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Thread: Apple Arcade

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    Apple Arcade

    Apple Arcade invites you to play something extraordinary - Apple
    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    Apple Arcade invites you to play something extraordinary

    Groundbreaking Game Subscription Service Launches on the App Store for $4.99 per Month on September 19

    Cupertino, California — Apple today announced that Apple Arcade will be available on the App Store on Thursday, September 19 with iOS 13, offering an all-new way to enjoy games without limits. With a subscription to Apple Arcade for $4.99 per month, users get unlimited access to the entire catalog of over 100 new, exclusive games, all playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. Apple Arcade is launching with a one-month free trial, and users will not find the games on any other mobile platform or subscription service. Apple Arcade games can all be played offline, and a single subscription includes access for up to six family members with Family Sharing. The catalog will exceed 100 games in the coming weeks as new titles are introduced, with more games to come every month. Apple Arcade will be available on September 30 on iPadOS and tvOS 13 and in October on macOS Catalina.

    “We are so excited to launch Apple Arcade on the App Store. A curated selection of over 100 new and exclusive games from many of the most innovative game developers in the world is the perfect complement to the App Store’s existing massive catalog of games,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “We think customers of all ages are going to be delighted that a single subscription gives the whole family unlimited access to the full catalog of amazing Apple Arcade games, all without any ads or additional purchases, while knowing every game must meet Apple’s high privacy standards.”

    New and Exclusive Games

    Pricing and Availability
    Attached Images Attached Images apple_apple-arcade_ballistic-baseball_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_chu-chu-rocket_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_exit-gungeon_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_family-devices_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_overland_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_pac-man_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_projection-first-light_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_rayman-mini_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_shantael_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_sneaky-sasquatch_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_steven-universe_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_super-impossible-race_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_the-bradwell-conspiracy_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_variety-daylife_091019.jpg apple_apple-arcade_the-enchanted-world_091019.jpg

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Pretul e bun, dar din pacate, inafara de Oceanhorn 2 nu ma intereseaza nimic.

    Macar de ar baga si jocuri care exista deja, dar contra cost, in acest abonament, gen GTA-urile si alte jocuri similare.

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    Avand in vedere ca le vei putea juca si pe iPhone, si pe iPad, si pe Apple TV, si pe Mac... pretul e super. Dar totul o sa tina strict de titluri. Am vazut ca a sarit si Konami in barca asta, deci s-ar putea sa merite. La urma urmei, la 4.99$, cumparai un joc de-al lor si aia era.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Pai da. Pretul este excelent, dar la ce jocuri au aratat, cel putin pana le-as juca nici daca erau gratis si fara reclame.

    Oricum, cand o sa iasa Oceanhorn 2, o sa-mi bag luna aia gratis si gata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg
    Apple Inc. has shifted the strategy of its Apple Arcade gaming service, canceling contracts for some games in development while seeking other titles that it believes will better retain subscribers.

    The Cupertino, California-based technology giant scrapped development contracts with multiple game studios earlier this year and informed them of the new approach, according to people familiar with the matter.

    On calls in mid-April, an Apple Arcade creative producer told some developers that their upcoming games didn’t have the level of “engagement” Apple is seeking, the people said. Apple is increasingly interested in titles that will keep users hooked, so subscribers stay beyond the free trial of the service, according to the people. They asked not to be identified discussing private conversations.

    Apple Arcade, which launched in September with a one-month free trial, charges $4.99 a month for unlimited access to a wide variety of games, including with some that support hardware controllers. Unlike many mobile games, Arcade titles eschew intrusive ads and don’t push players to pay extra to win or make progress. The approach won praise from video game critics.

    Apple releases new games on Arcade every month, but none of the 120 titles has become a huge hit. Developers say the recent strategy change suggests subscriber growth has been weaker than expected so far. The company hasn’t said how Apple Arcade is performing, but it recently started offering a second free trial month, indicating that some users likely aren’t remaining subscribers for very long.

    “Apple Arcade has redefined what a gaming service can be, putting unlimited play at the fingertips of subscribers and their families across all their Apple devices,” Apple said in a statement. “We are proud to have launched the first-ever mobile game subscription service that now features more than 120 games, many of which are award-winning and widely celebrated for their artistry and gameplay. The vision has always been to grow and evolve the Apple Arcade catalog, and we can’t wait for our users to try the games developers are working on now.”

    Apple added that it has always planned to make changes to its Arcade games lineup based on subscriber feedback.

    The company has earmarked tens of million dollars to support the creation of games for the Arcade service and has spent $1 million to $5 million on several titles so far, according to the people familiar with Apple’s efforts. Apple pays outside studios to build games, bundles them into the service and sells subscriptions via the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. For these large investments to pay off, the company needs gamers hooked on Arcade titles.

    On the calls with developers in April, the Apple Arcade representative cited a specific example of the type of game the company wants: Grindstone, an engaging puzzle-action game by Capybara Games that has many levels.

    Some developers who had contracts canceled by Apple were suddenly faced with financial woes, compounded by the pandemic, according to the people briefed on what happened. While Apple ended contracts, it still paid studios based on the development milestones they already hit. The company also told developers that it would work with them on future titles that meet the new requirements.

