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Thread: Marvel's Avengers

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Nu e mare lucru sa spuna asta. Celelalte 2 au cate 2 misiuni, parca. Eu m-am plictisit la primul DLC dupa prima misiune si nu am mai continuat. Sunt lipsite de substanta si nu ai niciun motiv sa continui.

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    Am reusit sa termin primul campaign single-player in weekend-ul acesta cat timp era free.
    Mult mai mult apreciez jocurile Spider-Man dupa ce l-am jucat pe asta .
    A avut doar 2 boss-fight-uri reale, restul erau doar cu mini-bosses reciclati, locatiile din nou reciclate "ad nauseam" si de story sa nici nu discutam.
    Combat-ul a devenit foarte monoton dupa 3-4 misiuni, nu-mi imaginez cum l-ar putea cineva juca mai mult de 10 ore.
    Mai bine-l anuleaza si investesc banii in altceva ca e clar ca nu o sa devina profitabil vreodata.
    O "scurta" istorie a jocului:

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    Senior Member Espiritus's Avatar
    Eu nu inteleg cum ajung IP-uri Disney de asa calibru mare la publisheri de 2 lei. Mi se pare inacceptabil sa ai un buget enorm si sa te prezinti cu o mediocritate de joc. Ma rog, nu pot decat sa ma bucur de fiecare data cand un joc cu eticheta "live services" esueaza.

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    Asta se intampla atunci cand deciziile sunt luate de persoane care habar nu au de jocuri si game development, urmaresc doar trend-urile si vor sa faca "the next Fortnite" dar fara sa incerce sa inoveze sau sa adauge valoare reala unei francize. Au incercat sa mulga vaca inainte ca ea sa existe .

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    Senior Member dronology's Avatar
    Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE for WAKANDA

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    Senior Member dronology's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VGC
    Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have added the ability to buy XP and resource-collecting boosts with real money in Marvel’s Avengers, reneging on a promise that this would never happen.

    Following the title’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass last week, its in-game marketplace has added the option to buy ‘consumables’ with credits, which can only be bought with real money.

    Consumables can be used to temporarily boost the amount of XP a player gains or increase the number of resources they collect while playing, essentially acting like an accelerator to ensure faster progress.

    The news has angered fans of the game, who believe the developer and publisher have gone back on a promise that paid microtransactions would only ever apply to cosmetic items.

    The Avengers game subreddit is full of posts criticising the decision, and citing numerous occasions when promises were made that “pay-to-win” would never be an issue in the game.

    During a presentation for the game at E3 2019, senior community manager Meagan Marie stated: “Our promise to the community is that we won’t have random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios.” The statement was met with loud cheers from the audience.

    The following week, studio head Scot Amos told “The idea, from the beginning, is that we want you to be able to customise your hero – how they look, how they play, the gear they have and how they use it.

    “Your Black Widow could be different to my Black Widow – just a little, maybe a lot depending on what you favour and how you unlock things. In terms of how we monetise, we’ll have cosmetics. No gameplay paywalls.”

    The pledge remained right up until launch. A blog post written on the game’s official website in September 2020 stated: “We’ve committed that content purchasable with real money in Marvel’s Avengers will be aesthetic-only additions, which will ensure we can keep the game fresh for years to come.”

    Now fans are upset that this stance has been reversed. “Every game that sells you XP and resource boosters is throttling in-game systems to push you toward paying more money to make the game more enjoyable,” said one user on Reddit.

    “Shame on Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. I was such an advocate for this game too. Now I’m uninstalling.”

    Others said they had a feeling this change was going to happen as far back as March 2021, when Crystal Dynamics slowed down the rate at which players could level up.

    A blog post at the time stated that the previous rate of XP gain had “led to pacing issues, such as skill points currently being rewarded too fast, which may be confusing and overwhelming to newer players,” an issue that seemingly is no longer a concern as long as players pay for it.

    “I knew it was coming since the second they announced the existence of these boosters after they unnecessarily nerfed the XP curve, and yet, this still hit harder than I thought it would,” added another Redditor.

    “Even though I don’t play this much anymore, I kept active in the community answering questions and helping out with game mechanics, but this, along with the people defending this practice just completely discouraged me from caring about this game anymore.”
    Paid XP boosts have been added to Avengers, despite promises it would never happen
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    Senior Member dronology's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NME
    Developer Crystal Dynamics has said it is removing paid XP boosts from Marvel’s Avengers by the “end of today”.

    The news was broken on the official Marvel’s Avengers subreddit, r/PlayAvengers, which is a “developer supported community,” with the post itself tagged as being written by a developer.

    Since the forms of paid XP boost were added to the title less than a month ago, the decision to include them in the game has been reversed.

