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Thread: Let it Die

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    Let it Die

    Let it Die is Suda 51's new PlayStation 4 combat game
    Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) and his Grasshopper Manufacture team are bringing a new combat horror game to PlayStation 4.

    Sony showed a short preview of the game, called Let it Die, at its conference today. It demonstrated typical Suda 51 hallmarks, such as grotesques and dark violence. Suda 51's previous games include Killer is Dead and Lollipop Chainsaw.
    The hyper violent trailer showed during Sony's E3 2014 press conference showed a series of grim combat sequences with different weapons, including spiked bats, hatchets, and flamethrowers, each with corresponding stats.
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    Asta se vrea a fi noul Manhunt, sau ce?
    Oricum... e sadic rau...

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    Suda explains that whenever a player dies, their character’s death data (including inventory) *is uploaded to servers. When another player starts a new session, this death data populates their individual game world with hostile manifestations of previously-slain player characters. Suda and Mori****a explained that the deaths of other Let It Die players would create “a completely different experience even on the same stage” for each individual.

    As you progress in the game, you defeat people and, you know, you take their stuff, their clothing and their weapons,” Suda explains through a translator. Players begin life wearing nothing but underwear and a gas mask, and rely on looting in combat to improve their arsenal. While the trailer focused heavily on the importance of weapons, Suda points out that this is a survival game, and other factors will also be important to staying alive in the hostile environment. “There are things you probably need, maybe even more than weapons,” he says, though he refuses to elaborate on just what these things might be.

    Suda and Mori****a told me that the Grim Reaper skateboarding across the game logo appears in person within Let It Die. They confirmed the existence of a character creation process, revealed that the status bars visible in the trailer represent hit points, and told me that the game includes some elements of player growth to be revealed at a later date. It will also incorporate an integrated mobile application element, unsurprising given GungHo’s immersion in the Japanese portable games market.

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    F2p, disponibil acum in Store

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    l-am downloadat si eu inca, pare interesant, dar nu am apucat sa il joc, ca momentan ma joc final fantasy.ce m-a uimit a fost ca e ma asteptam

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    2ua ore de gameplay. A jucat cineva? cum e?

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    Acuma am iesit de pe el... am trecut aproape ca si in clipul postat de DeathOfArt, tot asteptam sa intru in multiplayer ...dar nimic, are asa ceva sau tot jocu e asa singur?

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    Din ce am inteles multiplayerul functioneaza unpic ciudat. Adica, daca un player moare ii poti intalni caracterul in jocul tau. Deci nu e ceva gen coop.
    Din ce am jucat e ok, insa pentru mine a devenit monoton stiind ca totul se petrece intr-un imens turn caruia trebuie sa ii ajungi in varf, si nu zone diverse.

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    Nu mai joaca nimeni?
    Am revenit dupa o pauza de 8 luni. Daca initial activam pt California acum sunt in Romania si activ la TDM. O sa trag sa iau trofeul pentru 100 defenses.

    Inca nu am 5 grade fighters dar sunt calare pe grind

    Bun joc, chiar daca pay 2 win. Au one time offers decente + freebies mai toata perioada asta doar pt login. E o promotie care se va activa curand (poate de maine) care da 1 free continue pe zi.

    Dar nush cat prinde la vestici, care vestici au nevoie de story (eu prefer sa citesc o carte pt poveste, jocurile sunt pt challenge).
    Cei care sunt grinderi/fani Bloodborne s-ar putea sa ramana totusi in Let it Die

    PS: Daca va apucati/reapucati activati questurile WoT si farmati Kamas WOT si night raider/phantom armor sets. Usor de upgradat.

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