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Thread: Console Club

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    Motive Studio formeaza o echipa sa se alature proiectelor din Battlefield universe. Asadar, 4 studiouri (DICE, Criterion, Ripple Effect, Motive) lucreaza la single-player & multiplayer experiences:
    Quote Originally Posted by Motive Studio
    [...] That period of evolution and elevation continues today, with the exciting announcement that a group of developers from Motive are joining the talented teams at Criterion, DICE and Ripple Effect to continue unlocking the full potential of Battlefield.

    The directors who delivered our Dead Space remake in 2023, Philippe Ducharme (Executive Producer) and Roman Campos-Oriola (Creative Director), will build a team at Motive to work alongside the Battlefield studios around the world creating what’s next for Battlefield– a universe across both multiplayer and single-player experiences. Their proven expertise in storytelling, immersive battles and developing on the Frostbite engine uniquely positions them to help advance the vision for Battlefield, led by Vince Zampella (EVP, Group GM of Respawn and Battlefield) and Byron Beede (SVP, GM Battlefield).

    In parallel, development continues to move forward on our Iron Man project, led by Olivier Proulx (Executive Producer) and Ian Frazier (Creative Director). The team made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone and laying a robust foundation for the journey ahead. Iron Man is an important priority for Motive, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far.
    Motive joins Battlefield | Update from Patrick Klaus, GM

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    Din pacate, asta inseamna ca Dead Space e din nou on hold:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg
    Electronic Arts Inc. put the Dead Space series on ice for the second time, despite the release of a critically acclaimed remake last year that appeared to give new life to the troubled video-game franchise.

    Although news that the sci-fi horror series was shelved came out this week, EA made the decision as early as last spring, according to people familiar with the project. Hopes for a new Dead Space game at EA were derailed after sales of the remake missed the company's expectations, said the people, who asked not to be identified because they weren't authorized to speak publicly.

    After finishing the Dead Space remake, which was released in January 2023, a small team at the Electronic Arts subsidiary Motive spent a few months conceiving ideas for a new entry in the series, said the people. But those plans were never given a greenlight and fizzled before they could get very far. Since last summer, that team has instead been exploring other ideas while the bulk of the developers who worked on Dead Space moved to different projects.
    'Dead Space’ Franchise Is Officially On Hold at Electronic Arts - Bloomberg

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    Haiiiiiii cu hyypeeeeee

    Warhorse Studios' new game will be revealed next week on April 18th, the Kingdom Come Deliverance developer has announced.

    The Czech developer announced the upcoming reveal through X just now. Although the developer hasn't directly confirmed that it will be announcing a sequel to 2018's action RPG, we're likely looking at Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, considering the original's success.
    Warhorse Studios’ New Game Reveal Scheduled for Next Week

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    Take-Two Interactive:
    - 576 oameni dati afara
    - proiecte anulate cu cheltuieli in valoare de $120-$140 milioane
    Take-Two Announces Layoffs While Canceling Multiple In-Development Projects - IGN

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    Update People Can Fly:
    - (ianuarie) 30 oameni dati afara, ce lucrau la "Project Gemini", joc finantat de Square Enix
    - (aprilie) anuleaza "Project Dagger", ce a fost abandonat de Take-Two, dar continuat de ei (co-op action RPG, 3 ani in development, $17-20 milioane)
    - mai stim ca lucreaza la Project Bifrost, Project Victoria, publicate de ei si Project Maverick, finantat de Microsoft

    Embracer Group se imparte in 3 pentru bursa, ca sa le fie mai usor sa atraga finantari/investitori:
    - Asmodee Group* - studiourile Asmodee - tabletop games
    - Coffee Stain & Friends** - Coffee Stain, Ghost Ship, Tarsier, Tuxedo Labs, THQ Nordic, Amplifier Game Invest - indie, A/AA, free-to-play PC/console si mobile
    - Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends** - Crystal Dynamics, Dambuster Studios, Eidos-Montréal, Flying Wild Hog Studios, Tripwire, Vertigo Games, Warhorse Studios, 4A Games si altii - AAA, printre care Lord of the Rings si Tomb Raider IPs
    *ei preiau datoriile, motivele fiind ca au venituri sigure si constante si ar fi facut imagine rea daca ramaneau la celelalte doua companii
    **nume provizorii
    Embracer Group announces its intention to transform into three standalone publicly listed entities at Nasdaq Stockholm - Embracer Group

    BlizzCon 2024 a fost anulat:
    After careful consideration over the last year, we at Blizzard have made the decision not to hold BlizzCon in 2024. This decision was not made lightly as BlizzCon remains a very special event for all of us, and we know many of you look forward to it. While we’re approaching this year differently and as we have explored different event formats in the past, rest assured that we are just as excited as ever to bring BlizzCon back in future years.

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    Square Enix anuleaza proiecte in valoare de ¥22.1 miliarde (£112 milioane):
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    These "content abandonment losses" are part of Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu's streamlining of the company's output of games, "with the intention of being more selective and focused in the allocation of development resources".
    Square Enix abandons £112m of in-development projects in an effort to improve quality |

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    Member biagyydog's Avatar
    Exista si zvonuri de concedieri?

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    Member lucicleric's Avatar
    Nu sunt de partea nimanui dar cu ce ajuta sa stii despre concedieri? Era de asteptat dupa sezonul Covid. Overwork o sa fie mereu indiferent de numarul angajatilor si timpii de development din pacate nu s-au scurtat deloc. In final toti o sa isi gaseasca de munca mai devreme sau mai tarziu.

