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Thread: Console Club

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    Skydance New Media, condus de Amy Hennig, lucreaza la un joc Marvel:
    Quote Originally Posted by Skydance Media
    Skydance New Media, the new interactive division of Skydance Media helmed by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig, announced today a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to develop a narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe.

    “I can’t imagine a better partner than Marvel for our first game,” said Hennig, President, Skydance New Media. “The Marvel Universe epitomizes all the action, mystery and thrills of the pulp adventure genre that I adore and lends itself perfectly to an interactive experience. It’s an honor to be able to tell an original story with all the humanity, complexity, and humor that makes Marvel characters so enduring and to enable our players to embody these heroes that they love.”
    Skydance New Media Joins Forces with Marvel Entertainment to Create an All-New Interactive Title - Skydance Media
    Attached Images Attached Images sdnm_marvel.png

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    [4K OFFICIAL] Project Buramato [WORKING TITLE] - Announcement Teaser

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozysoft
    PROJECT BURAMATO is a semi-open-world 3D Action-Adventure video game in which you can traverse the ancient lands of the old lords in beautiful high fantasy settings of traditional Bornean folktales.

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    SEGA and Microsoft are exploring a strategic alliance to build a next-generation game development environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    Publisher Wayforward and developer 13AM Games have revealed Dawn of the Monsters, a giant-monster fighting game in which you'll inadvertently wreck the city of New Toronto in "devastating Kaiju combat." It features two-player co-op and is due out in early 2022 for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

    Dawn of the Monsters - Kaiju Conline Pre-Alpha Gameplay sneak peak (2020)

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    2K anuleaza codename Volt, un nou IP, de la Hangar 13. Pierdere de $53 milioane. Nu e Mafia 4, e ceva "Cthulu meets Saints Row" dupa spusele lui Jeff Grubb.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg
    The project, which was code-named Volt, had gone through multiple iterations since it was first conceived. The current version struggled due to reboots, technological hiccups and challenges caused by Covid-19, said the people, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly.

    The game, which has been in development in various forms since 2017, was set to feature superheroes competing in online game play. It was set to be a new intellectual property for Hangar 13, but 2K executives didn’t see it as a worthwhile investment because of the amount of time needed in development before it became a finished product, the people said.
    Take-Two’s 2K Cancels $53 Million Game From Hangar 13

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    Note - this is NOT concept art for upcoming Batman movie, These concepts were done for a cancelled game a long time ago. Had a lot of fun with these.
    Batman Stuff, Goran Bukvic
    One of my favorite characters to play around with.
    Batman Sketches, Goran Bukvic
    Attached Images Attached Images goran-bukvic-01.jpg goran-bukvic-02.jpg goran-bukvic-03.jpg goran-bukvic-04.jpg goran-bukvic-06.jpg goran-bukvic-09.jpg goran-bukvic-10.jpg

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    Ar fi fost misto sa faca un joc dupa Batman Beyond

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    Epic Games cumpara Harmonix:
    Quote Originally Posted by Epic Games
    Today we are delighted to welcome Harmonix to Epic Games. Harmonix is one of the world's leading independent game development studios, best known for creating the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises.

    Harmonix has a track record of creating fun and engaging music experiences designed for everyone to enjoy. As we work to build the metaverse, this expertise is needed to reimagine how music is experienced, created and distributed.

    The Harmonix team will collaborate closely with Epic to develop musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite while continuing to support existing titles including Rock Band 4. Check out this post on Harmonix's blog for more details.
    Harmonix is joining Epic Games!
    Attached Images Attached Images eg-harmonix-1920x1080-1920x1080-16ba0b37c48e.jpg

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