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Thread: Marvel's Avengers

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Un review surprinzator de pozitiv al unui joc mediocru, dar ei cumva evita cuvintele rele si nu mentioneaza deloc situatiile nasoale.
    In schimb nota mi se pare corecta si mult prea mica vs ce zice acolo

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    Banned ignognito's Avatar
    Joe furiosu zice ca jocul e un dezastru, si unul corporatizat
    Cica nici nu merita sa ne batem capul cu el, ca mai bine ne rejucam Injustice, care e cu ani lumina mai bun, mai ales in ce priveste customizarea.

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    Banned PoisonRemedy's Avatar
    Oricum numeni nu joaca porcaria asta de joc

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    Banned ignognito's Avatar
    Da.....dar eu il asteptam din 2012, de cand am vazut primul film Avengers

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotaku
    "To our players: every day we fight to make the best game possible for our community. We have a great community management team at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix who funnel all of your concerns, suggestions, and feedback to the development team daily. We are listening. We are making fixes, improvements, and additions as fast as we safely can to make Marvel’s Avengers the game we all aspire it to be.

    As such, we have a number of new content pieces coming in the weeks ahead including: a totally new War Zone mission type called Tachyon Rifts, a new Outpost that’s a jumping off point for new story missions in the future, and AIM’s Cloning Lab, which requires a coordinated high-level group of four players to beat with new top-end loot rewards for finishing it. And in each of these updates we do tuning and bug fixing to enhance the overall experience.

    In addition, we’ve announced two new Heroes coming in the near future: Kate Bishop in Operation: Taking AIM, and after that the double-feature Operation starring Clint Barton… this is the “two Hawkeyes” we mentioned in the last War Table. These new Operations pick up right from where the main Reassemble campaign ended in the core game and will propel the overall world story forward with new mysteries and villains, as well as new multi-player content.

    Lastly, we will continue to add new content to the game in the coming months as we address issues and overall game balance, including loot distribution and quality of life features everyone is clamoring for to improve our day-to-day experience from accessibility to co-op communication tools to balancing the economy!

    We are confident that we’ll see PC players (as well as those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) return to the game as we add exciting new late-game content and demonstrate that we continue to be focused on improving the game.

    We’ll have more information and details about the very near content drops in a blog scheduled for next week and we have new community communication initiatives coming soon to even more directly share fun and useful information with you.

    Thank you for coming with us on this journey to truly realize the best of what Marvel’s Avengers can become."
    Crystal Dynamics Claims Relief In Sight For Bored Avengers Players

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    Vast Khufu's Avatar
    ‘Avengers’ Dips Below 1,000 Players On PC, Causing Matchmaking Problems

    Nu stiu cum e pe console, dar asta nu suna prea bine pentru visul lor de GaaS

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    Banned PoisonRemedy's Avatar
    Iar aceleasi dume deja rasuflate ce spun toti care face jocuri tip "live service", sper sa dea fail cat mai repede, nu suntem departe.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Pai cam asta e calitatea jocului - este un joc penibil, un simplu cash grab si nimic mai mult. Au avut o idee buna, un joc SP la origini pe care l-au macelarit in goana dupa bani.

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    Member SeCeX's Avatar
    Am bagat poate vreo 40-50 de ore in el, story ul este mai mult decat decent, nimic spectaculos, dar merge daca esti fan marvel and co., problema este ca post game contentul lasa de dorit, cu niveluri reciclate, obiective neinspirate si daca doamne fereste iti doresti niste iteme mai bune si incerci sa joci pe hard , one shot instant, eu am incercat sa il duc la 100% pentru trofee dar momentan este mult prea tedious, nu mai spun de probleme tehnice/reward uri neprimite, iti fura din resurse, etc. poate peste 6 luni cand nu mai am ce juca.

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Square Enix
    [...] we’ve decided to push Kate Bishop’s Operation launch back a bit, out of October. We’re sorry for this slight delay, but we are dedicated as a team to quality first. [...]

    We’ve also made the decision to shift our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S launch to next year to ensure that we give our team the time to deliver a next-gen experience showcasing all that this game is meant to be. More details to come. [...]
    Marvel’s Avengers: State of the Game Update

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    we are dedicated as a team to quality first.

    Buna asta .
    A avut dreptate Jim Sterling:

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Conform NPD, in US, s-a vandut foarte bine in septembrie:
    Attached Images Attached Images ekc8q1yvgaarfbj.jpg ekc8t_wu8aetdwy.jpg

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Da. Ajuta IP-ul. Dar la ce fel de joc este, sunt curios cati din aia inca-l mai joaca. Nu zic de peste 2 luni, ci acum la o luna.

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