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Thread: Far Cry 6

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    Fara ray-tracing pe console, doar pe PC:
    "Ray Tracing is a PC-only feature. On console our objective has been to take advantage of new hardware capabilities, optimizing performance targeting 4K and achieving 60 FPS for instance, all while ensuring that the experience on the previous generation of console would remain consistent."
    Far Cry 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X won't feature ray tracing [updated] | TechRadar

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    Senior Member Xander RO's Avatar
    Hai ca la cat le-am luat eu apararea deja simt ca imi jignesc intelectul asta mic si odihnit pe care il am.

    Hai sictir cu 'targeting' si 'previous generation' ca mor de ras , asta este joc cu grafica de PS4 (PS4 Pro cel mult) si ei imi vin mie cu prostii din astea.
    Auziti UBISOFT, prima mea iubire si entitate datatoare de paine, dar ce-ar fi sa ne concentram si noi resursele pe niste jocuri noi, eventual niste engine-uri noi, ceva? Nu de alta, dar se satura lumea si in comunitatea asta daca se satura lumea de tine devine periculos.
    Just saying..


    Ia mergeti voi dupa DICE hai, ca mi s-a urcat sangele in creier gata, am anulat acum precomanda si urmeaza sa va dau 100 RON pe olx.
    Hai, ca prea am dat stat cu agheasma si cu crucea sa calmez lumea ca domne' pandemie, domne' e greu, sa ii intelegem.

    Nu mai vreau sa mai inteleg nimic, toate companiile amana tot si ce nu se amana se scoate 90% prost.
    Ia hai sictir cu jocurile voastre de 400 RON pe niste console high end pe care inca nu sunteti in stare sa le folositi cum trebuie la 1 an de la lansare!

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    Păi au făcut downgrade pentru PS4. Fac și ei ce u făcut CDPR, vor să vândă cât mai mult și au impresia că nu îl va mai cumpără nimeni pe consolele vechii.

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    Si oare ce este atat de complicat sa optimizeze pt fiecare consola? Mai ales ca un joc de PS5 e aproape cu 30-40% mai scump ca unul de PS4 si cu peste 50% mai scump ca unul de PC.

    Tocmai, daca vor sa isi atraga si clientii de PS5 sa vina cu ceva deosebit fata de PS4pro.

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    How Far Cry’s Iconic Villains Were Created

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    Far Cry 6 Early Access Livestream With The Giant Bomb Crew

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Far Cry 6: Six New Features Fresh to Far Cry

    Far Cry 6 "FLAMETHROWER" Collector's Edition Unboxing

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    Gameplay-ul si customizarea par faine, probabil ca-l voi lua la reducere.

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    Recenzii video:


    Game Informer:

    Kinda Funny Games:


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    Mda, cam asta-i media. Lucrez si eu la review - speram sa fie gata azi, dar nu am reusit sa termin povestea, deci sper sa avem review zilele astea.

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    Far Cry 6 review | PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC

    Far Cry 6 Review - Ubisoft's Biggest Far Cry Game But Is It Any Good?

    Far Cry 6 Review - New Faces & Worn Out Places

    Far Cry 6 Review | Fun But Confused Tone

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Far Cry 6 | PS5 - Xbox Series S / X - PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaming Route
    Far Cry 6 is filled with wasted potential due to bugs and the inconsistent excessively long story., but if you are a hardcore Far Cry Fan, I would recommend you to buy this game, but if you do not like previous Far Cry games or haven’t played them, I would not recommend you to buy it now I would suggest you to wait for a sale or something like that but if Ubisoft fixes most of the annoying bugs I experienced during this game it would have been a way better experience I really got angry when I lost my progress of 3 hours, but hey at least you can skip the cutscenes a lot of games on the last-gen did not offer that.
    Far Cry 6 PS4 Review – Spoiler Free

    Quote Originally Posted by VGC
    For a game about overthrowing a dictator, absolutely nothing Far Cry 6 does is revolutionary.

