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Thread: Resident Evil Village

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    Resident Evil Village

    RESIDENT EVIL 8 || NEW Character "Emily" & Story Details
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    ---------- Post added 12-06-2020 at 04:05 ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Fabiano
    "[...] Realistic graphics and immersive audio coupled with no load times will really draw you into the world we've created for Resident Evil Village. [...]"
    Quote Originally Posted by Capcom
    Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano, Producers on Resident Evil Village, provide a first look into the game's development. Resident Evil Village comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Steam in 2021.

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    De cand am vazut primul trailer mi s-a parut ca acele personaje au trasaturi romanesti, cel mai probabil actiunea jocului va fi undeva prin Transilvania.

    Nu cred ca mai este vreun dubiu ca actiunea va fi pe la noi, uitati-va la moneda de schimb!
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    Din trailer pare sa fie zona Bran. Daca o sa refaca castelul in-game, o sa il cumpar day 1, chiar daca nu am mai jucat nici un joc din serie pana acum.

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    Haha 'Lei' super tare nu am realizat pana acum .
    Ce-i drept, nenea din film parca aduce acum a Vasile.

    Day one pentru mine, strict din cauza asta.

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    Accesati link-ul si raspundeti la sondaj:
    Quote Originally Posted by Capcom
    Thank you for clicking through to our survey. It should take approximately 6-10 minutes to complete. This survey is intended for users who have an interest in the Resident Evil series. Your feedback will help us improve the user experience for future titles.

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    RESIDENT EVIL 8: VILLAGE || NEW Playtest Details | Olga Boss Fight, Merchant, VR Support & MORE! #residentevil8 #revillage #capcom

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    YES!!! RESIDENT EVIL 8: VILLAGE || MORE Playtest Details! | NEW Enemy, Merchant Name & Story Intro #acceptdeath

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    Pe site, scrie ca o sa fie un update, in august.

    Unde e, Capcom?

    Deja e septembrie in Japonia.

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    2nd trailer:

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    Developer insights:

    Pe langa asta, au anuntat ca incearca sa aduca jocul si pe PS4/XONE.

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    RESIDENT EVIL 8: VILLAGE || WHO IS SHE!? | Old Lady Explained

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    Posibil spoiler:
    - poza de pe Steam a fost pentru scurt timp aceasta

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    De la 1:45:

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    Atentie pe ce dati click cand vine vorba de Village!

    Mare parte din joc a fost leaked. Personaje, story, ending, cutscenes, development stuff.

    Pana in aprilie cand s-ar lansa e ceva timp, stay safe.

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    Are you ready?! #ResidentEvil Showcase - January 2021

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    #LIVE! Resident Evil Showcase - January 2021 #REShowcase #REVillage #ResidentEvilVillage #acceptdeath

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayStation Blog
    [...] For those of you wondering about that tall, mysterious woman that’s been featured in various RE Village trailers so far… don’t worry, we see you. She’s the highlight of the latest trailer, literally standing head and shoulders above a trio of other women that also seem to call the gothic castle their home. The identities of all four remain shrouded in mystery, but for now, one thing we can give you is a name for everyone’s favorite towering mistress: Lady Dimitrescu. [...]

    As Resident Evil Village Producer Peter Fabiano mentioned in the Resident Evil Showcase, you don’t play as Ethan Winters in this demo. Rather, you’ll be playing as a character known only as “the maiden.” Unable to fight or even block, you’ll be in control of this character as she attempts to escape from Dimitrescu Castle. This is a stand-alone separate experience from the main game that is a kind of short story set within the world of RE Village.

    The maiden

    We asked Peter about who the protagonist of this demo is, as she’s only known as “the maiden.” As Peter explains it, “Maiden is not the name of any person, but instead it symbolizes the protagonist, a girl who’s trapped in Dimitrescu Castle.” Rather than playing as Ethan and seeing a part of his story, the character in this demo is separate from the main story of Resident Evil Village. According to Peter, both the maiden’s story and Ethan’s story take place at different times.

    “The Maiden demo doesn’t take place during the main story of Resident Evil Village. Maiden was originally designed as a visual demo that would allow you to explore the inside of Dimitrescu Castle, but it evolved to include a short story and puzzle solving.” Long-time fans of Resident Evil are familiar with various castles that have appeared throughout the series, so they should feel right at home in this one, too. With RE Village and Maiden taking place in the same place but not the same time, it left us wondering if the two would be tied together somehow.

    The experience

    There might be a few things that eagle-eyed players should look out for as they wander the castle in search of an exit, so we asked Peter if there was anything the team wanted them to notice as they explore. “Maiden is a demo that’s separate from Resident Evil Village,” he explained. “However, it does take place in the same world as RE Village does.” He even suggests that there are a few nods between the demo and the full game, ones that you’ll only be able to catch if you play both. “When you play Resident Evil Village, or, perhaps, you come back to Maiden after playing the main game, you might discover the connections they have to each other.”

    We won’t spoil the fun of figuring out the links between the two games, of course, but we do hope you have fun exploring both the demo for now, and then come back to it with fresh eyes once the full game is released so you can find out for yourself what those links are!

    The technology

    Finally, we asked about the Maiden demo being on PlayStation 5, and how the team took advantage of the technology that the PS5 offers. Simply put, “you’ll be able to enjoy the ray tracing and 3D Audio that PS5 offers,” according to Pete. The demo is designed to take full advantage of tech that will also be included in RE Village, so Maiden also functions as a sneak peek at the next-gen leap for survival horror. Of course, we also had to press Peter a bit about his comments during the RE Showcase about how art design and technology come together to create such a hauntingly beautiful and detailed environment.

    “For Maiden, or rather, for Resident Evil Village, we wanted to create a game with beautiful graphics, high frame rate, and short loading times that don’t spoil people’s immersive experience of the game. The technology we mentioned in the showcase aided the director in realizing his vision of how the game is played, and the art director’s vision of how he wanted the game to look.” You’ll see this reflected in both the full game and the demo in the environments, objects, and character models, right down to the smallest details. [...]
    Resident Evil Village Maiden demo hits PS5 today – PlayStation.Blog
    3rd trailer in 4K60:

    Doamna Dimitrescu:
    Attached Images Attached Images re-featured-image.jpg

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    Nationalistul din mine a primit hrana pentru suflet!

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