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Thread: Gotham Knights

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    Senior Member raduadelin's Avatar

    Si confirmarea ca nu se desfasoara in universul Arkham creat de Rocksteady.

    In alta ordine de idei, nu imi place directia in care au pornit cu jocul asta. Prefer sa mai joc trilogia Arkham inca o data decat sa dau banii pe un joc ca asta.

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Ambele jocuri sunt gandite pentru multiplayer. In cazul Suicide Squad mai merge, dar aici... pas! Sau mai bine zic, Game Pass!

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    Member cosmin1088's Avatar
    Mie mi s-a dus tot cheful cand am vazut ca sar damage stats din inamici...
    Chiar trebuie ca toate jocurile din ziua de azi sa mearga pe aceeasi reteta de open world + rpg elements ? Zici ca e Assassin's Creed: Gotham.
    Pe langa asta, mi-a lasat o impresie de joc PEGI 12.
    Si uitandu-ma si la trailerul Suicide Sqaud, vad ce se merge pe aceeasi reteta. De ce ai lansa doua jocuri similare?

    Zic asta in timp ce ma joc Arkham Knight pentru prima oara (long backlog..) si nu imi vine sa cred cat de bine e realizat. in 4K cu Nvidia Gameworks e cu mult peste majoritatea trailerelor next gen lansate in ultima perioada. Si e din 2015!

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    Will combat feel like the Arkham games? Is this a familiar beat 'em up combat system?

    Are special abilities tied to the 'stamina' bar in the bottom-left corner?

    Is this a fully open world? Will areas be blocked off or level-gated?

    What do enemy levels mean to the player, then?

    How different can the Knights become? Will my Red Hood be different to someone else's Red Hood?

    How do character skins work? Are they made up of individual pieces of armour, or full outfits?

    What does co-op offer above single player? Can two players play co-op with the same character?

    Is this a game-as-service?

    So Gotham Knights is a single, self-contained story?

    Why is it 2 player co-op maximum?

    Can I play as one Knight all the way through?

    The gameplay trailer mentions that the player's halfway through the Mr. Freeze storyline - are there multiple villain questlines to follow at one time?

    What's the timescale of the game? Is there a day-night cycle?

    Will the Knights be out of their disguises in the Belfry?

    Was this always a non-Arkham game?

    Is Gotham Knight's story based on existing comics?

    Could more stories be told in the Gotham Knights universe, then?
    Batman Gotham Knights: Our Biggest Questions, Answered - IGN

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation.Blog
    [...] 1. Four heroes, four combat styles, four separate XP progression systems

    2. An evolving open world with a living, breathing ecosystem

    3. Reinvented villains, old, new and ancient
    Building a world without Batman: A first look at Gotham Knights – PlayStation.Blog

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    Lansare pe 16 iulie 2021?
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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Amanat pentru 2022:
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    Member ConuGeo's Avatar
    Official Behind-The-Scenes Featurette | DC FanDome 2021

    Official Court of Owls Story Trailer | DC FanDome 2021

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Lansare pe 25 octombrie:
    Attached Images Attached Images fnabcnlxsaqr978.jpg

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    Senior Member Xander RO's Avatar

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Arata oribil si pare ca se joaca la fel. Parca am mai vazut jocul asta de cateva ori, prin toate Batman-urile sau chiar Spider-Man. Acelasi combat fad, cu inamici care stau si se uita la tine in timp ce te bati cu unu singur sau 2, bazat pe animatii proaste si teleportari ciudate, harta zici ca e aia din toate Batman-urile de pana acum si overall jocul tipa a ceva low budget (desi nu e cazul) si mediocru iar tipul il prezinta de parca e ceva nemaivazut pana acum

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    Manager paul's Avatar

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    Senior Member dark18's Avatar

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    Manager paul's Avatar
    Lansare pe 21 octombrie.
    Official Villains Trailer:

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    Senior Member dark18's Avatar

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    Senior Member Mayhem's Avatar
    Super tare, urmaresc demult jocul, sper sa livreze pe co-op gameplay si va fi un release date buy.

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    Senior Member sexbobomb91's Avatar
    Deja plutesc "story leaks" pe ceva forumuri.

    Skill Up nu a avut un preview foarte incurajator, probabil voi astepta o reducere substantiala:

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    Junior Member rzv31's Avatar
    De sarbatori probabil 100 lei pe la altex

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    Member IsNotMe's Avatar
    20% Off pe Green Man Gaming , versiunea Steam . 47$ . Proasta zi pt lansare ! Lumea va fi ocupata cu alt joc ! THE KILLER !

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    Junior Member liviuxd's Avatar
    30FPS pe console
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