    In fact, it’s an incredibly dated entry into a series in desperate need of the same kind of franchise saving resurrection that Assassin’s Creed received a few years ago. The island of Yara is a visual treat, but it’s a facade that barely disguises a game that feels, from a gameplay perspective, like it could have been released nearly a decade ago.

    Far Cry 6 feels like the last of these games that they can make like this. The series has shown so much promise in the past, but Far Cry 6 is a greatest hits of all of its worn-out genre tropes, that occasionally pause for a dull, nasty story and a wasted appearance by Giancarlo Esposito. (...)

    Open world games have expanded endlessly, without almost any of them bothering to fill that space with anything meaningful. Did Far Cry 6 need to have so many identical checkpoints littered around the map? Did it need the world to be littered with anti-aircraft guns that further restrict your already hampered movement? Or are these things, like so much in Far Cry 6, a hold over from when these games had maps that didn’t take 3 working days to traverse?

    There are literally characters at almost every hideout that stand with a clipboard in their hand, pointing you in the direction of one of these distractions, presumably because it’s clear that if you didn’t have that, you’d spend 100 hours trying to find them all. If you require a context-less NPC to funnel the player towards content that’s not that rewarding in the first place, it probably could have been cut.

    Not to mention the late game objective during which Dani literally comments about how annoying and tedious what you’re doing is. How that wasn’t a moment for the developers to stop and wonder if the game was a bit repetitive alludes us. This moment is closely followed by one of what feels like 600 “protect the computer” sequences, the team behind Far Cry 6 seemingly missing the meeting after Destiny where we all agreed that isn’t fun.

    From the tops of hills and while flying through the sky, Yara is a stunning, colourful paradise. It’s like you’re playing through a rum advert. The colours shine through the environment in such a way that it can look like a completely different game depending on the time of day. But, when you’re actually driving through it, there’s very little personality.

    Outside of a few towns that you briefly visit, it’s surprisingly lifeless for a region on the brink of revolution. The areas that are interesting are littered with guards that make exploring them a tedious task of sneaking around them, should the temperamental stealth system actually function as intended. More often than not, they’ll be alerted and soldiers will appear from all angles like they were hiding in the trees.

    The gunplay is fine, but due to how easy it is to access weapons that would cause U.N. intervention if they were used in real life, like rifles that shoot balls of pure electricity, or a fireworks cannon that hits more like an atomic bomb, there’s no point using them. You so rarely get to the point where you need to pull out weapons other than your ridiculous ones, that we started forcing ourselves to use the bow, desperately trying to invoke the kind of Far Cry we were looking for.

    The story is at its best when Giancarlo Esposito is on screen, but it’s disappointingly rare. For a series that makes their villains their mascots, to the point where the antagonists from 3, 4 and 5 are set to return in DLC for 6, Castillo ends up making the least impact of the group. The conclusion to his story is also incredibly disappointing, and wraps up far too quickly considering the tedious build up that preceded it.

    Far Cry 6 was an opportunity for the series to grow up. After New Dawn, there was a consensus that the days of littering a map with cut and paste objectives, dull open-world fluff and annoying “quirky” characters were past us. But Far Cry 6 has all of those things. You could tell us that this game was released in 2014, and outside of the incredible environmental design and the stunning lighting, we would probably believe you.

    The gunplay is fine, and what you’re doing isn’t offensively bad, it’s just all so, so bland. For a world that’s so vibrant, and starring an actor that can bring so much to a project, it’s almost unbelievable how little Far Cry 6 capitalises on it.

    If you’re interested in another Far Cry game that does the Far Cry stuff the way it’s been doing it for 10 years, you’ll probably have a good time, but if you’ve already hit your limit with this kind of game, Far Cry 6 is the ne plus ultra of why open-world game design is so badly in need of a revolution.
    Review: Far Cry 6 is a bland entry in a series in need of revolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Vice
    I made it five hours into Far Cry 6 before I hit Alt+F4 and walked away. It’s not as if the game had a dearth of things to do; just the opposite.

