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Thread: Nintendo anunta un nou Switch cu ecran OLED de 7"

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    Nintendo anunta un nou Switch cu ecran OLED de 7"

    6 Iulie 2021 - Familia de console Nintendo Switch este pe cale sa obtina un nou membru. Nintendo Switch (model OLED), care va fi lansat pe 8 Octombrie, oferind jucatorilor o noua optiune pentru modul in care doresc sa joace jocurile disponibile in colectia de jocuri Nintendo Switch. Noul model Nintendo Switch mai dispune si de un suport reglabil, un doc cu port LAN si 64 GB de stocare interna.

    Nintendo Switch (model OLED) are o dimensiune generala similara cu consola Nintendo Switch, dar cu un ecran mai mare, OLED de 7 inch, culori vibrante si contrast ridicat. Nintendo Switch (model OLED) dispune de un suport reglabil pentru modul tabeltop, un nou dock cu port LAN pentru jocurile online, 64 GB de stocare interna si difuzoare cu sunet imbunatatit pentru jocul portabil si tabletop. La fel ca Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (model OLED) permite utilizatorilor sa se joace pe televizor si sa imparta controlerele Joy-Con detasabile pentru distractia multiplayer.

    La fel ca Nintendo Switch si Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch (model OLED) poate fi folosit in modul portabil pentru a te bucura de versatilitatea sa de joc oriunde. Un set Nintendo Switch Carrying Case & Screen Protector vor fi disponibile pentru Nintendo Switch (model OLED).

    Nintendo Switch (model OLED) se lanseaza pe 8 octombrie, in aceeasi zi cu Metroid Dread, care este o continuare directa a Metroid Fusion si cel mai nou titlu din saga 2D Metroid, care a inceput cu versiunea originala Metroid pentru NES. Cu ecranul vibrant OLED, lansarea celei mai recente aventuri a vanatorului de recompense intergalactic Samus Aran in Metroid Dread se va simti si mai captivanta.

    Nintendo Switch (modelul OLED) le ofera utilizatorilor sansa sa se bucure de aceste imbunatatiri in toate cele 3 moduri de joc:
    • Mod TV: Introdu console Nintendo Switch (modelul OLED) in dock pentru a juca jocurile pentru Nintendo Switch pe televizor. Prin intermediul portului LAN integrat, cu fir, utilizatorii vor beneficia de o noua modalitate de a se conecta online in modul TV.
    • Mod Tabletop: Deschide suportul de pe spatele consolei si foloseste ecranul acesteia pentru a te juca in modul multiplayer folosind cele 2 controllere Joy-Con incluse in pachet. Standul cu deschidere mai mare asigura o stabilitate mai mare. Le permite jucatorilor sa incline si mai mult consola, oferind un unghi superior de vizualizare.
    • Mod portabil: Utilizatorii pot folosi consola oriunde s-ar afla in modul portabil si se pot juca in multiplayer local* sau online* impreuna cu prietenii. Ecranul OLED de 7 inchi asigura culori vii si contrast superior.
    La lansare, consola va fi disponibila in doua variante de culoare:
    • Nintendo Switch (model OLED) alb, contine controllere Joy-Con albe, unitate principala neagra si dock alba.
    • Nintendo Switch (model OLED) rosu neon/albastru neon, contine controllere Joy-Con rosu neon si albastru neon, unitate principala neagra si dock negru.
    Toate modelele de controllere Joy-Con-uri lansate anterior pentru consola Nintendo Switch sunt disponibile cu acest model nou. In plus, Nintendo Switch (modelul OLED) este compatibil cu intreaga colectie de jocuri pentru Nintendo Switch***

    Oricine achizitioneaza noua console si doreste sa transfere jocurile digitale si salvarile de pe o alta consola Nintendo Switch poate gasi informatii despre procesul de transfer accesand pagina de suport “How to Transfer Your User Data”.

    Nintendo Switch (OLED model) va fi lansat pe 8 octombrie, va beneficia de un ecran OLED de 7 inchi cu culori vii, un stand ajustabil cu deschidere marita pentru modul tabletop, un dock nou cu port LAN prin cablu, si multe altele. La fel ca si in cazul Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (modelul OLED) le permite jucatorilor sa joace in modurile TV, portabil si tabletop.

