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Thread: Console Club

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    Focus Home Interactive cumpara 77.5% din Dotemu pentru €38.5 milioane:
    Focus Home Interactive, a leading European publisher and developer of video games, announces the signing of a contract for the acquisition of 77.5% of the share capital of Dotemu, a world leader in retrogaming based in Paris. Dotemu is both a game developer and publisher, known for having released more than fifty retro games on Consoles, PC and Mobiles.

    Composed of a talented and passionate team of about thirty people, Dotemu has already demonstrated its expertise in discovering and updating old cult licences in order to transform them into critical and commercial successes at a global level. Positioned in a very attractive market, Dotemu is a fast-growing company which achieved a turnover of €14.6 million, and has a very ambitious growth plan for the years ahead.

    Dotemu has become an expert in this field and has already developed and re-released legendary franchises such as Final Fantasy, Another World, Double Dragon and, most recently Street of Rage, which has been played by over 2.5 million people worldwide. Dotemu also develops games in-house via its development team, with titles such as Ys Origin, Heroes of Might and Magic III HD and the highly anticipated Windjammers 2.
    Focus acquires Dotemu - Focus Home Interactive

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    Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 1
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic the Hedgehog
    Something is rotten in Sweet Mountain! Dr. Eggman and his robot henchmen are devilishly up to no good. After narrowly escaping one of Eggman’s facilities, a lone Jade Wisp searches for help and comes across Sonic and Tails. Will Eggman and his robots be served their just desserts?

    Pre-Order Sonic Colors: Ultimate now:

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    Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo - Official Game Trailer
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    No name is more synonymous with mystery than Alfred Hitchcock, and Vertigo the game is based on the filmmaker's 1958 movie of the same name. Check out the first story trailer to see what awaits you. Vertigo is coming to PC later this year and Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One in 2022.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venture Beat
    Electronic Arts is announcing a Patent Pledge where it will give competitors and developers free access to its accessibility-related patents and technology.

    That means it won’t keep those inventions exclusive to itself or sue anyone who uses them to make games more accessible for players with disabilities. EA said it was part of its commitment to positive play for everyone.

    EA hopes that by opening up its patents, it will encourage others to build new features that make video games more inclusive on a much larger scale than is possible with just one company.

    The pledge includes five patents that cover some of EA’s most innovative accessibility technology.

    The patents include the “Ping System” used in Apex Legends, which helps players with speaking, hearing, and cognitive disabilities to communicate to their fellow players in-game. With this system, a player can use a mouse or game controller to mark an item that might be worth picking up, signal a spot on the map to travel to, or mark the location of enemies in the distance.

    The ping allows players to communicate contextual audio and visual commands and announcements through simple and mappable controller inputs, rather than a headset and microphone. It has been overwhelmingly welcomed by players in Apex Legends. This system really made Apex Legends into a much more cooperative game, in my opinion, as I’ve used it a lot.

    The pledge also includes three patents that make video games more accessible to players with vision issues (these are already used in games including the Madden NFL and FIFA franchises) as well as a personalized sound technology that helps players with hearing issues by modifying or creating music based on their preferences.

    The patented technologies automatically detect and modify the colors, brightness, and contrast in a game to improve the visibility of objects with similar luminosities. This allows players to better perceive and interact with the content.

    EA is also open-sourcing source code for a technical solution that similarly addresses colorblindness, brightness, and contrast issues in digital content, in a bid to encourage more industry-wide collaboration and innovation on accessibility in video games. The code can be found on GitHub, and will allow developers across the world to apply EA’s technology directly into their video games, saving significant amounts in research and development costs and encouraging talent across the industry to adapt or build upon the code.

    The fifth patent covered in the pledge relates to personalized sound technology which aims to help players with hearing issues by modifying or creating music based on their hearing preferences and that works to any constraints they may face. EA plans to add future accessibility-centered patents to the pledge over time as well as identify other technologies to make open source.

    EA promised not to file a lawsuit against any person or entity (a “Pledge Recipient”) alleging that such Pledge Recipient’s development, manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale, lease, license, exportation, importation, or distribution of Accessibility Technology infringes any of the EA Pledged Patents, except in a defensive move.

    EA said the pledge is legally binding, irrevocable and enforceable against EA and its successors and assigns. If Electronic Arts transfers an Electronic Arts Pledged Patent to any person or entity, Electronic Arts will require that person or entity to agree, in writing, to abide by the pledge and to require the same of any subsequent transferees. That’s pretty committed.
    EA’s Patent Pledge will give competitors free access to accessibility technology

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    Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles | Adventure Mode: Rui Boss Battle/Dev Report

    Quote Originally Posted by SEGA
    Here's your first look at the demon of Mt. Natagumo, Twelve Kizuki (Lower Five) Rui in Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, along with behind-the-scenes footage from the development of Rui being added to the game!

    Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, the official video game of the "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" anime, launches in North America and Europe for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam on October 15! See how players will relive those memorable moments of “Tanjiro Kamado, Unwavering Resolve Arc”.

