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Thread: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 / Ti, 3060 / Ti, 3070 / Ti, 3080 / Ti, 3090 / Ti

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    a lansat 3070ti dar la preturile astea... nu pt noi.

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    Luata din magazin (microcenter) azi pentru un amic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nvidia
    RTX on Arm in Action

    Showing the potential for NVIDIA RTX on Arm, developer Machine Games packed the Wolfenstein: Youngblood demo with beautiful, ray-traced reflections, all accelerated by NVIDIA DLSS, which uses GPU-accelerated deep-learning algorithms to boost frame rates.

    NVIDIA also showed how RTX can enhance the The Bistro demo, which portrays a detailed, ray-traced urban scene in France, while running on an Arm-based system.

    Both were demonstrated on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU paired with a MediaTek Kompanio 1200 Arm processor. Wolfenstein: Youngblood uses the idTech game engine made by id Software, while The Bistro uses NVIDIA’s sample framework.

    The demos are made possible by NVIDIA extending support for its software development kits for implementing five key NVIDIA RTX technologies to Arm and Linux.

    They include:
    - Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which uses AI to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images for games
    - RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI), which lets developers add dynamic lighting to their gaming environments
    - RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI), which helps recreate the way light bounces around in real-world environments
    - NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NRD)
    - RTX Memory Utility (RTXMU), which optimizes the way applications use graphics memory
    Arm Is RTX ON! World’s Most Widely Used CPU Architecture Meets Real-Time Ray Tracing, DLSS | The Official NVIDIA Blog
    Arm is RTX ON! NVIDIA GDC 2021 Demos:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    Word of New World's potentially hardware-busting abilities first surfaced on the MMO's dedicated sub-reddit. "I just bricked a 3090 in the main menu after setting my graphics quality to medium and hitting save," wrote user greyone78. "Cant believe it. Anyone else had a catastrophic failure like this?".

    Multiple responses seem to confirm that, yes, this isn't an isolated issue, and further reports of RTX 3090 malfunctions after playing New World (primarily seeming to impact cards made by EVGA) began to spread to Twitter and beyond, along with speculation the problem may be the result of power spikes and overheating caused by uncapped frame rates in the game's menus.

    For a while, Amazon remained silent on the issue, but a post from a Customer Service rep over on New World's Game Support forum has now acknowledged the MMO can cause 100% GPU usage on EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, pointing the finger of blame at "driver settings and frame rate limiters."

    The rep offered two solutions in their post, suggesting RTX 3090 users disable overrides in their card's driver settings and cap their FPS to 60 in the Visuals settings before restarting the New World game client. "This will help prevent issues with the GPU's utilisation", explained the rep.

    In response to the post, some users have suggested overheating and crashing issues persist (on a range of different cards, not just the EVGA model specified) even with default settings enabled and the frame rate capped at 60fps. As such, owners of high-end graphics cards may still want to exercise a degree of caution and wait for further updates from Amazon if they're considering putting New World's beta through its paces.
    Amazon responds after reports its MMO New World is bricking pricey RTX 3090 cards •

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    Tot Nvidia a imbunatatit intre timp platforma GeForce Now. Poate mi se pare mie, dar jocurile se vad mai colorat de la o vreme.
    Claritate inca nu prea este in functie de viteza la internet, dar tot e o experienta optima fiindca pot rula toate jocurile de la Ubisoft, Square Enix si CD Projekt pe setari ULTRA, cu 50-60 fps.

    Platforma inca progreseaza.

    O sa-mi fac si un abonament lunar sa vad cum se vad jocurile prin cloud cu Ray Tracing activat.

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    EVGA has confirmed to us that every one of its GeForce RTX 3090 cards that have been killed by issues with the New World MMO closed beta will be replaced by the company: "Yes, all failed 3090’s are being replaced," a spokesman for the company has said.
    EVGA confirms it's replacing all its RTX 3090s killed by Amazon's New World MMO | PC Gamer

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    Wow, joc care sa buseasca placi video (de top)... strange. Dar ce faceau nene, minau si bitcoins in timpul jocului?

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Uncapped framerate. Era suficient sa stai in main menu si se ducea placa la 100% pana se strica.
    Dar nu e sigur ca asta e singura problema.