    Avem si un trailer:

    * Accesorii, jocuri si / sau sisteme suplimentare pot fi necesare pentru modul multiplayer, vandute separat.

    ** Conexiune la internet necesara in timpul jocului online. Pentru a utiliza serviciile online, este necesar un cont Nintendo si acceptarea acordul aferent. Se aplica politica de confidentialitate a contului Nintendo. Este posibil ca unele servicii online sa nu fie disponibile in toate tarile. Jocul online necesita abonament online platit. Aflati mai multe despre abonamentul de membru platit.

    *** Nintendo Switch (model OLED) este compatibil cu biblioteca completa a jocurilor Nintendo Switch. Cu toate acestea, pot exista diferente in experienta de joc cu unele dintre accesoriile Toy-Con din seria Nintendo Labo, din cauza diferentelor de consola si dimensiunea ecranului intre Nintendo Switch (model OLED) si Nintendo Switch. Pot exista, de asemenea, jocuri in care experienta de joc poate diferi din cauza noilor capacitati ale consolei, cum ar fi dimensiunea mai mare a ecranului.

    Pentru mai multe informatii:
    Attached Images Attached Images nintendo_switch_oled.jpg

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    Acelasi hardware, sorry:
    Nintendo has confirmed to The Verge that there are no major internal changes to the CPU or memory. “Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not have a new CPU, or more RAM, from previous Nintendo Switch models,” says a Nintendo spokesperson.
    Nintendo Switch OLED model will go on sale October 8th for $350 - The Verge

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    Nintendo Switch OLED Hands On Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by GameSpot
    We got our first hands-on with the new Nintendo Switch OLED, and while it's not the next big thing, it left us impressed with how much it improved the console.

    Following the sudden announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED, there have been many questions from fans about what to make of the new addition to the Switch family. Joining the original Switch and Switch Lite, the new model features a new 7-inch OLED display, enhanced audio, extra internal storage, a new dock with a built-in LAN port. Set for release on October 8, the new OLED model presents a new way for players to engage with the Nintendo Switch.

    GameSpot was able to get some limited hands-on time with the upgraded Switch, and we came away with some answers about what to expect with the new console. Along with that, we got to see how bright that new screen is and learned whether or not that $350 price tag is justified for a new version of Nintendo's hybrid console. In this video, you can hear our thoughts on what it was like getting to experience the new OLED screen and how different of an experience it is to play older games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more on a brighter and smaller screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendo Life
    Like a plague of gnats hovering around your face on a hot summer's day, or the tidal wave of noisy pop-up ads found on modern tabloid websites, scalpers are once again refusing to go away.

    Earlier this week saw the announcement of a brand new Switch, the Switch OLED model, and with pre-orders starting to appear at a number of retailers, some folk have decided to gobble up an order to sell on for profit.

    A quick search on eBay reveals several listings that promise to pass on a pre-order once it's been sent out to the seller this October. Some are hoping for a relatively small gain – like this one that's trying to sell the £309.99 machine for £350 plus postage – but some are, well...

    Our favourite scalper listing so far is this wonderfully opportunistic effort from a seller in Wigan, UK. The listing shows what is supposedly a confirmed £309.99 pre-order from UK retailer GAME, and asks any potential buyer to hand over the low, low sum of £800 to make it their own. What makes it even worse (or better?) is that you have to travel to Wigan to collect it from the seller in-person. That'd be fun.

    Obviously, we'd advise you to avoid buying a Switch OLED from random eBay sellers trying to make a profit – pre-orders are available from stores at the standard retail price, and some stores are yet to even open up their listings. If you're wondering whether or not the new Switch OLED might be for you, feel free to check out our buyer's guide to see how it might – or might not – suit your needs.
    Fancy A Switch OLED For £800? Scalpers Are Already Flogging Pre-Orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Verge
    Nintendo revealed a new model of the Switch this week that adds an OLED screen, enhanced speakers, and a much-improved kickstand. One thing it seems the OLED Switch won’t bring, however, is a fix for the Joy-Con drift issues that have plagued Switch owners for years — and frustratingly, Nintendo won’t even confirm that it won’t. A variety of publications including The Verge tried to ask the question, but Nintendo won’t tackle it head-on, despite other helpful answers like how the new Switch won’t have a new CPU.

