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Thread: DC Universe Online

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    Senior Member apbaciu's Avatar
    Feb 22 Content Update/Patch Notes
    DCUO and SOE have released the notes for the Feb 22 content update/patch. Here's some of the highlights:

    New Features:

    New Batcave Raid – 8 players will have the opportunity to infiltrate and retake Batman's Inner Sanctum, which has been overrun by OMAC and the Dark Knight's own corrupted technology. Fight along side Batman against Brother Eye!
    New Appearance Items – Earn a Harlequin Clown suit or a Cherub disguise through a variety of holiday activities.
    Goddess of Love Alert – Join up with three others to decide the epic battle between Devotion and Scorn once and for all.
    New Races – Can you catch Catwoman as she leaps across buildings in Gotham City?
    New Collections - All new collection sets will allow players to continue finding these hidden items.
    New Themed Missions – Enjoy various missions that will challenge the player in combat, jumping, and much more.
    A New Bane Duo – Another Duo has been added for your enjoyment! Pair up with another player and take on Bane for a chance at great loot.
    New PvP Ring Event – Available on both PvP and PvE servers, Heroes and villains race to either save or steal valuable bags of diamonds from armored vans.
    An Auction House - Players may now buy and sell tradeable items on a Broker in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom.
    New Armor – Make your way to the Gotham Museum and help Catwoman to receive pieces of brand new Mayan armor!

    Improved Server and Client stability.
    Added additional support for PC Game Controllers.
    An issue where software overclocking would cause gameplay to appear laggy should have been resolved.
    Players should no longer be prevented from moving if the Object or NPC they are interacting with despawns during the interaction.
    Stealthed characters should no longer become visible if you move far away from them and then move towards them again.
    The red balloons in the Vault should now weaponize properly.
    Super canceling too early out of longer animating multi-hit weapon combos will now cause you to drop one or more of the attacks hits.

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    Member BoTeAlEx's Avatar
    Am o intrebare. Daca joc online, trebuie sa platesc ceva sau itemele trebuie platite ?

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    Senior Member apbaciu's Avatar
    Nu totul este gratis, numai subscriptia lunara te va costa.

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    Junior Member Darkan's Avatar
    Jocul e genial. E adevarat ca daca nu ai mai jucat un mmorpg vreodata e posibil sa ai retineri in a intelege conceptul. Oricum e clar ca prin dcuo a fost ridicata stacheta foarte mult in acest segment .

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    3D Voice Support Coming To DC Universe Online | PlayStation LifeStyle
    In 2011, Sony has been pushing 3D support on the PlayStation 3 will all its might, integrating the extra dimension into almost all of its major exclusive titles. For DC Universe Online however, Sony are set to bring a different kind of 3D to the MMO – 3D Voice Support.
    DCUO will be the first game on the PS3 to have Vivox 3D voice chat. The aim of the system is to add realism to online chats – if a teammate is near by (virtually), then his character will sound louder, and if he is further away, then he will sound quieter. Additionally, you will also be able to hear other players’ conversations nearby, which means that you will be able to join in if you find the conversation interesting.
    Vivox has over 45 million users in 180+ countries that exchange more than 3 billion voice minutes every month, and the company’s partners include CCP Games, Linden Lab, Nexon and Sony Online Entertainment. Currently, no other PS3 games are set to include 3D Voice Chat.
    The 3D Voice update is currently scheduled to release “soon”.
    misto 3D Voice support...interesting

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    DC Universe Online gets new, free update with Penguin Vs Two-Face | VG247
    DC Universe Online players can download a free update for the super hero MMO today, the second major content addition since the game Sony Online Entertainment title went live last January.
    The update adds a new adventure featuring two of Batman’s most well-known villains at each other’s throats. The player takes the role of an ally of Two Face, who is out to destroy The Penguin.
    The new trailer below goes over all aspects of the new mission (it has some spoilers, so be warned if you don’t want some surprises ruined beforehand). The update will also add Two-Face as a playable character in DC Universe Online’s PvP arenas.

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    DC Universe Online to merge servers | VG247
    Sony Online Entertainment has announced it will merge all of its DC Universe Online servers into four “super servers”.

    The announcement on the DCUO website took an upbeat tone, and put the decision down to queue times on existing servers.
    After the merger, only four servers will remain – one each for PC and PlayStation 3, in Europe and the US.
    Testing of the new system will bgegin next month, with the official merger to follow thereafter. SOE can’t confirm timing but is calling the merger one of it’s “top priorities”.
    We’ll forbear to comment, and merely bite anxiously at our nails.
    DC Universe Online launched for PC and PS3 in January this year.
    Thanks, Massively.

