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Thread: Spambox XXL

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    Activists push to make 'ecocide' an international crime | DW News

    Quote Originally Posted by DW News
    There's a growing movement to put acts of environmental destruction on par with war crimes and genocide. An increasing number of activists, lawyers and politicians want what they're calling "Ecocide" to be punishable by the International Criminal Court. They say making this a crime would deter companies and governments from harming the environment. Instead of paying fines and compensation, perpetrators would be liable to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.Meanwhile, a UN scientific panel has recommended that Australia's Great Barrier Reef be put on a list of endangered World Heritage sites, angering the Australian government. The reef is a major tourist attraction and Australia has been working to keep it off of the in-danger list. The UN body says the decline in coral is due to climate change, and urged Australia to take accelerated action.

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    Crime and COVID in London’s Little India

    Quote Originally Posted by VICE Asia
    The pandemic is affecting Southall, London's Little India, in a unique way. Government distrust has been building for decades, and when combined with cultural factors and already existent health inequality, a deadly perfect storm has arisen during this pandemic. Illegal immigrants exist under the radar of health statistics, and even if they were offered a vaccine, many would not take it for fear of what the UK government's agenda might be. Criminal behaviour has had to adapt to a new normal and the mental health crisis which has been created as a result of the pandemic has led to a massive surge in drug use. Vice explores this confluence of factors which is creating a massive challenge for authorities trying to tackle Covid-19 in the UK.

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    Why is the world running short on semiconductors? | Inside Story

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Jazeera English
    Semiconductors are in almost every electronic item we use. But they're in short supply, as Taiwan supplies nearly 60 percent of the world's chips. The auto industry is one of the worst affected, with car makers shutting down factories and laying off workers. So why are supplies so low? And could the race to make up the shortfall ignite political tensions?

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    SUB)Young Radish Bibimbap with Grilled Pork Belly(Samgyeopsal) Home-cooked meal Mukbang ASMR

    (Not asmr)Gimbap Rabokki Jjolmyeon Pork Cutlet One-Shot Mukbang Video

    SUB)Celebration for 6 Million Subs! YOOK Special: Beef tartare, various pork dishes MUKBANG ASMR

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    CCP at 100: How Chinese communism went to the forefront of global politics | DW News

    Quote Originally Posted by DW News
    The CCP was founded in 1921, and this week, top party brass are touting their achievements with big public relations campaigns. But as the party bolsters its image, is there weakness behind the facade?

    The CCP is the second-largest political party in the world — it is half the size of India's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The party had 91.9 million members in 2019, and has ruled China since seizing power after a civil war in 1949.

    "The Chinese Communist Party's international influence, appeal and attraction have continually increased, placing it at the forefront of world politics," Guo Yezhou, deputy head of the party's external liaison department, told reporters at a press event this week.

    The CCP has steered China through a century of wars, famine and social upheaval. In the last 20 years, millions of impoverished, starving Chinese who lived in the countryside have been lifted from extreme poverty. This social mobilization has helped create the second-largest economy in the world.

    However, the party's concentration of power and expansive foreign policy under President Xi Jinping has raised concerns that China is turning more towards authoritarianism.

    Criticism of the party and its policies is quickly snuffed out. Chinese military expansion in the South China Sea has drawn international condemnation, as has a crackdown on civil liberties in Hong Kong and the treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority in the western Xinjiang region.

    Xi says no more ‘bullying’ as China marks party centenary

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Jazeera English
    China’s President Xi Jinping told crowds gathered in Beijing that the era of China being “bullied” was over and that anyone who tried to separate the party and the Chinese people was doomed to failure as celebrations to mark 100 years of the Communist Party got under way in the Chinese capital.

    President Xi Jinping is using the occasion to tighten his grip on the nation.

    In 2018, he removed the two-term limit on his presidency, effectively allowing him to remain in power for life.

    And during the centenary celebrations, the same narrative is being repeated again and again: China can only be great if it unites behind one party and one leader.

    Al Jazeera's As Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.

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    変身!空飛ぶクルマ 試験飛行成功 2021年7月1日)

    Quote Originally Posted by テレ東BIZ / Google Translate
    This is a prototype of the flying car "Air Car" developed by Klein Vision of Slovakia.
    Take off from western Nitra Airport.
    The "Air Car" heads for Bratislava, the capital, 75 kilometers away.
    And 35 minutes later, I landed without any problems.
    According to Klein Vision, this is the 142nd successful landing and the first successful flight between the airports of the two cities.
    When you arrive, you will be transformed.
    Fold the main wing ...
    Store the tail.
    The transformation time is about 3 minutes.
    Leave the airport dashingly with the looks of a supercar with a rear wing.
    This prototype can fly in the sky at a cruising speed of 190 km, but the next model is expected to reach a cruising range of 1,000 km at a cruising speed of 300 km.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Arse!
    Happy 40th birthday to Donkey Kong! Released in Japan on July 9th 1981, Shigeru Miyamoto's arcade platformer starred an unnamed carpenter. This hero's name then became "Jumpman" before becoming the most recognisable character in gaming history, Mario.

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    Canada heatwave cooks up to one billion shellfish alive | DW News

    Quote Originally Posted by DW News
    The Canadian province of British Columbia registered all-time record temperatures this summer. Hundreds of people died in connection with the extreme heat. And the impact on ecosystems was devastating: Scientists say up to a billion shellfish may have perished.

    Bays in Western Canada are normally ideal for shellfish. They thrive in the secluded, nutrient-rich waters. But mussels and clams don't do well in extreme heat. And the region's recent heatwave has literally cooked them alive:
    British Columbia's aquaculture industry depends largely on the region's mild climate. That is changing. Farming families who have thrived here for generations are now worried about the future.

    The mass die-off illustrates the impact of climate change - here and now. Climatologists have concluded it's virtually impossible the scorching temperatures could have occurred without global warming.

    And Western Canada's record-breaking June may be a harbinger of things to come. Threatening a way of life in the bays of British Columbia.

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    What on Earth is Ecocide? | Start Here

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    Flooding across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands shown in aerial footage

    More than 80 dead, dozens missing in Germany and Belgium after massive floods • FRANCE 24 English

    Europe Floods: At Least 70 Dead As Rain Breaks 100-Year Record, Hundreds Missing In Germany

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