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Thread: Dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation.Blog
    PS VR support comes to Dreams on July 22
    Sculpt and play VR creations and games made by Dreams users across the world.

    Announced during today’s DreamsCom showcase, Inside The Box, the Dreams VR expansion, is arriving on July 22! Dreams players will be able to download a free update that enables PlayStation VR compatibility in Dreams, with new tutorials, how-tos, and kits to get you started when creating with the PS VR system plus new content to play from Media Molecule. Read on to learn more about everything you can expect in Dreams VR and how you can play, create and share your own VR experiences!

    Before you get started with Inside The Box, our All Aboard VR introduction will help you get familiar with the Dreams VR controls and what it’ll be like traversing the Dreamiverse whether you’re a player or a creator or both!

    In DreamShaping, you’ll find several new How To tutorials, where our always-helpful Molecules will teach you the ins and outs of creating in VR. The best place to start will be our Best Practices How To, before heading into tutorials covering off some of the new gadgets being introduced with the VR update.

    When it comes to Create Mode in VR, sculpting is truly unique, allowing you to bring your Dreams to life around you. If you have PlayStation Move Controllers, you’ll find sculpting in VR is a very one-to-one experience and lets you fully immerse in the creation process. Of course, you don’t need to be in VR to create for PS VR, and non-PS VR users will benefit from the update as well. We’re introducing a handful of new gadgets to Create Mode, and a full slate of accessibility features including comfort mode, vignette strength, static sky, and more to make the experience of playing and creating as great as possible.

    We have also created a whole range of different experiences ready to play and inspire Dreamers for their own versions. From games such as Box Blaster, which sees you testing your sharp-shooting skills, to our Inside the Box Gallery which features sculpts and art pieces from different members of the team, including an ultra-fabulous mech. Games like Box Blaster will also have their own respective creation kits.

    Our creative community will be able to specify if their content is playable in VR or not, and UGC content in Dreams will ask for a comfort rating from players, so you’ll be able to see what games are the best experience in VR. We’re incredibly excited to see the experiences the Dreams community will create and we’ve been busy making sure we give them the right tools to make that possible.

    You can check out our Dreams roadmap for a rundown of the additions being introduced in the Inside The Box to Dreams, and patch notes will be available on launch day for those who want a more in-depth look at all the changes. We can’t wait to welcome all our VR Dreamers into this new corner of the Dreamiverse, and can only imagine what amazing things we’ll see brought to life. July 22 can’t come soon enough!
    PS VR support comes to Dreams on July 22 – PlayStation.Blog

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    Hai ca asta e tare, este incredibil acest Dreams.

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    Fall Guys:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Media Molecule
    Hello, CoMmunity! Last year, we held the first-ever DreamsCom, a community convention dedicated to showing off a ton of the brilliant creators and creations in the Dreamiverse. We thought it turned out to be a pretty fun experience – and you seemed to agree. Classic us, being on the same page with stuff.

    So, yes: DreamsCom returns this year. We’re thrilled to be doing this again, and we’re determined to make this year’s show even better than the last. You can expect even more to play, watch, read, create and get involved in.

    “But wise people of Media Molecule!,” we hear you cry. “How will I know where to start when browsing the show floor and in-game playlists?” It’s an excellent (and flattering) question, and one that we’ve anticipated. This year, we’ll be bringing you multiple days of official DreamsCom coverage live on stream, courtesy of our new editorial brand The Impsider. We’ll be kicking off proceedings with a livestream, in which we’ll give you an advance look at the week of DreamsCom broadcasts ahead, on Tuesday July 27 at 5PM BST / 9am PST via our Twitch channel.
    Dreams Community convention DreamsCom returns for 2021 – PlayStation.Blog
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    Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale:

    Test your skills in a new third-person dungeon crawler created by Media Molecule, and enjoy a revamped creation UI — out today.
    New Dreams update brings Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Media Molecule
    Update on Live Support
    As we continue to evaluate and evolve our priorities for the studio and Dreams, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue live support for Dreams after 1st September, 2023 to shift our focus to an exciting new project. You’ll continue to be able to play, create and share Dreams with others after September, but we won’t be releasing any more updates to the game or events such as DreamsCom, All Hallows’ Dreams or the Impy Awards.

    Server Migration
    At DreamsCom last year we mentioned a big upcoming change to the Dreams server - a necessary update to preserve the security and stability of Dreams, which is home to millions of amazing creations from around the world. Our team has been hard at work on this update and we’re preparing to migrate to our new server in late May.
    An update on server changes and live service support for Dreams

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    Tren: inca un joc intreg create de Media Molecule in Dreams:

    L-am jucat un pic si e tare dragut.
    Incredibil cat de versatil poate fi Dreams, dar sunt si multe proiecte de tot rasul:

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