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Thread: The Division

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    The Division

    Tom Clancy's The Division a fost ultimul joc prezentat de Ubisoft la conferinta din cadrul E3.

    Va aparea pe PS4 si Xbox One.
    Attached Images Attached Images tom-clancy-s-division-trailer.jpg

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    Turbo Killer RonanN1's Avatar
    Arata si se comporta impecabil iar interactiunea dintre comment

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    Da da, cum vorbeau intre ei a fost (te citez pe tine) de nota zc!

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    Fain arata. Nu am inteles prea bine, va fi jucabil doar online in echipa cu altii?

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    Foarte interesanta ideea si este primul joc mmo care mi-a captat atentia

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    Turbo Killer RonanN1's Avatar nu mai vb. intro movie <3 au atins niste corzi sensibile

    Amu' ni vreau sa-l joc! Amu'!

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    Why so serious ? razvanrazy's Avatar
    Nu stiu ce motor grafic folosesc baietii astia la joculetul asta si Watch Dogs next gen, dar ca jocuri open world, sunt la ani lumina de 95% din jocurile "de coridor" care le-au anuntat tot pentru next gen.

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    well this came out of nowhere...and stole the show

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    Asa da jocuri ...

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    manfurismojive kobayashi's Avatar
    Arata superb jocul asta, o surpriza foarte placuta, la cat mai multe tot asa

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    Sick game. Must buy for me.

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    Video din cadrul conferinței, în mare parte ce s-a postat și mai sus, dar fără split-up.

    Partea demonstrativă a rulat pe PS4, se vede la 6:52 controllerul.

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    Chiar am ramas placut impresionat de toata conferinta Ubisoft. Sunt curios cum va functiona jocul.

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    Ubisoft has clarified the release window for their shooter, The Division. In today’s quarterly conference call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot relayed that The Division will arrive in late 2014. The open world title will hit the Xbox and PS4, and Guillemot clarified that this would probably be a holiday release for his company.

    “We can expect it will be closer to the end of the year than the beginning,” said Guillemot.

    In other related news, The Division is just one of many open world titles that Ubisoft is developing as the company doubles down on these type of wide open experiences with a multiplayer component.

    While Guillemot’s comments give us hope, those that follow Ubisoft closely will remember the numerous times over the last few years that they delayed their biggest franchises. Splinter Cell: Conviction saw numerous delays this generation, as did Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, both games saw multiple delays before I final product was put to market.
    The Division release date set for late 2014 | Attack of the Fanboy

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    Late 2014? Teh horror!

    Not fun

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    The Division has Xbox One exclusive content after all | VG247

    Microsoft has announced at its Gamescom press conference that The Division will receive exclusive content on Xbox One “before and after” the game’s launch. The news comes only a week after game director Ryan Howard said there would be no unique features for any particular version.

    The online third-person tactical shooter is in development at Ubisoft Massive for Xbox One, PS4, and, as was also just announced, PC. There’s no word on what the exclusive content will be, nor whether it will be timed DLC or entirely unique features.

    This goes against what we reported last week, when Ryan Bernard told OXM when asked about the possibility of exclusive content. He said: “Currently, right now, because we’re releasing for both platforms, we want the best game experience for both. We’re not planning specific content or specific unique, I guess, elements for either platform.

    “We have a long development cycle, and who knows what will happen by the time the game’s released? But at the time, currently we’re not planning anything unique.”
    It seems that a lot can change in a week.

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