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Thread: Clubul Dreamcast - This is not a dream, it's... Dreamcast

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    Millions of people will sign on to their video game console of choice today to play Destiny, the much anticipated online-multiplayer video game from the creators of the Halo franchise. But the rise of online gaming, the astronomical success specifically of multiplayer shooters, even the construction of Xbox Live, the home of the Halo games, are all indebted to the Sega Dreamcast. The doomed console paved the way for online gaming with a 56K gaming and a handful of atypical accessories, like a broadband adapter and mouse and keyboard.

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    Cineva a portat jocul Volgarr the Viking pe Dreamcast, cu acordul developerilor.
    Se poate descarca de aici, gratuit:volgaar dreamcast

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    You have a lot of good videos.

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    Era cazu! <3
    Attached Images Attached Images 50928370_10213772342449454_261211857879040000_o-1-.jpg 50766614_10213772342649459_6376118193475289088_o.jpg 51015995_10213772343089470_484192798812143616_o.jpg

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    This! <3

    Finally, A Dreamcast Controller Built For Comfort

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    The SEGA Dreamcast originally launched on that legendary day of 9/9/99. Next Monday, the system turns 20 years old. To celebrate, we're going to play a ton of Dreamcast games live on Twitch!
    Follow us to be notified of when we go live:

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    La multi ani prieten drag <3 #SegaDreamcast ������
    Azi, de la ora 20, anniversary stream!
    Attached Images Attached Images 70213353_2098912497071127_7855789909334818816_n.jpg

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    #LIVE! #SegaDreamcast 20th anniversary stream! <3

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    Tocmai mi-am cumparat cartea: #SEGA #Dreamcast: Collected Works v-o recomand cu drag <3 "A definitive history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with SEGA" #SimonParkin #DarrenWall

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    ce one-man-show e aici. Spor in continuare!

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    "Developing your Dreamcast games with mruby" - Yuji Yokoo (RubyConf AU 2020)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamesRadar+
    Peter Moore has spoken candidly in the Edge Game Changers series about the demise of the Dreamcast.

    Moore, who was the President of Sega Of America at the time, is a recognisable face amongst gamers (not least for the time he got a tattoo of GTA IV to announce it was coming to Xbox 360), and he opens up on the challenges the Dreamcast faced when it came to going up against the PlayStation 2 in the Sega Dreamcast Edge Game Changers feature.

    Moore said: "PlayStation did a brilliant job of FUD-ing Sega and Dreamcast: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The gamer loved it and still loves his or her Dreamcast, but the positioning of the PS2 – things like the Emotion Engine – they did what Sony do really well: they drove hard, and they’ve done that with just about every iteration of PlayStation since."

    While the Dreamcast had a strong start to life in the US, it then struggled to keep attention with Sony's new console on the horizon. However, it wasn't just Sony's console that impacted on the Dreamcast, as Moore tells Edge Game Changers about the issues around development at the time: "[The concerns were] becoming glaringly obvious when you looked at the Japanese style of development at the time, which was: ‘Let the developers figure out what they want to make – then they will let you, the subsidiaries, know’. Maybe at prototype stage, but sometimes even when the game was going into alpha, only then would you figure out what your dev teams were doing. Sega had nine development teams working on projects in this way, and in the modern world this doesn’t happen."

    “One of the things that Sega had done successfully was open up through online gaming a broader demographic, a more mature demographic, and it was very clear to me as graphical fidelity was improving that you were able to now create more movie-like content. And so when the GTA phenomenon started to kick in it was clear, despite the initial controversy, that this was the way the industry was going. But our content [at Sega] was still very much Japanese. You know, everything involved samurai swords or ninjas or fish or fantasy. Yeah, well, we certainly saw it coming.

    The Dreamcast has become a cult favourite, a console that was ahead of its time with a back catalogue that was the match of its rivals, and Moore highlights some of the reasons why the Dreamcast has been held in high regard since its launch: "There were a number of small but cumulative factors that demonstrated that not only was the machine and the games great for their time, [but] they were satisfying the gaming demands of a lot of players. Just that alone was very exciting to see: people loved playing with the product. What we also saw was the way that our marketing came together and really lifted the entire industry from being predominantly a toy category, typically enjoyed by the stereotypical 12-year-old gamer in their spare bedroom. It moved gaming from the spare room to the living room.
    Peter Moore on how the plug was pulled on the Dreamcast | GamesRadar+

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    In ultima vreme tot mai multe jocuri de pe platforma Atomiswave au inceput sa fie portate pe Dreamcast, azi fiind portat favoritul meu Hokuto no ken.

    Ma bucur ca dupa atata timp in care se incerca realizarea acestui lucru, cineva chiar a reusit sa il duca la capat. Sper ca tot mai multe sa urmeze pana vom avea tot catalogul!

    Mai multe informatii aici.

    (Pentru cei care nu stiu, Atomiswave-ul este un sistem de arcade de la Sammy bazat pe cel NAOMI de la Sega, deci are o arhitectura extrem de similara cu cea a Dreamcast-ului.)

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    Ranking EVERY CAPCOM Game On Dreamcast | Video Game Tier List

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