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    Ati vazut si testul lui JayZ? A iesit fum la un moment dat din placa aia ,iar la final am zis ca ia si foc ! Foarte "intens" tot clipul

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    Asta inseamna ca driverul si/sau BIOS-ul placii video e foarte prost. Ori poate racirea e deficitara. Pentru ca altfel ar trebui sa reziste chiar si daca e folosita placa video 100%, in ORICE. Indiferenta ca e joc, ca e mining, ca e beta testing. Ar trebui sa detecteze ca sare anumite tresholduri, si sa faca throtle la GPU, sa isi scada frecventele, voltajele, sa creasca viteza la ventilatoare. Orice, numai fum sa nu iasa. Probabil de asta le si schimba EVGA. Sunt sigur ca au descoperit vreun bug, ceva la produsul lor... altfel ar fi dat vina pe joc in sine.

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    Indiferent unde o fi problema, daca se intampla la noi si te duci cu ea arsa la ...PCGarbage, iti dau cu ea in cap .Iti vor spune ca ai fol. necorespunzator ! Nu-ti ramane decat sa o trimiti in ...USA!?! Factura e sfanta !

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    Au gasit problema:
    An analysis of dead EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 cards that failed while playing Amazon’s New World game indicate a rare soldering issue limited to a small batch of cards is responsible, a company spokesman told PCWorld.

    EVGA said it received about two dozen dead GeForce RTX 3090 cards believed to have failed from playing the New World beta. All of the cards were earlier production run cards manufactured in 2020.

    Under an X-ray analysis, they appear to have “poor workmanship” on soldering around the card’s MOSFET circuits that powered the impacted cards.

    EVGA said all of the failures reported to the company were confined to GeForce RTX 3090 cards. The company said it immediately shipped replacement cards to affected gamers rather than wait for the failed cards to be returned.

    Customers told EVGA that the cards died while in the game’s menu system or while loading the game. No customers have reported issues to EVGA since Amazon added frame rate limiters to the game.

    Early theories that EVGA’s cooling system was to blame are also incorrect, the spokesman said.

    “In no way shape or form, is it related to the fan controller,” he said.
    EVGA explains how Amazon's MMO bricked 24 GeForce RTX 3090s | PCWorld

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    During a livestream showcasing the Deadlands DLC zone coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as changes being added in its next base-game patch, creative director Rich Lambert mentioned a new tech from Nvidia would debut in the MMO: Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, or DLAA.

    It's like DLSS (which The Elder Scrolls Online is also getting), but instead of running at a lower resolution to get a framerate boost while using AI to upscale everything so it still looks shiny, DLAA runs at native resolution while using that same deep learning for extra edge-smoothing.

    "It's the same kind of concept," Lambert said, about 51 minutes into the livestream. "You won't get a performance boost out of this, but what you will get is absolutely incredible anti-aliasing."

    If you want to try out DLAA it'll be coming to the public test server, after which it will become an option alongside DLSS whenever update 32 goes live. A decent Nvidia GPU will be necessary, of course. "You need the RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series cards in order to take advantage of it," Lambert said.
    The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game with Nvidia's new DLAA tech | PC Gamer

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    Quote Originally Posted by VentureBeat
    Nvidia reported revenues of $7.1 billion for its third fiscal quarter ended October 31, up 50% from a year earlier. Gaming revenue grew 42% to $3.22 billion. The numbers were above Wall Street’s expectations.

    Nvidia reported non-GAAP earnings per share of $1.17 on revenues of $7.1 billion, up 60% from EPS of $1.04 on revenue of $6.5 billion a year earlier.

    The Santa Clara, California-based company makes graphics processing units (GPUs) that can be used for games, AI, and datacenter computing. While many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, Nvidia has seen a boost in those areas. The company saw record revenue in its gaming, datacenter, and professional visualization platforms. (...)

