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Thread: Alan Wake 2

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    Alan Wake 2

    Deocamdată nu știm platforma, dar cred că o să fie un joc exclusiv XOne
    Alan Wake 2 Teased by Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake | DualShockers
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    What? Pai parca nu de mult ziceau ca no way Jose.

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    Da, asa imi aduc si eu aminte, erau dezamagiti de vanzari. Dupa parerea mea jocul a fost gandit pt un public matur.

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    Alan Wake 2 isn’t official, and its developers at Remedy have yet to commit to saying whether they plan to continue the series. Fans hoping to see more stories from the horror novelist may have to wait until after the studio’s new game Quantum Break is released.
    When previously queried in 2013, the developers said a sequel “wouldn’t work,” at least at the time, though the game’s creator Sam Lake assured fans that the game would be made–eventually. In 2015, the studio said that it hadn’t given up on the series.
    The company had also revealed some some WIP prototypes they had of Alan Wake 2 in a Polygon feature, which showed some of the ideas they were working on.
    Speaking to attendees of a lecture at the Cite des Sciences et l’Industrie, Paris, Sam Lake revealed recently that the studio had actually started work on a sequel immediately after the release of the first game. He said that in order for the game to actually get made, the studio needs to find the right partner, secure funding, and do so with a proper concept.

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    In sfarsit! Primul din serie e cel mai bun joc pe care am pus mana (pe Xbox360), am fost foarte dezamagit cand se zvonea ca nu mai apare un sequel. Partea cea mai buna e ca sigur il voi putea juca pe PC, nu as vrea sa imi cumpar XOne pentru un singur joc.

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    BUUUUURN de la Remedy

    Cred ca erau pe jos aia cand citeau cum a explodat internetu )

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    Interesant si articolul si video

    O singura chestie e totusi ciudata - daca tot ce zice in video e adevarat, atunci finalul este corect.
    Astfel ca:

    Oricum am incredere in Sam Lake si sigur o va lega el foarte bine
    Si parca acum (deci abea dupa ce joci DLC-urile) se incheaga mai bine povestea jocului.

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    Am terminat si eu dlc ul si sunt de acord , ori Alan wake nou ori sequel control, dar tind sa cred prima varianta.

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    Jeff Grubb spune ca Remedy lucreaza cu Epic Games la Alan Wake 2: 11:40:

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    Ah, parca acum cateva luni imi spunea cineva pe alt topic ca nu e posibil, life is good.

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Rumour: Alan Wake 2 Will Be At The Game Awards This Week
    "The release of the Alan Wake remaster wasn't just a random occurrence. They wanted to introduce fans to the franchise because they wanted to announce the sequel this year at The Game Awards and make that a big headliner for the entire show, and get people excited about the future of Alan Wake."
    Nu vreau sa ma entuziasmez pana nu vad ceva, asa ca mai astept 2 zile

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    E oficial. Survival horror. 2023:

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Foarte interesant ca o duc spre acest survival horror si sper sa fie si semi open world.

    Acum sa vedem ce ar putea insemna acest lucru - vom fi nevoiti sa facem loot la greu ca sa supravietuim? Sau ceva mai putin obositor si mai focusat pe story?

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    Chiar daca au parteneriat cu Epic Games, tot in Northlight engine va fi dezvoltat:
    Quote Originally Posted by IGN
    “Alan Wake 2 will, by far, be the best-looking, most beautiful Remedy game ever,” Lake says during a sit-down interview with IGN.

    “[Alan Wake 2] is on Northlight. We feel that especially for this kind of experience where atmosphere and stylization are more important than ever before, is that we know Northlight so well we can focus on certain things and push certain things forward.”
    Alan Wake 2 Will Be the ‘Most Beautiful Remedy Game Ever' - IGN

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    Alan Wake 2 Doesn't Compromise on the Horror, Sam Lake Says

    Remedy creative director Sam Lake says the team is going full-speed with the survival-horror genre and has the freedom of an “M” rating to chase this creative vision.

    When asked about the M rating (The first Alan Wake is Rated T) Lake called it, “Liberating,” to not make “compromises or censor yourself with the content.” At the same time, Lake reiterated that Alan Wake will be true to the psychologically-tinged vision Remedy cooked up for the story and that the developers “are not necessarily trying to do shocking content for its own sake.”


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    Concept art:
    Attached Images Attached Images fskez5owqaaxxmk.jpg fskeeugxeaa_jce.jpg fskefwfx0ai5ozq.jpg fskege9xsamy5nu.jpg fskeg_gxoaee3pg.jpg

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