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    Senior Member Uziwood's Avatar
    Eu vreau sa ma reapuc, da nu stiu daca mai pot, ca m-am jucat pe cont de ro si nu cred ca imi pot cumpara gametime fara store.

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar

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    Junior Member andrei01otelul's Avatar
    Unde trebuie sa platesc ca sa pot juca iar?

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    DC Universe Online adds microtransaction support | VG247
    Massively reports Sony Online Entertainment opened the microtransaction store today, but it’s still quite light on items.
    Repair-bots and tickets to the Vault instance are the only offerings so far.
    Nevertheless, we’re extremely interested, because if SOE intend to take DCUO down the free-to-play path, this is an obvious first move.
    DC Universe Online is available on PC and PlayStation 3.
    doamne da sa fie free to play. Asa stiu ca o sa il cumpar in luna in care o sa devina gratis .Pana atunci... nu ma grabesc. Am alte jocuri mai bune de butonat.

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    DC Universe Online will get Green Lantern DLC | PlayStation University |
    DC Universe Online is an MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment and it features several comic book characters with many special abilities. According to the developer, the game will have new downloadable content soon, available for both the PC and PS3 versions of the title.
    Green Lantern has been chosen as the primary character featured in the content. The DLC is called “Fight for the Light” and it’ll allow players to create heroes which can use light powers based on the DC character. Additionally, the game will include three new settings: The S.T.A.R. Labs, where you can fight Brainiac, Hal Jordan’s home of Coast City, where you can fight against Red Lantern Corps and finally Sciencells Prison on the planet of Oa, where you can join forces with Guy Gardner to stop a massive prison break caused by Sinestro.
    Though DC Universe Online received mixed reviews from the critics, it’s really good to see that SOE is committed to the game and that new content is constantly being developed to expand the universe. For those of you who are interested, this new downloadable content will be available for $10.
    Pfai de mine . Jocul asta incepe sa devina the ultimate geek game .I love it. DLC-ul asta zic ca merita 10 dolarei .

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    Senior Member Mask's Avatar
    Sheldon is happy now !

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mask View Post
    Sheldon is happy now !
    Sheldon ar fi mai degraba cu Flash decat cu Green Lantern. Da eu cred ca e doar o chestiune de timp pana baga si chestii legate de Flash . Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl si restu ar fi optionale

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    pana la urma nici nu mai trebuie platiti acei 10 dolari pt DLC First DCUO expansion to be free, out September 6 | VG247

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    Senior Member nameless_fear's Avatar
    In October, DC Universe Online goes free to play.
    DC Universe Online Going Free to Play - PlayStation 3 News at IGN

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nameless_fear View Post
    In October, DC Universe Online goes free to play.
    DC Universe Online Going Free to Play - PlayStation 3 News at IGN
    asta e stirea pe care o asteptam. poate o sa ma reapuc de mmo-uri. pacat ca nu pot sa imi aduc consola la facultate momentan...daca nu, exista si versiunea de PC a jocului

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    Member muski's Avatar
    Explica aici tot , hmm pare interesant ,dar la ce jocuri trebuie sa apara nu stiu ce sa zic, dar merita incercat putin.

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    Senior Member Tudoran's Avatar
    stiam ca urmatorul DLC va fi despre Flash . Am gasit si un link cu detaliile prezentate in video-ul pus de muski.

    Following the exciting revelation that Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online is going free-to-play, a second expansion pack has been revealed, this time with more bang than ever before.
    The second DCUO downloadable content pack will feature none other than the The Flash. Even more exciting, the Cosmic Treadmill will be added, and will be used to transport players into the distant past. Flash’s origin will also be unlocked, accompanied by some sweet new armor to earn and show off.
    Below are two images from the upcoming DLC, which highlight the Cosmic Treadmill and Central City.
    Since there was a new subscription model announced for DCUO, this DLC will be available in two different ways. Those who are on the free-to-play or Premium models will need to pay to unlock the content, and it will likely be priced at $9.99 as with the first DLC. However, those with a Legendary subscription, which is $14.99 a month, will receive everything as part of the subscription. Not a bad deal, especially for those who just can’t get enough of the DC Universe.

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    Member Witchalok's Avatar
    De curiozitate (probabil ca nu ma voi apuca de el, daca e sa ma reapuc de mmo-uri probabil va fi Guild Wars 2 sau Terra) free-to-play se refera doar la subscription-free, sau nici macar achizitia jocului nu va costa (free to download as well)? (de jucat putin prin el sa fac un caracter - doua cred ca ar fi amuzant)

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