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Thread: AMD Radeon RX 7600, 7600 XT, 7700 XT, 7800 XT, 7900 XT, 7900 XTX

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    Cool AMD Radeon RX 7600, 7600 XT, 7700 XT, 7800 XT, 7900 XT, 7900 XTX

    RX 7900 XT - $899 - 20GB, 2GHz, 84 CUs, AV1, DisplayPort 2.1, 300W
    RX 7900 XTX - $999 - 24GB, 2.3Ghz, 96 CUs, AV1, DisplayPort 2.1, 355W
    AMD has revealed its first RDNA 3 graphics cards, the $1000 Radeon RX 7900 XTX and $900 RX 7900 XT. As the numbering scheme and price points indicate, these are high-end models designed to compete with Nvidia's RTX 4090 and 4080, but they come with more substantial changes than you might expect - including FSR 3, designed to counter Nvidia's DLSS 3 frame generation, and a brand new chiplet-based design.
    Finally, AMD announced FSR 3, promising up to double the frame-rate of FSR 2. Based on this wording - and the presentation endnote that references 'Fluid Motion Frames' - it seems a pretty safe bet that this is frame generation a la DLSS 3. This technology slightly increases input latency, but improves visual fluidity substantially as AI-generated frames are inserted between 'real' ones. As it doesn't appear that RDNA 3 hardware is used for this, the tech could be made available for older AMD GPUs as well - or even Nvidia/Intel models. That would give it a unique advantage against DLSS 3, which is exclusive to the expensive RTX 4090 (and its forthcoming 40-series counterparts) at present. FSR 3's release date was given as '2023', so presumably we'll see much more information about it over the next few months.
    AMD announces 7900 XTX and 7900 XT graphics cards with FSR 3
    Conferinta RDNA 3:
    Attached Images Attached Images amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-17.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-33.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-32.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-34.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-35.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-40.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-41.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-43.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-42.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-31.png amd-rdna-3-tech-day_press-deck_embargoed-until-nov3-2pm-pt-48.png

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    Eu sunt foarte incantat ca se mai normalizeaza preturile placilor video. Nvidia chiar a luat-o razna tare, nu doar cu preturile, cat si cu consumul (care se adauga in timp la costul placii binisor).

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    RX 7900 XTX/ RX 7900 XT vs RTX 4080 Review:

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    RX 7600:

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    7700 XT - 54 CU, 12GB, 192-bit, 48MB, 245W, $449, 6 septembrie
    7800 XT - 60 CU, 16GB, 256-bit, 64MB, 273W, $499, 6 septembrie

    FSR 3:
    Quote Originally Posted by AMD
    AMD FSR 3 features frame generation leveraging AMD Fluid Motion Frames technology and game motion vector data to dramatically improve FPS. AMD FSR 3 is designed to provide massive performance boosts with incredible image quality in supported games across a wide range of products and platforms, including competitor products and game consoles.

    AMD FSR 3 is expected to come to Forspoken by Square Enix and Immortals of Aveum by Ascendant Studios and Electronic Arts Inc. in early fall with an additional 10 games expected to add support in the coming months.
    New AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT and Radeon RX 7700 XT Graphics Cards Deliver High-Performance, Visually Stunning 1440p Gaming Experiences and Superior Performance-Per-Dollar
    Attached Images Attached Images amd-fsr-3-gamescom-blog-performance.jpg amd-fsr-3-gamescom-blog-native-aa.jpg amd-fsr-3-gamescom-blog-performance-chart-1.png amd-fsr-3-gamescom-blog-performance-chart-2.png

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Foundry
    It's here! AMD has debuted its frame generation technology - FSR 3 - in two titles, Immortals of Aveum and Forspoken.

    Based on what we're looking at here, AMD has done a great job in producing decent image quality with the generated frames themselves.

    However, the use of FSR 3 is limited in a number of ways: v-sync off and VRR do not function correctly, while v-sync under heavy GPU load produces off-putting frame-pacing problems.

    There's promise here, but this is not the finished article.
    Hands-on with AMD FSR 3 frame generation - taking the fight to DLSS 3 |

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    RX 7600 XT:
    - 32 CU, 16GB DDR6, up to 2.76GHz, 128-bit, TBP starting at 190W, $329
    - AMD Unveils AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT Graphics Card – Incredible Gaming at 1080p and Beyond for Under $350

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    RX 7900 GRE DF review:
    00:00 Introduction: An AMD Game-Changer?
    01:50 Tech Specs: A Cut-Down RX 7900 XT
    02:56 Baseline Perf: RX 7900 GRE vs PlayStation 5
    06:06 RT Performance
    10:20 Rasterisation Performance
    12:49 Value & Cost Per Frame
    15:33 And Now, The Conclusion

    AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE review: the most compelling RDNA 3 graphics card yet |

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