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Thread: Ce ne-am cumparat azi - console

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    Senior Member iPaul's Avatar
    MGR Ultimate Edition
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    Member ramonski's Avatar
    Nu chiar azi
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    Senior Member Trefla's Avatar
    Super pret (240 lei) pentru ce ofera in pachet
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    Senior Member raduadelin's Avatar
    Super pret
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    Senior Member BizZare's Avatar
    In aceasta noapte eu nu dorm
    Desi am jucat si rejucat Doom3 la vremea lui, nu am apucat sa joc Resurrection of Evil, dar niciodata nu e prea tarziu.
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    Member GODZYLLA's Avatar
    Pachetul Deus Ex face toti banii Imi pare rau ca nu am luat si collectors-ul ca a fost la super pret...
    Din pacate Halo 3 trece direct la vanzare ca dupa standardele mele e cam indoita carcasa
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    Junior Member BMC's Avatar
    De pe, adus de curier. Preț: 58,75 RON.
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    Member raf's Avatar
    ultimele achizitii in a long time...
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    Completionist Boghy02's Avatar
    Thx RobertDinu.#We on
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    Member ramonski's Avatar
    thx CrysMM
    oldies but goldies
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    Mad Collector rodarkone's Avatar
    @ Raf - ooo achizitii de exceptie

    @Zelda stuff -> Saracu Level cred ca si acum plange dupa Zelde - ai ascuns elegant ruptura de pe front

    PS: mai veche dar ca sa nu fim offtopic
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    Junior Member ed_knight89's Avatar
    Let's do some damage
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    Member b615dub's Avatar
    Multumesc @boga
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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Enter the Metro
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    Member ramonski's Avatar
    NGC MarioKart Pak LE
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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    oldies but goodies

    cu multe multumiri lui divayo!
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    Member drac_baltat's Avatar
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    preventiv, daca intreaba cineva de Monster: e luat de la MME Market Dr. Felix Bucuresti.
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    Member adin33's Avatar
    Ceva nou si la mine
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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Thx Grey!
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    Senior Member darkpaul13's Avatar
    Without the sinner, what need is there for a redeemer?
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