    I had made it to a major outpost in the Western expanse of Yara, a Caribbean island that’s a thinly veiled stand-in for Cuba, when I was confronted by a new set of systems and upgrade paths. Icons flickered on the UI calling me in half a dozen different directions. I needed to collect loot and crafting materials to upgrade the camp to make it easier to collect loot and crafting materials, I could also send lieutenants on errands to gather loot, I could spend time learning about cockfights, pet a cute wheel-chair bound dachshund and unlock a new quest line, or push the main story forward.

    It felt like an exhausting chore list. I needed gasoline and metal to construct the buildings. Constructing these buildings would unlock new systems including a cantina where I could trade in fish and animal meat to gain temporary buffs. If I wanted to make the most of the fish meat, I would first need to use more gasoline and metal to construct the fishing hut to find the best spots. I closed the game.

    Over the weekend, I attempted to go back a few times but I never made it past this camp and its list of activities. It’s not worse than past games, it’s very much the same. That’s the problem. (...)

    I have pushed myself through several Far Cry games now because it always felt as if there were something there, just under the surface that I couldn’t quite reach. Fighting religious extremists in Montana is an appealing concept that Ubisoft didn’t pull off. So too with all its other Far Cry games. With their big maps, sprawling story, and big themes the series tricks the player into thinking there’s something interesting going on.

    In reality, beyond the lushly-designed jungles, explosive firefights, and even beyond the confused and distasteful political dimensions, Far Cry 6 is just a storefront designed to sell you crocodile skins at 5 bucks a pop.
    'Far Cry 6' Is Creatively and Morally Bankrupt. This isn’t a review of ‘Far Cry 6’ because, honestly, I can’t play this **** anymore. I just can’t do it.

    ---------- Post added 07-10-2021 at 14:31 ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by VentureBeat
    The processed-food industry and gaming industry have a lot in common. They are both extremely secretive, and they both use the science of brain chemistry to drive the design of their products. And that leads us to salty, sugary snacks that never quite satisfy but that we cannot stop eating. And it also leads to games like Far Cry 6 that we cannot stop playing.

    Ubisoft has spent years perfecting a design process that is meant to overwhelm players. In the way that food companies mix together sugars, fats, and salts to engineer an addictive response, Ubisoft mixes together progression, unlocks, and map distractions to produce a similar effect.

    But making people want to play a game isn’t inherently a bad thing. Where Ubisoft is trending into problematic design is when it seems to prioritize this bliss point response to the exclusion of all else.The science of addictive food is about blasting you with flavor and mouthfeel all at once and then letting that dissipate in an instant. If a chip has a powerful cheese flavor and loud crunch and then seems to dissolve in your mouth, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for more and more.

    Ubisoft games approach design in the same way. Each new quest gives you a burst of dopamine as you chase down something new, but then the quest themselves melt into a gray nothing that is hard to distinguish from one another.

    And isn’t that how we talk about these games? It’s always about how the developers overloaded the map with icons. Rarely do I hear someone talking about the details of any of those missions.

    Of course, none of this makes Ubisoft especially evil. Capitalism incentivizes creators to exploit others to maximize a return on investment. And we should expect more developers to turn to this under a system that lacks public funding for art like games.

    But it’s also risky for Ubisoft because, unlike processed foods, games are expensive. Players don’t want to think of these $60 or $70 purchases as disposable dopamine delivery devices. If Ubisoft leaves behind the substance, it could find consumers ignoring its gaming Cheeto Puffs for companies that are trying to deliver something more nutritional.
    Far Cry 6 is gaming’s processed food

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar

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    Foarte optimist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polygon
    Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 continues the series’ tiring tradition of presenting itself as political, on the surface, while fumbling any attempts at meaningful critique. Like Far Cry 5, which postured itself as an exploration of white supremacy in the U.S. but fell flat in execution, Far Cry 6 is a game in which you rescue refugees by using a weapon that plays “Macarena” while you’re aiming down its sights. (...)

