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Thread: Xbox One System Updates - Changelog

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    Xbox One System Updates - Changelog

    Daca tot avem un astfel de thread pentru PS4 aici, m-am gandit ca nu ar strica sa avem si un changelog pentru consola Xbox One. Pentru mai multe informatii va recomand sa aruncati o privire pe threadul Desigur, ma bazez pe ceea ce a comunicat Microsoft in mod oficial referitor la aceste update-uri. So, here we go!

    Inainte de 22 Nov 2013 - versiunea 6.2.9781.0
    • Factory-default installation.

    22 Nov 2013 - versiunea 6.2.10210.0 (oficial launch release)
    • Day-one update installs the console's main operating system.

    10 Dec 2013 - versiunea 6.2.10217.0
    • Stability and performance improvements
    • Improvements to SmartGlass connected standby feature
    • Improvements for users rejoining games
    • Improvements to notifications
    • Improvements to dashboard stability
    • Improvements to console's update services
    • Improvements to wireless networking drivers

    14 Feb 2014 - versiunea 6.2.10542.0
    • Added features
    • Improved My Game & Apps menu; users can now use sort options for games, apps and queued install menus
    • Added ability to delete content save data
    • Improvements to management of content installations
    • Added battery power indicator for connected controllers
    • Improvements to interfaces for accessing friends, achievements and messaging/chat features
    • Added Game DVR app to Xbox OneGuide as a channel
    • Improved progress indicators for system updates
    • Improvements to update/content installation process
    • Added separate lists for games, applications and queued installs
    • Added support for USB keyboards
    • Stability and performance improvements
    • Improvements to overall performance/stability, NAT detection, Network troubleshooting and Blu-ray player

    4 Mar 2014 - versiunea 6.2.10698.0
    • Multiplayer improvements
    • Party members can chat with each other even if in different games
    • Chat is turned on by default
    • Improved processes for inviting players to join parties and for players joining parties
    • Added ability to see current party members' current activities
    • Friends list improvements
    • General improvements to functionality and speed
    • Added list of players recently met in multiplayer games
    • Added indicators for when friends are broadcasting content; added content thumbnails to activity feed
    • Added "type-ahead" function to locate profiles faster
    • Added context-sensitive menu options
    • Added more options during profile views, such as sending invitations and joining parties
    • Added 54 new gamerpics
    • Twitch TV options
    • Added ability to broadcast gameplay through Twitch.TV
    • Added support for voice-overs to open and close broadcasts
    • Social improvements
    • Added list of friends currently online and broadcasting content
    • General improvements
    • Changes to notification center, including ability to silence the feature
    • Game clips can be snapped
    • Added password protection to console settings
    • Internet browser improvements
    • Mapping sites (Google Maps, Bing Maps) can be controlled using Kinect gestures or controller input
    • Added search function to highlighted text
    • Added Internet Explorer link to show additional results when using console's Bing search function
    • Peripheral improvements
    • New Xbox One controller firmware adding support for Xbox One Stereo Headset adapter
    • Improved support for both Microsoft and third-party headsets
    • Updated drivers for Xbox One Media Remote
    • SmartGlass improvements
    • Added notifications for Xbox Live messages
    • Added ability to observe current activity of friends
    • Improved access to game clips and game progress
    • Snapped apps can be closed through SmartGlass
    • Live TV improvements
    • Added improved settings for users to display live TV content at 50 Hz
    • Added option to change increments in volume changes using Kinect voice commands
    • Added IR blasting for power on/off & volume to all regions
    • Improved options for AVR setup
    • Audio improvements
    • Added support for 5.1 Dolby Digital when using SPDIF (optical out)
    • Added support for stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed or 5.1 Dolby Digital live or 5.1 DTS through HDMI

    14 Apr 2014 - versiunea 6.2.10812.0
    • System update improvements
    • Added ability for console to complete system updates, including needed reboots, while in "instant-on" mode.
    • Added indicators to show what games/apps have recently received updates.
    • Added ability for users to get updates themselves instead of waiting for them to be pushed to the console.
    • Added game-save progress bar.
    • Friends improvements
    • Added notifications for when users on friends list sign onto Xbox Live.
    • Added notification on friends list for when users are in multiplayer games.
    • Blu-ray 50 Hz video output support for content recorded at 50 Hz
    • Resolved problem with users in Europe who were experiencing problems with video playback.
    • Kinect voice and motion improvements
    • Continued improvements to voice and gesture recognition.
    • Improved GameDVR video quality
    • Improvements to video compression routines.
    • Updates to Xbox One device management
    • Improvements to control of outside devices thanks to user feedback.

    16 May 2014 - versiunea 6.2.10951.0
    • New sound options
    • Sound Mixer controls volume of apps when the Snap feature is in use, allowing users to choose which audio feed gets priority.
    • Chat Mixer controls volume during Kinect Chat usage.
    • Speech recognition options
    • Users may opt-in to allow Microsoft to collect voice data to improve Kinect's speech recognition abilities.
    • System update options
    • Users have the option to apply system updates as soon as they become available.

    3 Jun 2014 - versiunea 6.2.11064.0
    • Additional storage options
    • External hard drives now supported. Up to two drives can be connected at one time. Drives must be USB 3.0-compatible or better and 256GB or larger in size.
    • Games, apps and other content can be installed to external drives and can be moved between consoles.
    • Storage locations can be managed through console interface.
    • Friends options
    • Users can make their real name known to other users, enabling others to locate them faster. Users control what other users can see their real names; users can maintain their anonymity or names can be visible to all users on the friends list, the friends of those users on the friends list, or to selected friends.
    • Xbox Live Gold features
    • A new area accessible only to Xbox Live Gold members provides information on various Gold-level features, such as Games with Gold (games offered free of charge) and Deals with Gold (special pricing on content), as well as members-only announcements.
    • Sign-in options
    • Users can identify a single account that will automatically log-on at system start-up.
    • Online store features
    • New search features to enable faster searching for content.
    • TV and OneGuide features
    • Expanded command & control database, permitting access to more devices to be controlled by the console.
    • Improved power management settings.
    • Premium TV options added for: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy

    7 Jul 2014 - versiunea 6.2.11274.0
    • Achivements app improvements
    • Achievements app can be snapped into a game, showing all available achievements and progress towards completion.
    • Help option launches Bing search of online tips for completing achivements.
    • Snap feature improvements
    • Pressing controller's Xbox button twice rapidly opens Snap Center, allowing access to any Snap-enabled application while in another app.
    • When an app is currently snapped, pressing Xbox button twice rapidly switches between primary and snapped apps.
    • Language improvements
    • Spoken language chosen for Kinect voice control now independent of region selection for console.
    • Content delivery improvements
    • Publishers can create content bundles and compilations for sale in Xbox Store.
    • Game DVR improvements
    • Using SmartGlass, activity feed items and game clips can be "liked".
    • Blu-ray drive improvements
    • The disc drive can now read user-recordable BD-R/BD-RE discs

    * Se va updata!
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