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Thread: Skull and Bones

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    Skull and Bones

    Sail the high seas of Skull and Bones, an online naval open world game set during the Golden Age of Piracy in the exotic and untamed frontier of the Indian Ocean.

    It is the Golden Age of Piracy. Renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on Earth: warships. You are a pirate captain who has refused the king’s pardon and sailed from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, an untamed frontier full of lavish riches. However, these waters are also a battleground where far-reaching colonial empires, powerful trading corporations, and ruthless pirate gangs clash. In order to survive, you will have to build a lethal fleet, prey upon lucrative trade routes, and ally with other pirates in your endless struggle for supremacy.

    Dominate a Dangerous Open Ocean:
    A shared open world that reacts as you plunder rich trade routes

    Customize Your Pirate Experience:
    Choose your captain, recruit your crew and build deadly ships

    Naval Combat Redefined:
    Use your weapons, spyglass and even the wind to stalk and destroy your prey

    Play Solo or Coop:
    Raid the Hunting Grounds alone or group with other players to hunt larger prey

    Explosive Multiplayer:
    Enter the Disputed Waters and fight for supremacy in a variety of game modes

    Available Fall 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
    Attached Images Attached Images skull_and_bones_e3.jpg

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    Bai frate, dar astia n-au invatat nimic, nu mai e ok sa anunti un joc si sa il lansezi peste 1-2 ani. Nu imi place ca apare abia in toamna lui 2018, si daca mai primeste si ceva amanari, cu atat mai mult.

    Eu cred ca toata lumea se astepta ca Ubisoft sa faca un joc mai ok cu pirati/nave dupa ce toata lumea a laudat partea asta din AC4 BF, dar cum Ubi nu s-a obosit sa o faca, apare din alta parte. E un spin-off la ce am vazut in AC 4 BF, dar arata si pare interesant.

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    Oare poti sa explorezi si insule?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tudyniuz View Post
    Bai frate, dar astia n-au invatat nimic, nu mai e ok sa anunti un joc si sa il lansezi peste 1-2 ani. Nu imi place ca apare abia in toamna lui 2018, si daca mai primeste si ceva amanari, cu atat mai mult.

    Eu cred ca toata lumea se astepta ca Ubisoft sa faca un joc mai ok cu pirati/nave dupa ce toata lumea a laudat partea asta din AC4 BF, dar cum Ubi nu s-a obosit sa o faca, apare din alta parte. E un spin-off la ce am vazut in AC 4 BF, dar arata si pare interesant.
    Cum adică din altă parte? Aşa a pornit jocul asta, ca "spin-off" la Black Flag ca toți cereau aşa ceva.

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    Jocul overall pare doar un For Honor pe mare si nu e neaparat genul meu, da frack, apa aia e absolut fenomenal realizata. Si vad ca o baga in toate jocurile lor si arata fff bine

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    Nici n-am realizat ca e facut de ubi ca nu m-am uitat la ultimele secunde din clip. Mi-a trecut orice entuziasm acum ca aflu ca il face Ubi

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    Black Flag 2 fara asasinate si misiuni pe uscat.

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    Foarte slab ce au aratat aseara. Ma asteptam la mai mult si mai interesant/incitant. Asta pare doar boring.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games Chronicle
    Ubisoft has rebooted Skull & Bones

    Ubisoft has rebooted its open-world pirate game Skull & Bones as a live service title, sources have told VGC.

    Announced at E3 2017, Skull & Bones is the first title lead by Ubisoft’s Singapore studio. Heavily inspired by its work creating the naval battles for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Skull & Bones was set to expand the concept into a full game with customisable ships, PvP multiplayer battles and a large ocean to explore either alone or with friends.

    Ubisoft had big plans for the Skull & Bones IP and had even started developing a “female-driven” TV show with production company Atlus Entertainment.

    The game was originally scheduled for a late 2018 release. However, it’s since been delayed in three consecutive years, most recently slipping to Ubisoft’s financial year beginning in April 2021, and it was notably absent from this weekend’s Ubisoft Forward event.

