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Thread: Criptomonedele - discutii generale, pareri pro/contra

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    Bitcoin a crescut de la un cent la $50k in nici 10 ani, ceea ce dupa calculele mele rapide inseamna crestere de 500 000 000%. Mai avea cineva dubii ca e o moneda volatila? 25% intr-o zi nu e mare lucru, si cum a crescut asa se poate duce si inapoi la a nu valora nimic. Cu cripto nu trebuie sa joci decat banii pe care esti dispus sa ii pierzi.

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    Daca ai 50k de dolari iti vezi de drum si investesti in altceva...valul cu bitcoin a trecut deja, cine a prins, acum e putred de bogat.....acum aproximativ 1-2 ani era valul cu ethereum-ul care abia acum a inceput sa bubuie. La fel, cine a minat sau a cumparat la inceput, o sa fie bogat in viitor...ideea e sa nu fii lacom si daca ai castigat banii usor, ii bagi in altceva sau te retragi in glorie. Nu cred ca iti trebuie nu stiu ce educatie financiara sa stii cand sa te opresti.

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    "Bitcoin has died 412 times"


    De data asta dispare cu siguranta. Nu cred ca faceti diferenta dintre specula pe ****coins (Dogecoin, shibacoin si nu mai stiu ce) si Bitcoin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fossbytes
    With a market cap of about US$45 billion, the latest digital currency named Internet Computer, which was unveiled just on Monday is now one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies. According to, it is the eighth-largest digital asset among the top ten.

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    China tightens ban on cryptocurrencies

    Quote Originally Posted by Reuters
    China banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions, in the latest blow to digital currencies and their market leader bitcoin.

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    Bitcoin is in a bear market

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    Nici macar nu a inceput Bull

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    Ce "face" baietii?
    Inca plangeti ca v-ati pierdut investitiile dupa ce Elon v-a tras nucleara?
    Stati asa ca e doar inceputul.

    Sunt zvonuri ca Biden & co vor incepe sa reglementeze criptomonedele de anul asta pentru a rezolva criza placilor video si a microcipurilor.
    Reglementare in sensul ca nu o sa mai puteti mina si nici sa faceti bani din asta.

    Ceea ce ar insemna ca e cazul sa va intoarceti la MUNCA!

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    Well, that says it all:
    How Iran mines bitcoins to bypass US sanctions

    Crypto farms are even placed in mosques.

    Due to sanctions and an economic embargo against Iran, oil exports in the country fell by 70%, leading to an economic crisis.

    The Iranian government decided to take a tricky path and began to promote national mining, allowing organizations and government agencies to mine cryptocurrency.

    Iran has begun using its own oil to generate electricity, which is "converted" into bitcoins. And they are already trading bitcoins on the external market.

    Thus, the Iranian state "sells" its oil reserves in the world markets, using the bitcoin mining process to circumvent the sanctions.

    Now Iran accounts for 4.5% of the world's bitcoin production. It takes 10 million barrels of oil annually, and brings in almost a billion dollars.

    After the Islamic Revolution, Washington imposed sanctions on Iranian financial institutions and an almost complete economic embargo. Oil exports fell 70%, leading to unemployment and periodic outbreaks of civil unrest. To get around the sanctions, according to Elliptic employees, Iran started mining bitcoins.

    In 2019, the government created a licensing system and began to encourage national mining: banks were allowed to buy imported goods for bitcoins, foreign cryptocurrency was banned, and locals were able to sell bitcoins to the central bank. Mining became so popular that crypto farms were even done in mosques, since electricity is free there.

    Based on data from the Cambridge Alternative Finance Center and statements from the Iranian state-owned electricity company, Elliptic estimates that Iran now accounts for 4.5% of global bitcoin production.

    “If 4.5 percent of bitcoin mining is based in Iran, then there is a 4.5 percent chance that any transaction with bitcoin will involve paying a commission to the Iranian miner. the country that imposed the sanctions. "

    Tom Robinson Chief Scientist at Elliptic

    Iranian miners consume about 600 MW per year - about 10 million barrels of oil are needed to generate that much electricity. Iran uses oil to generate electricity, which is later converted into bitcoin. This is how the republic sells its energy reserves on the global market. Bitcoins are also used to pay for imported goods, thus bypassing sanctions on payments through Iranian financial institutions. Thus, the country earns about a billion dollars a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Verge
    Iran is temporarily banning cryptocurrency mining after some of the country’s major cities experienced repeated blackouts. President Hassan Rouhani said that the ban would last until September 22nd.

    The country has experienced summer blackouts in years past, and while the current round of outages is mostly being blamed on a drought that’s affecting the country’s ability to generate hydroelectric power, it seems that the Iranian government is eager to cut down on any aggravating factors. Power-hungry cryptocurrency mining operations, for instance.

    According to the BBC, Iran operates a program where Bitcoin miners must register with with the government, pay extra for electricity, and sell their coins to the central bank. President Rouhani stated that the legal mining operations in the country consume around 300MW a day; Iran’s state-owned grid operator, Tavanir, reportedly claimed a more conservative daily usage of 209MW. Either number is small compared to the 2,000MW that Al Jazeera reports is used by illegal miners, which reportedly make up 85 percent of the country’s operations. The deputy minister of electricity and energy even told one news organization that miners were using the free electricity afforded to mosques to run mining operations.
    Iran bans cryptocurrency mining for four months to stave off blackouts - The Verge

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Verge
    Police in the United Kingdom raided an industrial unit outside Birmingham under suspicion it was housing an indoor marijuana growing operation, CNBC reported. They were surprised to discover instead an extensive Bitcoin mining setup which was illegally siphoning electricity from a mains supply.

    Prior to the raid, police observed multiple people going in and out of the building throughout the day, and spotted extensive ventilation and wiring. They also claim a drone was able to detect high amounts of heat coming off the building. Because indoor cannabis farms use systems of grow lights, heating, and ventilation to cultivate plants where they might not usually flourish, police believed they were looking at “classic signs” of a clandestine weed operation.

    What they were actually looking at, as they soon learned, was about approximately a hundred or so Antminer S9 machines, generating enormous amounts of heat while they minted new coins. Easy mistake to make, and incidentally, not illegal in cases where cryptocurrency miners pay their electrical bills. This particular operation, however, was siphoning “thousands of pounds” worth of mains electricity, and as a result was shut down by the same police who thought they were gearing up for a drug raid.
    UK police surprised to learn energy-intensive weed farm is actually a Bitcoin mine - The Verge
    Attached Images Attached Images crypto_mine_wm.0.jpeg

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    un scam infect

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