    This need to better retain subscribers is the latest challenge for Apple’s services division, which the company is relying on to generate revenue beyond popular hardware such as the iPhone. The App Store has been under fire from developers and regulators. The Apple Card, launched in August, is still only available in the U.S. Apple News+ lost its business head at the end of last year and the New York Times on Monday stopped providing content to the free tier of the digital news service after skipping the paid offering. Apple TV+ is still in its infancy, but has had no smash hits yet. The first free trials expire in November.

    The gaming subscription service could eventually flourish, and the company’s new approach may help. At its developer conference last week, Apple announced an upgrade to Arcade, adding multiuser support for the Apple TV box and a feature that lets users pick up game progress on another device.

    Apple’s services division is still one of the company’s fastest growing segments. It generated a record $13 billion in revenue in the fiscal second quarter, accounting for about 23% of total sales. The segment is mostly fueled by the App Store and the share Apple takes from subscriptions and in-app purchases.
    Apple Cancels Arcade Games in Strategy Shift To Keep Subscribers - Bloomberg

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Eu il tot platesc lunar de prin decembrie si nu stiu daca m-am jucat 5 jocuri pana acum, din care doar 2 mai mult de 1h, iar Oceanhorn 2 nu e printre ele cum am zis initial

    Oferta e prea mica si prea putine jocuri bune, ca sa merite sa investesti in asta, plus ca eu ma jucam mostly in metrou si in pauze la munca, dar daca am lucrat doar de acasa...

    Oricum, ceva clar se misca si la ei, in bine, desi sunt prea multe restrictii impuse dev-ilor asa ca nu stiu cum ar putea face ceva care sa te tina enganged, daca vor inclusiv jocuri fara internet access (deci clar un viitor fortnite ar iesi din discutie).

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    Din 120 titluri?
    Si Xbox Game Pass are peste 100, dar ai ce juca.

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    Eu gasisem ceva jocuri super cool pe-acolo, dar... am avut asa un feeling, ca e prea mult. Prea trebuia sa caut eu prin ele, sa fiu atent la ce mai iese, la ce merita. Practic deveneam un mic tester. Pretul era decent... dar cred ca-i trebuie un sistem de rating mai destept, sau ceva de genul.

    Insa, daca eram in locul Apple, le scoteam din Arcade, le dadeam bonus pentru cei care au iCloud subscription, TV Plus sau ceva de genul.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by paul View Post
    Din 120 titluri?
    Si Xbox Game Pass are peste 100, dar ai ce juca.
    Nu se compara. Aici multe jocuri sunt mega silly sau de copii si jocuri mai serioase, pentru cineva care stie cu ce se mananca un joc, le poti numara pe degete.

    Uite lista cu ce am jucat/inca am instalat pe telefon (mai multe decat tineam minte):
    • Assemble with Care - jucat si terminat, recomandat sotiei si l-a jucat si terminat si ea. Un joc foarte frumos, de suflet pe care-l recomand tuturor.
    • Oceanhorn 2 - inceput pe Mac, am vrut sa continui pe iPhone dar nu mi-a transferat progresul, facut teste cateva ore, dat mail la developers, mi-au dat cateva sfaturi dar tot nu am reusit si pana la urma l-am abandonat. Se pare ca nu merge progresul chiar asa cum zic ei, uneori se mai pierd unele checkpoints si trebuie sa rejoci bucati destul de mari, asa ca daca vrei sa joci pe mai multe device-uri, nu-l recomand.
    • Agent Intercept - interesanta ideea, joc de actiune cu masini, bine realizat, fun in reprize scurte
    • Sasquatch (fun cam 1-2h dupa care m-am plictisit) - jucat si pe telefon, unde este mega greoi controlul din touch, dar mai ales pe Mac cu gamepad de PS4
    • Speed Demons - fun, interesant vreo 30m si atat...
    • What The Golf? - un joculet mega fun si addictive, care initial pare un simplu joc de golf, dar nu este, nu se ia in serios si chiar te distreaza cand joci.
    • Mini Motorways - foarte fun si addictive. Cred ca m-am jucat cel mai mult prin metrou.
    • Bleak Sword - un fel de Dark Souls, foarte reusit, care merge jucat in reprize scurte. Nu mai stiu daca l-am terminat, dar e posibil sa fi ajuns aproape de final.
    • Hot Lava - meh. l-am sters dupa 30m
    • Spyder - am jucat doar primul nivel. Neintuitiv si monoton.
    • Lego Builder's Journey - nop. boring si neintuitiv
    • Yaga - am jucat destul de mult, cred ca aproape l-am terminat, dar m-am blocat undeva la ceva boss si am renuntat (e jocul facut de romani)
    • Shinsekai Into the Deep - interesant, control bun, arata bine, jucat si pe iPhone si pe Mac vreo 2h si n-am mai revenit la el.
    • Skate City - interesant, control din touch simplu, arata bine, abandonat dupa vreo ora
    • Sonic Racing - mega meh. nu ma atragea nici Mario Kart, dar ala macar era fun cu prietenii.
    • Word laces - meh, abandonat dupa 10m
    • Where Cards Fall - instalat pe iPhone si Mac (prin ianuarie), nepornit pana acum

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