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Thread: Gotham Knights

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    Daca cineva doreste sa citeasca volumul care a inspirat acest joc , il puteti gasi aici , tradus in limba romana . Probabil una din cele mai bune povesti cu Batman din ultimii 10-15 ani .

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    New Batman Video Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Gotham Knights refers to the unannounced Batman game currently in development at Batman Arkham Origins studio Warner Bros. Montreal.

    Both projects are set to be teased at Warner Bros.' upcoming DC Fandome event in August, Eurogamer understands.

    Expect to see a little of Gotham Knights, which while unannounced has been continually hyped via various "Court of Owls" hints for more than a year.
    Yes, Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad game •

    Eventul DC FanDome va avea loc pe 22 august: Welcome to The Daily Star, the Official Blog of the DC FanDome | DC.

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    Arkham origins a fost frumos dar nu prea, celălalt vedem

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    Interesant in legatura cu Court of Owls. Am toate volumele scrise de Snyder (altu, nu regizorul), dar nu le-am citit inca.

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    Toată seria Arkham a fost super asa ca sa vină si altele!

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    Sa fie maine un anunt despre joc?

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    Nu, cred ca o sa fie tot teasing pana pe 22 august, 8:30 PM la DC FanDome cand prezinta jocul.
    Gamers! You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game, and Q&A with its developers. 20 min

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    Sper sa fie ceva calumea, seria este geniala si parca imi era dor.

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    Acestea sunt codurile:
    Quote Originally Posted by Reddit
    I figured out all of the codes to the site - WB Games Montréal new Batman game

    Day 1 (8/18): 761
    Day 2 (8/19): 941
    Day 3 (8/20): 364
    Day 4 (8/21): 995

    One of the things I do is web development. Getting around some stuff was easy, the future codes was a manual process. Trying to see what else I can get. I can see all success messages, but nothing worth noting. There is a Teaser 01 video and a Trailer 01 video.
    I figured out all of the codes to the site - WB Games Montréal new Batman game : PS5

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    6 ani pentru atat? Sper sa merite.
    Gotham Knights premiere trailer:

    PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX, PC.
    Story can be played in 2 player co-op: Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin.
    Gotham Knights gameplay walkthrough:
    Attached Images Attached Images egcvs4oumaaxvjf.jpg egcvtlzu0aabnin.jpg egcvukyueaap1yq.jpg egcvulpu8aacecn.jpg

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Uite si videos de youtube

    Deci nu mai este Batman - este simplu - Gotham Knights...

    Din primul trailer pare chiar misto, dar cand ne uitam la gameplay...
    Partea cu motorul de la inceput este oribila, pare mega scriptata si pare ca se controleaza nasol motoru.
    Dupa care pe partea de animatii mi se pare mega off in unele momente (inclusiv cape-ul - mi-l aminteam mai misto in jocurile Batman - nu inteleg ce nu le-a iesit aici), desi combat-ul pare la fel de bun dar overall e mult mai SF jocul decat seria cu Batman, unde reusisera sa-i umanizeze pe toti cumva.

    Sunt curios ce se intampla daca joci singur - AI companion? Pare scris cu dialoguri in puncte cheie si nu cred ca vorbesti singur daca nu joci cu cineva.

    Oricum din punctul meu de vedere, faptul ca l-au eliminat pe Batman = no buy - nu-mi place niciun alt personaj din alea ramase - iar faza cu XP-ul nu cred ca are ce cauta intr-un joc de genul.

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    Dar eu nu inteleg,are legatura cu seria arhkam? Gen, e dupa arkham knight?

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    Sa fim seriosi, vorbim de Batman, o sa apara si el.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeCeX View Post
    Dar eu nu inteleg,are legatura cu seria arhkam? Gen, e dupa arkham knight?
    Eu nu vad vreo legatura cu seria Arkham. Sa nu uitam ca in ultimul Arkham, Barbara era intr-un scaun cu rotile si, din cate imi aduc aminte, Jim nu moare.

    Pe langa astea, jocul este dezvoltat de un alt studio, nu de Rocksteady.

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    Eu am raspuns ca da, pentru ca de acolo incepe, dar e alta serie.
    In Arkham Knight "moare" Batman, dar nu e sigur ca si Bruce Wayne. Pentru noul joc, l-au omorat de-a binelea:
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    WB Games Montreal says it chose to have Gotham Knights begin with a dead Batman in order to take away "any certainty, any feeling of safety" in its world.
    Speaking at DC FanDome during the Legacy of the Bat panel, creative director Patrick Redding explained that Gotham Knights' Batman has been fighting crime for around 15 years, before being killed in still-unexplained circumstances.

    "We wanted to take away any certainty, any feeling of safety," Redding explained. "So we could take a Gotham City where Bruce Wayne has been operating as Batman for, like, 15 years - with all that history, his whole network of allies - and then take him out of the picture. It really demands players figure out, 'How would I step up, and how would I protect Gotham City?'" That lack of certainty could perhaps signal a game that's more willing to see other major characters killed off during its runtime.

    The game's trailer opens by suggesting a disaster has hit Gotham, with Bruce Wayne apparently found dead in the rubble. A message sent to his proteges upon his death tells them that the Batcave has been destroyed, but the Belfry will act as their new base of operations. Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing then become the Gotham Knights.

    It's worth pointing out that, while Batman may be messaged as dead at the start of the game, that's not necessarily going to remain the case. There are a few options here - Rocksteady's Arkham Knight ended with Bruce Wayne faking his own death, for instance.

    WB Games Montreal has chosen an entirely different timeline for Gotham Knights but, even without that story point to lean on, the Court of Owls (who will be an enemy faction) have been involved in resurrection in their comic book appearances previously. And who knows, with five massive boroughs to explore, perhaps Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit could sit just waiting to be used somewhere in the dark underbelly of Gotham. [...]
    Gotham Knights: WB Games Montreal Explains Why It Killed Batman - IGN

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