    ​​”We apologize for not responding sooner to your concerns about the addition of paid consumables in the Marketplace,” the post reads. “We introduced them as an option for an evolving player base, and did not see them as pay-to-win since they don’t offer power directly.

    “After considering your feedback, we have decided that by the end of today we will remove Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors for purchase. They will continue to be earnable rewards and those already owned are still usable,” it adds.

    Paid XP boosts were initially added after publisher Square Enix said it was slowing XP rewards due to “pacing issues,” as the rewarding of skill points too fast was deemed that it “may be confusing and overwhelming to newer players.”

    Both the decision to slow XP rewards and to add paid XP boosts greatly upset many players at the time, with the official turnaround blog post showing plenty of comments from pleased players, with some still saying the game has other problems that need addressing.

    In other news, a tech demo finally shows off the previously mentioned crystal portals that were in a tech demo for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    In other news, a tech demo finally shows off the previously mentioned crystal portals that were in a tech demo for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ dev removing paid XP boosts after player feedback

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    Square Enix claims Crystal Dynamics was the wrong fit for ‘disappointing’ Marvel’s Avengers
    The head of Square Enix has claimed that Crystal Dynamics was a bad fit for Marvel’s Avengers, given its lack of experience with the games as a service model.
    Addressing shareholders in a statement published in the company’s annual report, president Yosuke Matsuda said Square Enix needed to learn from the game’s “disappointing” performance.
    Notably, he highlighted the importance of matching development studios with “game designs” that best suit their skillsets and interests.
    Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics is best known as the studio behind the single-player Tomb Raider series of games, and its next project is a collaboration with Xbox Game Studios on Perfect Dark.
    “While the new challenge that we tackled with this title produced a disappointing outcome, we are certain that the GaaS approach will grow in importance as gaming becomes more service oriented. How we go about creating new experiences by incorporating this trend into our game design is a key question that we will need to answer going forward.”
    Astia tot nu vor sa recunoasca ca GaaS (Games as a Service) nu e un model bun pentru toate jocrile ...

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Spider-Man pe PS4 si PS5 pe 30 noiembrie:
    Quote Originally Posted by Square Enix
    We have an update to our roadmap, and you’ll want to mark your calendars for this one: Klaw Raid and PlayStation-Exclusive Hero Spider-Man arrive in Patch 2.2, which includes the reworks, on November 30!
    Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #62 - Klaw Raid and Spider-Man Releasing on 11/30
    Attached Images Attached Images trm-roadmaprefresh-tg-novemberupdate-final-nw04o9jme.jpg

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Spider-Man Exclusive Reveal Trailer:

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    Member smits's Avatar
    Numa din cauza lui spidey o sa ii mai dau o sansa.

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Spider-Man preview:

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    O super mare dezamagire. Dupa ce a fost anuntat si marketat ca o super exclusivitate si free DLC doar pt PS owners, sa vii acum doar cu personajul, probabil copy/pasted din jocul omonim, fara pic de story pentru el, efectiv iti da impresia ca de fapt, nu este mare lucru iar cei care nu au PS nu pierd absolut nimic.

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    @razy - asa toata lumea e suparata - cei care nu joaca pe PS pentru ca nu primesc personajul si cei care joaca pe PS pentru ca sunt dezamagiti de el.
    Classic lose/lose scenario .
    Si inca un mare L pentru developeri - a aparut un crash bug pe PS5 iar ei sugereaza sa reincepi campaign-ul pentru a-l repara:

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Gata, se opresc:
    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal Dinamics
    After two-and-a-half years and introducing twelve of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, following Update 2.8 on March 31, 2023, we will no longer add new content or features to Marvel’s Avengers. All official support for the game will end on September 30, 2023.

    Even after official support ceases on September 30, 2023, both single- and multi-player gameplay will continue to be available.

    Along with the end of development, we’ll also be turning off the cosmetics Marketplace. When Update 2.8 launches on March 31, 2023, Credits will no longer be purchasable and all remaining Credit balances will be converted into in-game resources to aid ongoing adventures. Here is a table with the resources that will be granted based on existing Credit balances:

    As a show of our appreciation for our community, starting March 31, 2023 we will make all the game’s Marketplace, Challenge Card, and Shipment cosmetic content available to all players for free. Every single Outfit, Takedown, Emote, and Nameplate from the Marketplace, Challenge Cards, and Shipments will be free for all players from this date onwards if you own a copy of the game.
    Final Update on the Future of Marvel’s Avengers
    Attached Images Attached Images trm-eoscreditconversiontable-04.jpg

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    Member smits's Avatar
    Joc mort de cand a aparut. Pacat.

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