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by biagyydog View Post
    Exista si zvonuri de concedieri?
    Au fost, da, la proiecte unde SQE e publisher, eu am scapat prin urechile acului dar am colegi care nu au scapat din pacate.

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    Member biagyydog's Avatar
    Mda, la fel si la mine.
    Aud ca mai sunt si angajari ici si colo, insa concedierile tot continua.
    Sper ca anul asta sa se linisteasca putin apele.

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    Take-Two inchide Roll7 (OlliOlli, Rollerdrome) si Intercept Games (Kerbal Space Program 2):
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg
    [...] The first outfit is London-based Roll7, developer of the action game Rollerdrome, according to a note to staff. Take-Two plans to close the studio and will offer severance agreements to its staff.

    The other is Seattle-based Intercept Games, maker of the space flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program 2, according to a notice filed with the Washington State Employment Security Department Monday. The notice revealed that Take-Two plans to close an office in Seattle and cut 70 jobs, or roughly the number of people who worked for Intercept Games. [...]

    Alan Lewis, Take-Two’s vice president for communications, said in a statement that the company "is not providing additional details" on the layoffs announced in April and that it "continues to make updates to Kerbal Space Program 2." [...]
    Take-Two Interactive Shuts Down Two Game Studios - Bloomberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul View Post
    Project Kestrel, adica un reboot al Vanguard, a fost anulat:
    Quote Originally Posted by Remedy Entertainment
    Remedy Entertainment Plc (“Remedy”) and Tencent Plc (“Tencent”) have decided to cancel the game project codename Kestrel. Codename Kestrel had a small team working on the early concept stage of a premium cooperative multiplayer game. The game was being developed by Remedy, co-financed with Tencent, and to be co-published with Tencent. The project started in November 2023 as a reboot from an earlier project codenamed Vanguard.

    The decision to cancel codename Kestrel allows Remedy to focus more on the other games in its portfolio. Other ongoing game development projects will get experienced developers reassigned from Kestrel. In addition, the planned investment needs for Kestrel are removed and Remedy’s overall recruitment needs are reduced.
    Remedy Entertainment Plc: Codename Kestrel cancelled as Remedy focuses on existing franchises - Remedy Investors

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    Veterani Firaxis formeaza un nou studio, Midsummer Studios, si primul proiect e un joc tip Sims:
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurogamer
    [...] But XCOM and Marvel's Midnight Suns designer Jake Solomon is used to dealing with chance and probabilities. During his 23-year career at Firaxis, Solomon helped transform the turn-based tactics genre into what it is today, teaching us just how dramatic a well-timed overwatch shot could be, as well as how to howl in agony as our gunners repeatedly missed a 99%, point-blank hit chance window.

    Now, he's taking an even bigger step into the unknown, as today he's not only unveiling his brand-new independent games company, Midsummer Studios, but he's also given us a tease of what he's working on: a next-generation life sim where players "can't help but write an interesting story" as they steer their characters through the ups and downs of modern life.

    Well, perhaps it's not too much of a step into the unknown, as Solomon reveals to me that his new base of operations for Midsummer is actually the very same place where he first cut his teeth as a games designer. "This building we're in, these are actually the old Firaxis offices," he says. "This is where me and a bunch of people [at Midsummer] started our careers, and a lot of people at Midsummer are people that have worked with me for a long time." And his first hire? The son of his former mentor, Sid Meier. [...]
    From superheroes to soap operas: XCOM's Jake Solomon unveils first details of his new studio and next-gen life sim |
    Attached Images Attached Images midsummer-studios.jpg

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    Activision deschide un nou studio in Polonia, Elsewhere Entertainment:
    Quote Originally Posted by Windows Central
    What you need to know
    - Microsoft subsidiary Activision revealed a new studio today, dubbed Elsewhere Entertainment.
    - The firm is comprised of industry vets, boasting credits in games like The Last of Us and The Witcher 3.
    - Activision also revealed a new vacancies website for Elsewhere, which will host career options in the coming todays.
    - The studio is working on a "narrative based" game in a totally new AAA franchise.
    Microsoft's Activision team is opening a new game studio in Poland 'Elsewhere Entertainment' to build new AAA IP | Windows Central
    Attached Images Attached Images atvi_elsewhere_studio_tout__1_.jpg

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    Nintendo cumpara Shiver Entertainment de la Embracer:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendo
    Purpose of Acquisition

    Shiver is a video game development company that develops software for multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch. Since its establishment in 2012, Shiver has partnered with publishers and developers through commissions for large scale title developments, and recently, has worked on porting and developing software titles such as Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1.

    Nintendo will acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of Shiver and make it a wholly owned subsidiary. By welcoming Shiver’s experienced and accomplished development team, Nintendo aims to secure high-level resources for porting and developing software titles. Going forward, even after it becomes a part of the Nintendo group, Shiver’s focus will remain the same, continuing commissions that port and develop software for multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch.

    The Acquisition will be completed pending satisfaction of all relevant customary closing conditions.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Ce ciudat. Oare de ce or avea nevoie Nintendo de un studio specializat in portari? sa porteze jocurile de Switch 1 pe Switch 2? Adica ok, cel mai probabil jocurile de Switch 1 vor rula pe 2, dar daca vor si texturi mai bune, rezolutie mai buna, samd, true "rematered for Switch 2" games, atunci da, ar avea nevoie de un studio in house, specializat pe portari.

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