Blackmail us by saying all such of nonsense about us.'
    well, you may think maybe we are fraud or scam but i am assuring you that you are 100% wrong because we have never for once use fake delivery company and all the delivery company we have been using are Dhl or FedEx.

    we have dont scam and i stuart wont do anything to blemish the Good image of our country and company.

    i want you to be assured that you are dealing with the right company because we are Registered and approved by the

    Government policy in the UK and we have been shipping and selling to all part of the world without problem.

    You are 100% secured and guaranteed with us and we do not delay in our dealings, we always give our valued

    customer the best selling service ever in the world.

    Here is our company details and my weblink and my passport for you to know that you are dealing with the Right

    ELECTEC DESIGN LTD - appee free online shop
    Company information for ELECTEC DESIGN LIMITED (06435531) incorporated 23-11-2007
    ELECTEC DESIGN LIMITED. Free business summary taken from official Companies House information. Free Alerts.

    Pe langa textul de mai sus , domnul Stuart a atasat 3 poze, una cu pasaportul dansului scanat, un certificat care atesta existenta copmaniei pe piata , cu aprobari stampila si semnaturi , si inca un certificat de garantie .

    ---------- Post added 28-03-2014 at 12:49 ----------

    Update : Acum da si apartamente in chirie www.scamwarners.com View topic - Rental Scammer - singahomes@hotmail.com Este numele este acelasi cu cel de pe pasaport.

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