    It’s been said a number of times, but when Spanish-speaking people are talking in English, we’re not constantly cambiando a Español mid-sentence. Far Cry 6 is obsessed with this fallacy. It comes across as parody at best, and utterly disrespectful at worst. Castillo quotes his father at one point, saying, “Jesús would make an amazing Yaran presidente.” When I heard that, I got fairly close to putting the controller down and calling it a day. I stuck with the game long enough to see the end credits, but unfortunately, the rest of the game did not remedy any of this.

    What bothers me the most is the wasted potential to do it right. Proper Latin American representation in games is severely lacking, but 2021 in particular has been a standout in both extremes. I found Hitman 3’s representation of Mendoza to be a pleasant surprise on almost every front, while the first Argentine operator in Rainbow Six Siege sounded nothing like us. Far Cry 6 paints a hopeful picture at times, as every sign in the game — and all of the graffiti — is written in Spanish. Recognizing songs on the radio, and even hearing Dani sing over them, made me stop for a second in delight and surprise. But as soon as a character began speaking, the moment was ruined. (...)

    Far Cry as a whole is frozen in time. The few mechanical additions in the series’ latest entry don’t show much improvement over what Far Cry 5 or Far Cry New Dawn have already explored. And if your interest lies in the search for any semblance of proper representation, you’re better off looking elsewhere. Very few examples, in recent years, have been able to shake the norm. And if Far Cry 6 is any indication of what AAA publishers can do with a Latin American setting — painting it more as window dressing than an actual picture worth celebrating — I would rather not see another one try.
    Far Cry 6 is a waste of potential. Ubisoft’s newest open world is frozen in time

    Quote Originally Posted by ars technica
    In short, if you're already a Far Cry fan, there's probably plenty here to like. This sequel's playground remains at odds with its darker "grounded" story to a greater degree than its spastic action can support, and there's plenty of questionable decisions and very, very stupid story beats that aren't explained or are abruptly dropped without comment. If you're good with the relatively shallow, similar combat experience—which is kind of fun in spite of itself—it's unlikely you'll be too fussed about the trappings around it. Everyone else may feel iffy.

    Verdict: I wouldn't call Far Cry 6 "good," exactly, but it has its moments of silly entertainment. Next time Ubisoft should either pick a lane or remake Far Cry 2.
    Far Cry 6 review: A familiar return to open-world stupidity. Ubisoft's latest open-world shooter offers some dumb fun, if you let it.

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    Se aduna zvonuri legate de 7. F2P?
    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games Chronicle
    An Axios source said Ubisoft has been exploring a more online-oriented approach for a new entry in the long-running franchise.

    Earlier this week, it emerged that Ubisoft may have included a teaser in Far Cry 6 hinting at a potential multiplayer game set in the Far Cry universe.

    And in June, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier also suggested Ubisoft could be set to take the franchise in a new direction with Far Cry 7.

    “From what I have heard, if I remember correctly, they’re aiming to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry after that, after [Far Cry] 6,” he said on the Triple Click podcast.
    Far Cry 7 could be more online-oriented, it’s claimed | VGC

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    Cu siguranta cauta sa relanseze toate jocurile si sa se orienteze spre ceva care sa produca mai multi bani.
    Dar e trist daca vor scoate doar jocuri asa de acum incolo...

    Deja Division stim ca o sa fie asa. Assassins Creed la fel. Acum schimba si Ghost Recon in tentativa aia de BR. Daca umbla si la Far Cry...raman fara IP-uri

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    Pot trai cu Division si chiar imi place foarte mult, dar daca se duc in directia asta si cu jocuri consacrate SP ca Assasin's Creed, Ghost Recon sau Far Cry, imi ies de la inima si ii trec la rubrica 'si altii'.

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    Cam asta e nivelul generatiei actuale de console

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