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Thread: Netflix vine in Romania!

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar

    Netflix vine in Romania!

    Well, dragii mosului care v-ati tot rugat sa avem si noi servicii de streaming bune in Romania (gen Netflix, Hulu & Co.), se pare ca ruga v-a fost ascultata. Astfel incepand din luna Ianuarie, pe langa ai nostrii "clasici" (HBOGo, Voyo & Co.) veti putea sa va abonati oficial la popularul Netflix. Desi sursa de unde am preluat stirea ne spune ca are alte doua surse, va rog sa luati totul in calitate de zvon pana la proba contrarie. Intrebarea este: will you get yours?

    "Strategia noastra de expansiune internationala din ultimii ani a fost sa ne extindem cat mai repede, ramanand totodata profitabili la nivel global. Progresul a fost atat de puternic, incat putem finaliza expansiunea globala in urmatorii doi ani, deci mult mai devreme decat ne-am asteptat. Ne propunem sa obtinem profituri globale semnificative incepand cu anul 2017. Oferim serviciile Netflix in circa 50 de tari si deja am invatat ce continut prefera oamenii. Accelerarea extinderii la 200 de tari va fi posibila mai ales gratie dezvoltarii extraordinare a internetului, inclusiv pe telefoane, tablete si televizoare inteligente", au declarat Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix si CFO-ul companiei, David Wells, intr-o scrisoare catre actionarii Netflix, transmisa la inceputul anului curent.

    Sursa: Netflix va intra in Romania in luna ianuarie a lui 2016.
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    Senior Member Trefla's Avatar
    Acuma chiar ca nu va mai fi motiv sa se pirateze intro veselie in Romania mai ales cand Netflix e de n ori mai user friendly fata de torente.

    Hai ca existam si noi in Europa

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Cum e la ei ? Abonament lunar + inchiriatul filmelor/serialelor ?

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    Member felixanu's Avatar
    La asta te abonezi si poti viziona cam ce vrei tu?

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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by felixanu View Post
    La asta te abonezi si poti viziona cam ce vrei tu?
    De la 8$ / luna
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    Cons. Mercedes-Benz djleo666's Avatar
    Sunt extrem, dar extrem de curios daca vor avea posibilitatea de subtitrare in romana!

    Oricum ar fi sunt pusi pe fapte mari:
    Netflix's View: Internet TV is replacing linear TV

    People love TV content, but they don't love the linear TV experience, where channels present programs only at particular times on non-portable screens with complicated remote controls.

    Linear TV was a huge advance in entertainment over radio, just as fixed-line telephone was an advance in communications over the telegraph. Now Internet TV - which is on-demand, personalized, and available on any screen - is maturing and will eventually replace the linear TV experience.

    Internet TV Apps
    The world's leading linear TV networks now offer their programming on-demand through apps that run on phones and smart TVs. These apps, such as CBS All Access, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Now, enable binge viewing and catch-up viewing. Existing linear networks that offer compelling Internet TV apps will generate more viewing and become more valuable. Those networks that fail to develop first-class apps will lose viewing and revenue.

    Internet TV is expanding rapidly because of:

    Ecosystem Growth: The Internet is getting faster and more reliable, while penetration of smart TVs and adapters is also rising
    Freedom and Flexibility: Consumers can watch content on demand, on any screen, and the experience is personalized to individual tastes
    Rapid Innovation: Internet TV apps have frequent improvement updates and streaming is the primary source of UHD 4K video content.
    Eventually, as linear TV viewing falls in viewing and value, the spectrum it now uses on cable, fiber, and over-the-air will be reallocated to expand Internet data transmission. Satellite TV subscribers will be fewer and more rural. In a few decades, linear TV will be seen as a great transitional technology that gave way to Internet TV, like fixed-line telephone gave way to the mobile phone.

    Content People Love
    In 2016, we expect to spend on content for our members close to $5B on a P&L basis and over $6B on a cash basis. In addition we'll spend nearly $1B on marketing in 2016, getting people so excited about our content that they try Netflix.

    People's tastes are very broad, even in a single market. The Internet allows us to offer a wide variety, and to have our user interface quickly learn and make recommendations based upon individual users' tastes. Those members who love action blockbusters, Korean soaps, anime, sci-fi, Sundance films, zombie shows, or kids cartoons will find that Netflix fills their homepage with relevant and interesting titles.

    As we've gained experience, we've found that the 20th documentary about bicycling will mostly just take away viewing from the other 19 such docs, and instead of trying to have everything, we should strive to have the best in each category. As such, we are actively curating our service rather than carrying as many titles as we can.

    Our licensing is generally time-based, so that we might pay for a multi-year exclusive subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) license for a given title. In each market, we license content from multiple suppliers, mirroring the fragmentation of the content industry. Typically our bids are for exclusive access to the SVOD rights, and we are up against various cable and broadcast networks, as well as online video competitors. As a rule, content owners always want another bidder, and never want one bidder to become too strong.