    The pirate adventure hasn’t been seen since E3 2018, when Ubisoft promised to launch a beta test which ultimately didn’t take place.

    According to development sources speaking under the condition of anonymity, Skull & Bones had been struggling to carve itself a unique position among Ubisoft’s existing portfolio of open-world games, which also includes Assassin’s Creed, The Division and Watch Dogs, which led to a succession of delays as Singapore attempted to refine its concept.

    Last year the decision was made to reboot the game entirely and move away from the premium box model of Ubisoft’s other open-world games, we were told.

    VGC was told the new Skull & Bones will be a live service game and place more focus on collaboration between players, with a game world and plot that will evolve with regular updates from the development team.

    One person with knowledge of its development said that the social and “live storytelling” elements of Epic‘s Fortnite had been a strong inspiration for Skull & Bones’ new direction, with Ubisoft keen to develop a game with the potential to appeal to audiences beyond the competitive action fans who usually play its other series.

    The reboot also brought big changes to the game’s leadership, including the departure of creative director Justin Farren, who later joined Wargaming.

    As part of the reboot, Skull & Bones’ creative director was replaced by former editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen, VGC understands.

    Pellen is a 20-year Ubisoft veteran who most notably wrote and directed 2003 shooter XIII and led level design for Splinter Cell’s first sequel, Pandora Tomorrow.

    The respected creative spent the past decade working inside Ubisoft’s influential Editorial Team, where she was involved in dozens of titles across the Assassin’s Creed, Trials and Far Cry franchises.

    Skull & Bones hasn’t updated its Twitter account for more than a year, when it promised fans it was “batten[ing] down the hatches” to focus on making the game “as awesome as it can be.” Following that post, the game was delayed again in a financial call.

    Commenting on the game’s most recent delay in October 2019, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said it was “a very big product for us” with “huge potential” and that the company wanted to make sure it released “at a level that will surprise and please all gamers for the long term”.

    Ubisoft declined to comment on this story.

    On Sunday the publisher’s Forward event did not address the company’s ongoing reorganisation due to a wave sexual misconduct allegations.

    The E3-style event aired 24 hours after the Assassin’s Creed publisher confirmed that two of its most influential executives had resigned as part of its internal restructuring.
    Ubisoft has rebooted Skull & Bones | VGC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubisoft
    First and foremost, thank you to our fans for showing tremendous patience. We know you’ve been waiting for news, so I’m thrilled to confirm this: production on Skull & Bones has been in full swing with a new vision. Our teams at Ubisoft Singapore are fully committed to launching the game, as well as supporting it for many years to come. While our game won’t be present at Ubisoft Forward on September 10, we’re currently working on plans to present Skull & Bones sometime in the future. It will be worth the wait.

    Many of you have been wondering why we’ve had to postpone our launch. The answer is that we simply needed more time. We dreamt something bigger for Skull & Bones, and these ambitions naturally came with bigger challenges.

    These difficulties resulted in necessary delays for our game. Critical questions needed to be addressed over the past several months such as: how do we modernize the classic pirate fantasy? How do we ensure a more immersive and visceral experience? How do we create cool and memorable moments in-game? For most of these questions to be answered, it was clear that we needed more development time.

    As Skull & Bones evolved from its original idea to what it is now, it was also necessary to have some fresh eyes join the team. I was one of those people when I joined as Skull & Bones’ creative director a little over two years ago. I have been part of the game’s core team that leads many of the talented developers at Ubisoft Singapore. Since then, many new talents have joined our global crew.

    From our teams in Ubisoft Berlin, Chengdu, Kiev, Paris and the Philippines, it is truly a team effort. The dedication and passion of our developers continue to fuel our drive to make Skull & Bones something all of us can be proud of. Our confidence in each other’s talents is what motivates us to push Skull & Bones towards the finish line and beyond.

