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Thread: Destiny

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    Banned flavi_us's Avatar
    Are you for real?

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    Junior Member sup3rfly's Avatar
    Nici nu m-am mai chinuit sa ii raspund

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    Junior Member niz's Avatar
    Bine ca sunteti vou destepti

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    Member tzuik's Avatar
    A 157-a oară de când s-a lansat DLC-ul, Omnigul la Nightfall/Weekly. Măcar e triple burn.

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    Senior Member ReNeGaDe124's Avatar
    Niste videouri din ultima perioada:

    Crota's End Raid: Flawless Raider Trophy (Ending)

    Crota's End Hard Raid: Final Boss (First Time)

    Crucible: Rumble (Mark of the Unbroken + Sum of All Tears)

    Crucible: Rumble (Sum of All Tears)


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    Junior Member razvamilian's Avatar
    da ****!

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    Banned flavi_us's Avatar
    Leak HoW

    House of Wolves release date: 19 Mai
    New light level cap: 39
    Attached Images Attached Images house-wolves.jpg

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    Senior Member apbaciu's Avatar
    19 mai... Pfff si mi se parea mult si pana in martie.

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    Turbo Killer RonanN1's Avatar

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    Senior Member Se7en Fury's Avatar
    Click image for larger version

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    Flawless Raid, la câte ore are jocul era păcat să nu fac platină.

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    Banned flavi_us's Avatar
    Felicitari, man!

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    Senior Member iry's Avatar

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    Senior Member Se7en Fury's Avatar
    Nu ştiu ce ţi-se pare ţie amuzant, am văzut clipul despre care vb. şi tipul asta, vb. totuşi de un puşti de 11 ani nu de o persoană de 30, iar partea cu trişatul bate câmpii rău de tot, întreg jocul este de *** când vb. glichuri, să îl repare şi atunci lumea nu o să mai triseze, e trist dacă asta este reacţia ta. Ai grijă, karma is a bitch.

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    Senior Member iry's Avatar
    Nu este trist deloc, nu ai inteles nimic. Eu m-am amuzat de cum face omu' in videoclip, chiar mi se pare funny.
    Nu ma intereseaza deloc ce a patit kidu', dar cum ziceai si tu: karma is a bitch, data viitoare sa-si vada de treaba lui, nu sa caute glitch and sh!t.

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    Senior Member Se7en Fury's Avatar
    Da, scuză-mă, mi-e greu să înţeleg toţi maimuţoi de pe youtube care nu au altceva de făcut.
    Iar partea de glich, eu am impresia că tu nu ai înţeles jocul asta, îl joc de când s-a lansat, am 2 conturi pt. că am trecut la ro. şi a trebuit să o i-au de la capăt, am făcut până acum 5 caractere şi mai trebuie să mai fac 2 pt. platină. De când îl joc nu a picat niciodată Gjallahornul, o singura dată am glichuit Crota şi pică Gjallahornul, la fel şi la nightall, intră unul sub level şi la fel îi pică, sistemul de reward la acest joc este cel mai handicapat din câte am văzut, ideea este că dacă joci pe bune îţi dă Bungie la numu, dacă faci glich îţi dă ce trebuie, k.k.t de joc, singurul lucru bun în el este partea de co-op.

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    Admin MonkY's Avatar
    Ce aduce noul update pentru Destiny? Well... a lot, i would say:

    1.1.1 : The one about Weapon Rebalance
    Destiny Update 1.1.1 brings you a round of weapon balancing, perk fixes (including the heavy ammo fix), and other issues.

    For a detailed review of weapon changes, head over to Destiny Weapon Tuning.