    We're now at the scale where we can economically create original content that is exclusively for Netflix and our offering will grow and diversify as we gain further scale and confidence. With each original, we learn more about what our members want, about how to produce and promote effectively, and about the positive impact of originals on our brand.

    We believe we have a major advantage over our linear competitors when it comes to launching a series or a film. Linear networks need to attract an audience on a given night at a given time. We can be much more flexible. Because each show on Netflix is not competing for scarce prime-time slots like on linear TV, a show that is taking a long time to find its audience is one we can keep nurturing. This allows us to prudently commit to a whole season, rather than just a pilot episode. In addition, we are able to provide a platform for more creative storytelling (varying run times per episode based on storyline, no need for week to week recaps, no fixed notion of what constitutes a "season"). We believe this makes it easier for us to attract creative talent.

    By personalizing promotion of the right content to the right member, we have a large opportunity to promote our original content, one that's effectively unlimited in duration. Long after the premiere of season one of House of Cards, large numbers of members are just starting the series each week.

    We are making great headway with our slate of original series. Any linear network would be proud to show them. Our success is due in part to great creative execution by our team as well as the power of our large on-demand platform.

    Netflix Focus
    Netflix is a global Internet TV network offering movies and TV series commercial-free, with unlimited viewing on any Internet-connected screen for an affordable, no-commitment monthly fee. Netflix is a focused passion brand, not a do-everything brand: Starbucks, not 7-Eleven; Southwest, not United; HBO, not Dish.

    We don't offer pay-per-view or free ad-supported content. Those are fine business models that other firms do well. We are about flat-fee unlimited viewing commercial-free.

    We are not a generic "video" company that streams all types of video such as news, user-generated, sports, porn, music video, gaming, and reality. We are a movie and TV series entertainment network.

    We are a relief from the complexity and frustration that embody most MVPD relationships with their customers. We strive to be extremely straightforward. There is no better example of this than our no-hassle online cancellation. Members can leave when they want and come back when they want.

    We are about the freedom of on-demand and the fun of binge viewing. We are about the flexibility of any screen at any time. We are about a personal experience that finds for each person the most pleasing titles from around the world. To deliver this experience to our members, we expect to spend over $700 million on technology & development in 2016.

    We compete for a share of members' time and spending for relaxation and stimulation, against linear networks, pay-per-view content, DVD watching, other Internet networks, video gaming, web browsing, magazine reading, video piracy, and much more. Over the coming years, most of these forms of entertainment will improve.

    If you think of your own behavior any evening or weekend in the last month when you did not watch Netflix, you will understand how broad and vigorous our competition is.

    We strive to win more of our members' "moments of truth". Those decision points are, say, at 7:15 pm when a member wants to relax, enjoy a shared experience with friends and family, or is bored. The member could choose Netflix, or a multitude of other options.

    Because the entertainment market is so broad, multiple firms can be successful. For example, HBO is now growing faster than in years past, while our business is also expanding. Many people will subscribe to both HBO and Netflix since we have different exclusive content. The transition to Internet TV, with its greater consumer satisfaction, will mean growth for many Internet TV services.

    Video piracy is a substantial competitor for entertainment time in many international markets. It is free and offers very broad selection. Were video piracy to become easy, reliable, and socially acceptable, it could become our largest competitor. Global music revenues have been falling for 15 years due to large scale music piracy. Great inexpensive services like Netflix will hopefully help prevent video from following the decline of music.

    ISP & MVPD relationships
    ISP subscribers pay for Internet access and expect to be able to enjoy Internet TV such as Netflix. Our Open Connect program supports hundreds of large and small ISPs to directly interconnect with the Netflix network for free in regional locations, rather than going through third-party transit providers, which lowers both our costs and that of the ISPs.

    Sometimes, large ISPs want to use their market power to extract interconnect fees from us and others. We fight for free interconnection, where neither side charges the other, as we think Netflix and consumers are best served by strong network neutrality. We have made good progress in these battles, and they are usually country and ISP specific. We don't intend to try to collect a percentage of broadband revenue from ISPs, despite the facts that we are a substantial portion of what consumers do with their Internet connection, and that this payment would parallel the payments to basic cable networks. Strong net neutrality, where payments are neutral between ISPs and content providers, is better for supporting amazing innovation for consumer benefit.

    With MVPDs that have an Internet-capable TV set top device, such as DISH (USA), Virgin (UK), Telus (Canada), Orange (France), and many others, we offer integrated viewing experiences (and in many cases integrated billing) which increase the use of the operator set top device. While some MVPDs want to inhibit our growth, others would prefer that our growth happen through their remote control and set top experience.