    Switch owners have been reporting Joy-Con drift problems for years, and the problem is bad enough that it’s the subject of numerous lawsuits — though Nintendo will unofficially fix controllers experiencing Joy-Con drift for free, even if you’re out of warranty. One of our top requests for a revised Switch was a fix for the drift problems, and we hoped that a Switch revision would have been the moment Nintendo finally addressed this major issue. But it seems likely that Nintendo did not take the opportunity to do so.

    In a statement Nintendo provided to Wired, Polygon, GameSpot and The Verge, the company said that the “Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch (OLED model).” But we didn’t ask about the “configuration” or “functionality,” as it was pretty clear from Nintendo’s announcement that the controllers would be the same. We asked about drift, which is a reliability issue. And when we asked the question again in an even clearer fashion, we were referred to the same statement.

    That seems to suggest there aren’t any changes. An FAQ on the company’s UK website is even more explicit: “The Joy-Con controllers included with Nintendo Switch (OLED model) are the same as the controllers currently available.”

    Nintendo’s statement does acknowledge that there are problems with Joy-Con controllers — “We are aware of reports that some Joy-Con controllers have not responded correctly,” Nintendo said — but merely suggested that customers visit its support site to deal with any issues. That language isn’t new; Nintendo issued a very similar statement nearly two years ago after Vice published an internal Nintendo memo instructing customer service reps to fix Joy-Con drift issues for free.

    And Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that “we apologize for any inconvenience experienced by consumers” because of Joy-Con problems in an investor Q&A last year, but added that “I have no information to share about any specific actions we have taken” to fix issues, suggesting his hands were tied because of a class-action lawsuit in the US.

    Until somebody can open up a set of Joy-Cons included with the new Switch, we won’t know for sure that there aren’t any unannounced fixes for the drift issues. But based on what Nintendo has said, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    While the OLED Switch may not have been the “Pro” upgrade we were hoping for, the improvements still make a big difference, according to my colleague Dieter Bohn, who got to try out the new Switch. But if you decide to pick up the $350 console when it launches October 8th, you might want to mentally prepare for the possibility that your new Joy-Cons might end up with the drift issue someday.

    Here’s Nintendo’s full statement on the matter:

    The Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch (OLED model). The configuration and functionally is the same as that of the Joy-con controllers for the Nintendo Switch console. At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we are continuously making improvements to them. We are aware of reports that some Joy-Con controllers have not responded correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we always encourage them to visit so we can help.
    Nintendo refuses to say if the OLED Switch fixes Joy-Con drift

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    Portabilitatea o trage in jos pe partea grafica, ar fi fost faina o consola de la Nintendo gen XOX sau XSX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNET
    The Nintendo Switch OLED is available to preorder now for $350 and ships in October, and it's already become a hot item. I'd say burning hot, but that might give you the wrong idea. You see, I review TVs for CNET and plenty of folks ask me about burn-in on the OLED TVs I've been recommending for years. Even though it's a lot smaller than a TV, that shiny new 7-inch OLED screen on the Nintendo Switch might spark the same questions. My answer for the Switch is the same as it is for TVs: I'm not worried about burn-in. And based on what I know now, most other prospective buyers shouldn't be either. (...)

    Here's Nintendo's response to my request for comment about burn-in:
    We've designed the OLED screen to aim for longevity as much as possible, but OLED displays can experience image retention if subjected to static visuals over a long period of time. However, users can take preventative measures to preserve the screen [by] utilizing features included in the Nintendo Switch systems by default, such as auto-brightness function to prevent the screen from getting too bright, and the auto-sleep function to go into 'auto sleep' mode after short periods of time.
    Worried about Nintendo Switch OLED burn-in? Read this first

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