    - Moving Drama – Take up the sword as Tanjiro Kamado and guide his journey to become a Demon Slayer and turn his sister Nezuko back into a human.

    - Exhilarating Arena Battles – Master the multitude of spectacular skills of a wide roster of characters from the anime and the series’ official spinoff, including Tanjiro and Nezuko, to overcome challengers in head-to-head battle, locally and online.*

    Learn more by visiting the official website:, and our official Demon Slayer social accounts on Twitter (, Facebook (, and Instagram ( ).

    *A paid subscription to PlayStation®Plus is required to play Versus mode online.
    *The latest patch is required to access online play.


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    THQ Nordic digital showcase event, 17 septembrie, ora 22:00, 6 jocuri noi:

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    After Quantic Dream’s three-game deal expired with Sony in 2018, after the release of Detroit: Become Human, the president and founder of the studio, David Cage, began exploring new opportunities and partners.

    The rumor was first reported by French YouTuber and ex-journalist Gautoz on September 16, it was reported that “They’ve [Quantic Dream] now finished their contract with Sony and will be signing with Disney”

    In a separate conversation, however, I was also speaking to an individual who provided overwhelming evidence that he had contacts at Quantic Dream and reported that the Star Wars game by the studio has been in the works for around 18 months.
    Sources: Quantic Dream's Star Wars Title Has Been In The Works for 18 Months

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    UnMetal Nintendo Switch Review!

    Unmetal Review | I Dream of Indie

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    New Castlevania:
    The first of these titles will be a new Castlevania game, which sources described as a “reimagining” of the series currently in development internally at Konami in Japan, with support from local external studios.
    MGS remasters/remakes:
    There’s been much speculation that Demon’s Souls studio Bluepoint could be working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid. However, VGC was told the series is actually being worked on by an external studio based in China.

    The remake project is currently in early development and multiple sources suggested it would be centred around fan-favourite entry Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, rather than the original MGS.

    Konami also intends to release remasters of the original Metal Gear Solid games for modern consoles, ahead of the larger project, we understand.
    Silent Hill games:
    Finally, multiple Silent Hill games are currently in development at various external development studios, as per an earlier VGC report from February.

    One of these projects was outsourced to a prominent Japanese developer earlier this year, we were told.
    Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill | VGC

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    River City Girls 2 debut trailer
    River City Girls 2 is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2022.

    River City Saga: Three Kingdoms / Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou!

    ---------- Post added 03-10-2021 at 19:25 ----------

    DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS | Announce Trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games Chronicle
    An anonymous hacker claims to have leaked the entirety of Twitch, including its source code and user payout information.

    The user posted a 125GB torrent link to 4chan on Wednesday, stating that the leak was intended to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because “their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool”.

    The leaked Twitch data reportedly includes:

    - The entirety of Twitch’s source code with comment history “going back to its early beginnings”
    - Creator payout reports from 2019
    - Mobile, desktop and console Twitch clients
    - Proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch
    - “Every other property that Twitch owns” including IGDB and CurseForge
    - An unreleased Steam competitor, codenamed Vapor, from Amazon Game Studios
    - Twitch internal ‘red teaming’ tools (designed to improve security by having staff pretend to be hackers)
    The entirety of Twitch has reportedly been leaked | VGC
    Attached Images Attached Images twitch-leak.jpg fa__0p8wqaaojvr.png fa_8ay_veaikduy.png fa__pnlviaml-ky.png fa__wiivuaaevey.png fbagm8lvkaq6ric.png fbagrwxvgagb-bn.png fbagwggviamopqg.png fbag17vuuauwyt8.png

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    What's New In Cricket 22? The Nets Challenge!

    Quote Originally Posted by BigAnt
    Big Ant Studios and Nacon are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Cricket 22: The Official Game of The Ashes will arrive this November. A true next-generation effort that builds on the massive success of Cricket 19, Cricket 22 will deliver the most robust, substantial game of cricket that fans have ever seen.

    Not only will Cricket 22 feature the perennial favourite Ashes competition, but the scope of licenses featured in the game has expanded massively. Cricket fans will be able to enjoy Australia’s Big Bash T20 competition, The Hundred, the hugely innovative new competition in England and Wales, the tropical party of the CPL in the Caribbean, and take to the international field of battle with fully-licensed teams from Australia, England, The West Indies, New Zealand and Ireland.

    And, in keeping with Big Ant’s commitment to equality and equal representation, both the Men’s and Women’s games have been replicated across all of Cricket 22. (...)

    Cricket 22 releases on 25 November 2021. Pre-orders on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox will have access to Cricket 22 THE NETS CHALLENGE from mid-October 2021, which gives fans early access to part of the Cricket 22 gameplay experience, including nets and training games, ensuring that by the day of release they’ll be ready to take on the best in the world.

    In further great news, fans that buy the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to upgrade for free when they purchase the new generation of hardware.

    Cricket 22 for Nintendo Switch will be available in January 2022.
    Announcing Cricket 22: A New Era Of Cricket Games Has Arrived!

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    DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS | Launch Trailer

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    Un nou studio EA, pentru jocuri FPS, condus de Halo co-creator:

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