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Thread: Saints Row: The Third / Remastered

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    Saints Row: The Third / Remastered

    VG247 Blog Archive First look at Saint’s Row 3 coming in December

    Saints Row 3 missed being shown at E3 this year in order for the developers to get it ready for its first showing in December.Speaking during an analyst meeting at E3, THQ�s core games VP Danny Bilson told attendees that the game will be shown for the first time during the VGAs in December.�I�m not going to show it to you today,� he said (via CVG). �This is the only room we�re talking about Saints Row 3. We�re not showing it on the floor because the rollout starts in December on Saints Row 3.�We�ve spent an extra year rebuilding the technology for this game. It is absolutely gorgeous and still completely insane.�We�re also going to have a collectible card game, we�re going to have books, we�re going to have merchandise � we�re going to build this thing out into the biggest trans-media blowout ever seen.�Most of these deals are already in place. I believe we�re going to announce this at the Spike awards in December.�It�s really, really exciting what�s going on with Saint�s Row and when we launch this it�s really going to turn heads to what we�ve done with this brand.�Saints Row is going to be a monster for us.�
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    Chiar si un anunt despre un viitor anunt ii o veste buna lol mai ales dupa cat fun am avut in Saints Row 2.

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    Big Saints Row 3 Announcement Coming Soon | N4G has stumbled upon a tweet from THQ's Danny Bilson who, in a reply to a Saints Row fan, assured a big Saints Row 3 announcement is coming soon. The wait will soon be over, Saints Row fans!

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    Saints Row 3: First Images leaked | GamersMint

    Three images which appear to be posters of THQ’s yet to be announced game, Saints Row 3 have made it way to the internet.

    According to a thread at GAF, these are “possibly” designs for the cover of Game Informer which will be running a cover story about the game in one of its upcoming issues.

    A sharp forum member had explained why it might turn out to be GI”s cover:

    "Almost everything is shoved in the right half, which would make a lot of sense for a Game Informer cover, and it would explain why they delayed the reveal and suddenly refused to acknowledge the game’s existence a lot more than before, since Game Informer requests stuff like that."

    That makes sense to us. Whatever it’s, the game is set to be unveiled soon and fans should get excited.

    By the looks of the poster, it seems Johnny Gat will be back in the sequel to the popular Saints Row 2.
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    Part 2.
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    Quick Shots Saints Row: The Third concept art and character renders | VG247

    The concept arts features your first look at Steelport, a city of sin under control of the Syndicate, a global criminal organization whose latest enterprise is nothing less than the eradication of the Third Street Saints.

    Character are features:
    • Phillipe Loren: the cold, calculating leader of the Syndicate.
    • Zimos: an old-school pimp who hates Morningstar and what theyve done to pimping, mostly because they ran him out of business and pimping aint easy.
    • Killbane: leader of the Luchadores Mexican wrestling gang that has cornered the gambling trade in Steelport.
    • Angel de la Muerte: Killbanes former tag-team partner. The relationship did not end well.
    • Matt Miller: leader of the Deckers and specialist in high-tech cybercrime

    Saints Row: The Third is out in the fall for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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    Dată de lansare : 15.11.2011.

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    Pare chiar misto si foarte fun. Mult mai bun ca primele doua.

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    Deci GTA4 but with actual FUN in it
    Chiar cred ca il pun pe lista

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    Deci e clar first-day buy pentru mine. Nu le-am jucat pe primele doua, dar asta e nebunie curata

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    Jocul e ciudat, macar atat pot sa spun Fara un demo, nu ma hazardez, ca are anumite trasaturi asa, mai japoneze si m-am cam ars pana acum

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