    We’re proud of the work we’ve done and we hope you will be too when you see more of Skull & Bones at our comeback next year. Until then, on behalf of everyone in the Skull & Bones team around the world, keep safe and we will see you again soon!
    An Update on Skull & Bones

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Any news is good news, dar e ciudat desi ma bucura, ca spun ca au schimbat viziunea.
    Basically parea interesant ce au aratat initial, dar nu parea ceva care sa te tina lipit de ecran prea mult timp.
    Si cred ca e greu sa o faca, doar asa pe apa.

    Sea of Thieves are si partea de apa si tot, cel putin pe mine, nu mi se pare chiar atat de fun - pentru ca da, jocurile trebuie sa fie si fun.

    Vedem ce si cand arata ceva gameplay nou.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotaku
    Hugues Ricour, the man in charge of overseeing Ubisoft’s Singapore studio, which is currently developing Skull and Bones, has been removed from that position following the result of a “leadership audit,” according to a copy of an internal company email sent out earlier this week and obtained by Kotaku.

    Ricour had been in that role since early 2018 and was responsible for overseeing the studio’s many projects, which include not just Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate ship combat game, but co-production responsibilities on the Assassin’s Creed series and the upcoming Immortals: Fenyx Rising, formerly called Gods and Monsters.

    “Effective immediately, Hugues Ricour is no longer Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore,” reads the email from Ubisoft chief studios operating officer, Virginie Haas, who took over that position in August amid the company’s ongoing MeToo reckoning. “The results of the leadership audit that was conducted in the last few weeks by our external partners makes it impossible for him to continue in this position.”

    Update - 11:22 p.m. ET, 11/18/20:
    A spokesperson for Ubisoft told Kotaku in an email that Ricour has not been terminated and will continue on at the company, just not in Singapore.

    “We can confirm that Hugues Ricour is both stepping down from his role as MD and also leaving the Singapore studio, but will remain at Ubisoft,” the spokesperson said.
    Ubisoft Removes Managing Director Of Its Skull And Bones Studio

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    According to a source familiar with inner workings at Ubisoft who has asked not to be identified, the ship combat adventure title Skull & Bones had to restart development from scratch a second time just a few months ago. In their string of actions to combat sexual harassment allegations the past year, Ubisoft removed the managing director at their Singapore Studio, who is developing Skull & Bones. Our source has told us that around the same time, Skull & Bones was brought back to the drawing room table and had to begin work from the ground up. Game Luster was not able to confirm if these two events were directly connected. Our source has told us that the new alpha build is very similar Microsoft's popular multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves, and uses a first-person POV when in the ship but turns to third-person when you exit the ship. They also said that the game is in pretty early stages right now and even is using many untextured boxes, so there's no way it'll be done in time for a 2021 launch and likely not even 2022.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Astiau trebuiau sa-l lanseze atunci rapid dupa ce l-au anuntat. Acum cred ca mai bine-l abandoneaza...

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    Si eu cred ca ar fi mai bine sa il abandoneze pentru ca la cat hate isi ia Ubisoft gratuit chiar si daca nu sta iarba drept, ar intra direct intr-un ****storm daca nu iese jocul bine si nu au nevoie de asta, au atatea alte jocuri din care sa traiasca.

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    - a intrat in Alpha
    - bugetul a depasit $120 milioane
    - a fost rebooted aproape anual
    - obligati de intelegerea cu statul Singapore sa il lanseze
    - lansare inainte de martie 2023
    First It Was An Assassin's Creed Expansion, Now It's Ubisoft's 8 Year Nightmare -

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul View Post
    - obligati de intelegerea cu statul Singapore sa il lanseze
    Ouch, dar intelegere pentru ce?
    Ce anume au facut de sunt constransi de un oras-stat sa lanseze jocul mai repede pana in 2023?

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    Facilitati fiscale:
    But three sources also told Kotaku that a deal with the Singapore government requires it. In addition to hiring a certain number of people at its Singapore studio in exchange for generous subsidies, they said, Ubisoft Singapore must also launch original brand new IPs in the next few years.

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