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Thread: Ce ne-am cumparat azi - console

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    Senior Member AlanPoe's Avatar

    Hori Flightstick EX2 (Xbox 360)

    Mother and father of all flight sticks. Pe Xbox 360 cel putin.
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    Senior Member DeathOfArt's Avatar
    35 de lei
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    Senior Member GoodFella10's Avatar
    Ghost Recon & Mass Effect 3
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    Senior Member AndyZ's Avatar
    4 Lire pe XBL. Mai sunt la pret asemanator si Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Alone in the Dark si altele..
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    Member GODZYLLA's Avatar
    De parca nu le mai aveam inca o data (ce-i drept, nu pe toate, si daca se vand numai la pachet...)
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    Member TheQuiet1N's Avatar
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    Member adin33's Avatar
    Multumesc userului Khan
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    Senior Member Csander's Avatar
    Take Earth back
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    Senior Member Alexandru's Avatar
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands ™
    (4 lire pe Xbox Live UK)
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    Junior Member GinoPanait27's Avatar
    Vin si eu cu prima postare
    Roxio Game Capture (70 USD cu promotia de la Machinima)
    Mouse Asus ROG GX900 (120 RON Media Dot)
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    Ω Pira's Avatar
    "a reminder of his own past, a past he could never escape..."
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    Turbo Killer RonanN1's Avatar
    Update! PSN Games Collection
    • Crash Bandicoot
    Memorieeeeeeees! <3

    Urmeaza si celelalte
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    Completionist Boghy02's Avatar
    Multumesc userului Sergiu11

    Defy the course of destiny
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    Senior Member calin_kalf's Avatar
    Mediagalaxy. Nu imi pare rau ca am dat 200 pe el. (desi e cam mult)
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    Member adin33's Avatar
    Ultimele achizitii, pentru Wolfenstein si Knights Contract multumesc userului flonils
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    Senior Member raduadelin's Avatar
    Pentru Max Payne 3 multumesc userului zxtr3m3, iar pentru Crysis 2 si Bioshock userului party_man.
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    One Man Army Cristy's Avatar
    Thank You Alex

    Bring Them On!

    P.S.: Scuzati calitatea!
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    Senior Member paunstefan's Avatar
    VANQUISH- 80 lei
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    Senior Member DeathOfArt's Avatar

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    Member Gabby95's Avatar
    Thx Altex si Userului gatsu10 .


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