    Netflix margin structure and growth
    Our US contribution margin structure is set mostly top down. For any given future period, we estimate revenue, and decide what we want to spend, and how much margin we want in that period. Competitive pressures in bidding for content would lead us to have slightly less content than we would otherwise, rather than overspending. The same is true for our marketing budget. The output variable is membership growth that those spending choices influence.

    The US contribution margin structure we have chosen is to grow content spending plus marketing slightly slower than we grow revenue, increasing our contribution margin to 40% by 2020. We think we can grow to 60-90 million members in the US, based upon our trajectory to date and the continued growth of Internet TV.

    Our global margin strategy is to expand internationally as fast as possible while staying slightly profitable. Over 2015 and 2016 we expect to enable people in nearly every country on earth to join Netflix. In China in the near future, however, our efforts will be modest, as we continue to explore options there. Given the rapid international expansion in 2015 and 2016, we expect to run just barely profitable on a net income basis through 2016, but from 2017 onwards we expect to generate material global profits as we would not be opening additional markets.

    The group of international markets we entered first (Canada, Latin America, the UK, Ireland, the Nordic countries and the Netherlands) are growing quickly and have already become contribution-positive.

    With our content spending, and in particular our original content spending, cash outlays are initially greater than content amortization, so our free cash flow is substantially less than our profitability during rapid content expansion. We have generally funded these cash pre-pay needs with debt. We amortize content as quickly as justified, given industry norms and viewing history.

    We started in 1997 as a DVD-rental-by-mail firm, and spent the first five years struggling to get to a sustainable model that was cash flow positive. We spent most of the next five years fighting with Blockbuster in the US. We began streaming in the US in 2007, and internationally in 2010. Our sobering Qwikster DVD misstep was in 2011. Our first original series debuted in 2013. We intend to be global by 2017, twenty years after starting Netflix. Over the following decades, Internet TV will replace linear, and we hope to keep leading by offering an amazing entertainment experience.

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    Senior Member naz's Avatar
    Sper sa se mentina preturile, pentru $8 sigur ma voi abona

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    Senior Member Mayhem's Avatar
    Super stire, asteptam si eu de foarte mult timp sa pot viziona serialele preferate imediat cum apar sau sa revad un serial fara sa il descarc. Eu sigur ma voi abona pentru 8 $ sau 8€, e un pret corect pentru 30 de zile.

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    Senior Member nameless_fear's Avatar
    Super veste ar fi! Eu sunt abonat la ei de peste 2 ani și plătesc și vpn să fiu din USA. Ce nebun.

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    Netflix-ul din Anglia e destul de meh in comparatie cu cel din State. Eu ma uitam in mare doar la Netflix Originals (Daredevil, House of Cards) si cateva desene cand eram plictisit (Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon etc). Dar la capitolul filme mi se parea ca e foarte slab. Sa speram ca o sa avem ceva mai asemator cu Netflixul din US decat cel din UK. Besides that, good news: 10 dolari nu e chiar o avere si cum a zis si Trefla, e mult mai user friendly decat sa piratezi. Dar aici va fi eterna lupta intre bani si confort (unii ar prefera sa se chinuie cateva ore bune la un joc sa ii gasesca crack si nush ce decat sa dea 5 dolari pe steam..).

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    Member felixanu's Avatar
    Si eu ma abonez la pretul asta, telenovele turcesti sper ca nu are

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    VIP Member OEE's Avatar
    Omfg, în sfârșit.

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    Teraflops Graft's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by felixanu View Post
    Si eu ma abonez la pretul asta, telenovele turcesti sper ca nu are
    L-ai supărat pe Magnific
    Attached Images Attached Images netflix.jpg

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    Senior Member Mayhem's Avatar
    Daaa si acum o sa isi ciufuleasca kebabu' magnificul de suparare.

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    CG Editor Dant3's Avatar
    12 euro împărțit la 4 e chiar ok, mă refer la abonamentul cu 4 streams in același timp.

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    Senior Member Florin85's Avatar
    In sfarsit!!! De cand asteptam eu asa ceva .

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    is the man! trickz's Avatar
    Din ce am inteles, preturile trebuie sa porneasca de la 25 lei pe luna. Cumva... imi miroase a testat apa cu piciorul, mai mult decat a stire reala. Sper sa vina cu adevarat si mai mult, sper sa aiba un catalog de filme/seriale decent.

    As pune pariu, totusi, ca o sa fim dezamagiti....

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    CG Editor Dant3's Avatar
    Mai rău ca în Franța nu o să fie sigur

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    Senior Member raducucosmin's Avatar
    Eu ma voi abona. Sper doar sa isi mai mareasca libraria. Momentan as prefera un serviciu de tip Hulu plus sau Amazon prime care au drepturi de streaming pentru produsele mai multor companii

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    Aveti idee daca in tarile europene care au Netflix se pastreaza aceleasi preturi? Ca daca sunt peste tot la fel, atunci clar si la noi o sa fie. Daca sunt totusi diferente de la tara la tara...

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