    Fixed an issue in which armor with perks that increase ammunition carrying capacity resulted in ammunition loss upon respawn
    Decreased over-penetration value for weapons with armor piercing perks
    Fixed an issue where items from the PS3/360 Destiny demo were using old power values. They have been adjusted to regular levels
    Song of Ir Yut weapon tooltip now advertises the correct magazine size
    Shoot to Loot: Two-second cooldown added to perk to prevent extra ammunition gains while ammunition bricks despawn
    Dark Breaker perk will now correctly damage Hive Shriekers
    Snap Discharge will now increase attack speed as per the description
    Thunderer perk now has priority on the 4th Horseman tooltip
    Full Auto: Fixed issues in which the weapon perk stopped working while the trigger was being held down

    Auto Rifles
    Reduced base damage of Auto Rifles by 2.5%
    Reduced effective range values

    Pulse Rifles
    Increased base damage of Pulse Rifles by 9.7%

    Hand Cannons
    Slightly reduced effective range
    Slightly reduced initial accuracy

    Fusion Rifles
    Widened blast pattern on a Fusion Rifle burst cone
    Reduced starting ammunition in PVP

    Increased damage against all non-Guardian combatants by 2x (100% increase)
    Reduced high-end range values
    Damage falloff starts sooner
    Reduced starting ammunition in PVP

    Weekly Heroic Strike now is a matchmade activity
    Strikes will be less likely to repeat in Matchmaking rotations for full Fireteams

    Players will now unlock all playlists (Control, Clash, Rumble, Skirmish) simultaneously when unlocking the Crucible.
    Added a new notification when Crucible modes unlock
    Crucible maps will be less likely to repeat in Matchmaking rotations for full Fireteams
    Guardians no longer drop heavy ammunition when killed in PvP
    Guardians now drop much less special ammunition when killed in PvP
    Completed matches will now award gear with the proper power level
    Fixed a bug where there was no audio playing for the bullet that kills them

    Event: Iron Banner
    Iron Banner playlist now contains smaller maps in rotation
    "Focused Aggression" Bounty can now be completed with headshots from Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Hand Cannons

    Fixed an issue in which Xur did not carry exotic engrams in inventory on certain dates
    Crota’s End completion emblem will now be sent to the Postmaster when player inventory is full
    Ammunition consumables will now work if used when player inventory is full
    Fixed issues that prevented qualifying players who had deleted their characters from claiming the Tumbler Sparrow from Tess Everis in Tower

    User Interface
    Character inventory screen now displays faction reputation and weekly mark counters
    Players in public spaces will no longer see voice notifications when a player in a matchmade fireteam enter
    Players will now see improved notifications when teammates join and depart Team and Fireteam chat channels

    Combined Arms Grimoire cards will now unlock when completing a Clash or Control game
    House of Wolves card will now unlock upon the start of Ishtar Collective story mission
    Guardian Abilities card will be granted when a player enters orbit
    Siege Dancers card will be granted upon the start of the Dust Palace Strike
    Completing Crota's End now adds to the Raid Introduction Grimoire card's Completed statistic
    Ir Yut grimoire card will now unlock appropriately
    Siege of the Warmind card will now unlock appropriately
    Fixed Grimoire scores for the following cards:
    Omnigul, Will of Crota
    Ir Yut, the Deathsinger
    Crota, Son of Oryx
    The Wakening
    The Will of Crota
    Crotas End
    Ascendant Sword
    The Cauldron
    Might of Crota
    Ghost Fragment: Rasputin
    Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 2
    Ghost Fragment: Hive 4

    DLC and Patch systems have been improved
    Xbox One upsell from trial version to full version no longer makes you leave the game
    Improved networking resilience to packet reordering
    Networking improvements for certain routers

    Bug was introduced in 1.1.1 patch that caused the Vex Mythoclast to spawn with less ammo in the magazine and reserves in PvP
    This weapon was affected by overall Fusion Rifle changes because it is treated as a secondary weapon
    We intend to correct this issue in a future release

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    In sfarsit, matchmaking pe Heroic!
    Acum hai si pe nightfall.

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    Member tzuik's Avatar
    Yey, gata cu pierdutul timpului schimbând item-uri între personaje.

    Destiny's companion app just got a lot more useful, thanks to Vault transfers | Polygon

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    Vires Intus eagle-eye's Avatar
    E cineva care nu a facut nightfall-ul de saptamana asta si e dispus sa-l faca weekendul asta?

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    Junior Member RoN1N333's Avatar
    Da, eu.
    PSN id: RoN1N333

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