    As noted, gaming revenue was $3.22 billion, up 42% from a year earlier and up 5% from the previous quarter. It added RTX to games such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Battlefield 2042, and Dying Light 2. More than 200 games now support RTX, as well as 125 that support DLSS.
    Nvidia Q3 revenues grow 50% to $7.1B as it easily beats expectations

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    NVIDIA DLSS 2.3 is available now in 16 titles, including:

    - Baldur’s Gate 3
    - Bright Memory: Infinite
    - Crysis 2 Remastered
    - Crysis 3 Remastered
    - Cyberpunk 2077
    - Deathloop
    - DOOM Eternal
    - Grand Theft Auto III - Definitive Edition
    - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Definitive Edition
    - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Definitive Edition
    - Jurassic World Evolution 2
    - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
    - Rise of the Tomb Raider
    - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    - Sword & Fairy 7

    And DLSS 2.3 comes to Farming Simulator 22 on November 22nd when the game launches.
    From NVIDIA DLSS 2.3 To NVIDIA Image Scaling: NVIDIA’s Full Stack Of Scaling Solutions For Gamers

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    - 3050, $249, 27 ianuarie
    - 3090 Ti, more info later in January
    Quote Originally Posted by Nvidia
    To kick off 2022, NVIDIA is: announcing over 160 new GeForce RTX and Studio laptops including new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPUs; introducing GeForce RTX 3050 graphics cards; highlighting a bunch of games enhanced by RTX and Reflex technologies; debuting new G-SYNC displays; bringing cloud gaming to your living room TV and 5G mobile devices via GeForce NOW; illustrating how NVIDIA Studio is helping build the next digital frontier with NVIDIA Omniverse; and much more!
    NVIDIA GeForce at CES 2022 Event

    Attached Images Attached Images nvidia-ces-2022-rtx-3050-d-large-3840.png nvidia-ces-2022-geforce-rtx-3090-ti-large-3840.jpg

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    Daaa, și acel 3050 de la 250$, o să-l vedem noi prin magazine pe la 5-600$, dacă avem noroc... Cât despre 3090 Ti, mi-e și frică, sincer. Sper să fie LHR, că altfel n-o să apuce vreun gamer așa ceva...

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    One Man Army Cristy's Avatar
    Cum zici tu, e frectie la picior de lemn daca tot o sa coste de 3-4x mai mult decat MSRP.

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    3080 cu 12GB:
    Quote Originally Posted by The Verge
    Nvidia is launching a new 12GB model of its RTX 3080 today. Revealed initially in Nvidia’s latest GeForce drivers, the new 12GB model goes on sale today from select board partners and offers 2GB more memory than the original 10GB RTX 3080.

    A memory bump is welcome, particularly as it was a source of concern during our initial review of the RTX 3080 in 2020. It also matches the 12GB found on the RTX 3080 Ti. This new RTX 3080 model also includes 8960 CUDA cores, a bump of nearly 3 percent over the original. The upgraded memory also means this GPU has 20 percent more cumulative bandwidth over the original 10GB variant, thanks to a wider 384-bit memory bus.

    Nvidia is still recommending a 750W power supply, but this 12GB RTX 3080 draws an extra 30 watts of power, up to 350 watts in total compared to the 320W draw on the original RTX 3080.
    Nvidia announces new RTX 3080 with 12GB of memory
    Quote Originally Posted by VideoCardz
    Meanwhile, NVIDIA made a surprising announcement today of Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology (DLDSR), which is an AI-powered Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) downscaling technology that has been available in GeForce drivers for a while now. The DLDSR is an improvement over DSR that adds an AI layer powered by NVIDIA Tensor cores. This also means that this feature will be exclusive to NVIDIA RTX GPUs.
    NVIDIA announces DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution), coming to GeForce drivers on January 14th -
    Attached Images Attached Images nvidia-dldsr-ai-deep-learning-dynamic-super-resolution-performance-image-quality-comparison.jpg

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    Nvidia DLDSR - What Does AI Downsampling Actually Do?
    Downsampling or super-sampling down from a higher resolution is a brute-force form of anti-aliasing. Nvidia's new DLDSR aims to do the same job with lower pixel counts, improved performance and maybe improved quality.

    What does it do? How does it work? Can a downsampled 1620p really look as good as a downsampled 2160p? And what happens if you combine DLSS with DLDSR? Alex Battaglia has answers!

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